Monday, September 19, 2011

Magnetic Island, Part 1: The Scenery!

Hey all, I had a WONDERFUL birthday! Thanks for all the birthday wishes on here, Twitter and Facebook!

J and I got to Townsville at 11am and hopped on the ferry to Magnetic Island. It was a beautiful day, probably around 77F (25C), and very clear.

Even though my hubs always looks goofy, in this shot he just couldn’t see. Derp!



The view from our room.DSC00132

The first thing we did was get food (of course!) and walk along Picnic Bay. The island was pretty beat up from Cyclone Yasi that hit this last February, but it looks like most of it had been cleaned up. We did see a few shipwrecks, though.

The pier was severely damaged from the cyclone.


It’s like walking on Gilligan’s Island!




The place we stayed at gave us a package deal with the room and a 4x4 to use for the day (OH HOW I WANTED A SCOOTER, but J was right-driving on the left in a foreign country is just an accident waiting to happen). We decided to make the most of it and take the dirt roads that were off-limits to regular cars and visit the roads less traveled. This was my favorite part of the trip (other than the food, which is a whole other blog post)!



West Point-this part of the island is only accessible by a 4x4.


Ooh, artsy! (My shadow is fat!)


Heading back from West Point, we found a creek.



And a “cricket-crow” that was really eerie looking on this desolate road…

We headed to the east side of the island to get to Horseshoe Bay, by far the most populated and touristy part of the island. Before we got there, I wanted to stop at Geoffrey Bay because the guidebook said it had such clear waters that the fish were almost docile. Unfortunately we didn’t see any fish…we pulled up and starting walking to the water when a man pointed at our car and said, “hey! Look at that! Look!” We looked back and what did we see? Rock wallabies everywhere!


Apparently they get fed so much by humans they aren’t scared anymore…DSC00204


Yes, I did say goodbye to all the wallabies. Yes, I am that dorky.



We headed over to Horseshoe Bay after our wallaby encounter and had some smoothies! Nothing says “I’m on holiday” more than a couple of smoothies, am I right?!? We just lounged on the beach and enjoyed the ocean. So beautiful!

That night after my AMAZING birthday dinner (that will have you all drooling in tomorrow’s blog), we went back to the hotel and watched “The Naked Gun 2 1/2” and “Changeling”. It was a perfect day!

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  1. Oh it is lovely seeing you look so happy. I would love to go to Magnetic Island. I haven't been as high up as Townsville yet. One day hopefully.
    Big hugs (although I bet you are getting those and more from J)

  2. Don't worry, Hed. The camera adds 10lb to your shadow. And since those things are virtually weightless from the start, you can blame the camera. ;)

    This place looks AMAZING! I wanna go...

  3. Great pics. You are such a cute couple. We watch all the Naked Gun pics. A acquaintance of mine from CT is in all of the movies. Her brothers are the Zucker brothers who made them. She's in Ghost, and my Best Friends Wedding to name a few.

  4. Mynx-Thanks! I feel like I'm in a MUCH better mindset than I was here last year!

    Brandon-Stupid camera! Let's trade in December! You can be here in the hot hot heat, and I'll play in the snow, k?

    OT-Thanks! Beautiful place!

    Barb-How cool! We crack up EVERY TIME we watch the Zucker bros movies. Funny fact-The movie "Airplane" over here is called "Flying High"!


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