Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Currently 70/30.

Hi all. I’m SO SORRY I don’t post regularly like I should. My brain just doesn’t seem to retain as many good ideas as it used to when it comes to writing. Sadly, I will take being on an even keel over having an overflow of blog posts. I hope my readers understand this! I’ve missed you guys!

I’ve been in Australia for 10 days now. As I posted last month, I was coming back here for six weeks to see my husband and hopefully get a fresh outlook on this country and really be able to steel myself in moving over here for good.

The plane ride was great-this coming from a person who HATES FLYING! Not a lot of turbulence, and the middle seat wasn’t taken by someone so I had a a lot of extra space. When I got here, it was different than before. It wasn’t like, hey! I’m in another country! Weird! It was more like I’ve been here before. Like this is my second home and I am familiar with it. Seeing my hubs after nine months was AMAZING. He got skinny! I cried when I saw him like a dork and was just happy all day long (and all night if you catch my drift OH YEAH).

The first couple of days here we just vegged out and spent time together. It’s all I needed, basically. By the weekend, though, I had caught an ugly cold and was miserable and bed ridden. We had gone to the grocery store before I got sick, and the same food issues I had last year are still there: everything is different and bland. There are minimal healthy choices in this town (like low-carb this or fat free that), and the staples I eat almost daily are nowhere to be found. I went to make my tortilla soup and the grocery store hasn’t had a shipment of chiles in weeks. I am trying to take it with a grain of salt, because this is a town of 7,000 with ONE grocery store. They are going to have a limited supply of food, and even that will be supply and demand. I’m hoping this coming weekend (my birthday!!!) when we go to Townsville (pop 200,000), I will be able to shop there and find more selection. (Side note-I bought bananas here and they were $10.97/kg which equates to $4.97/lb. CRAZY!!!)

Once I felt better, I was able to actually prepare food for J and I. On Saturday I made spaghetti via his mum’s recipe and it came out really well. Last night I made honey soy garlic stir fry, and it was excellent. I’ve been eating grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and bean burritos; I’m really just trying to not feel like I’m missing out on anything back home. Now that I am feeling better mentally, I think I am better equipped to find “copycat” recipes and make them as opposed to thinking I will NEVER HAVE NACHOS AGAIN (they don’t have nacho cheese sauce here! ACK!). My husband doesn’t understand why I can pretty much write an entire blog post about food, but I have food issues and he doesn’t get it. This is a big deal. See the “70/30” as my title? It’s the parts of me that think I can live here (70) versus the part of me that doesn’t think I will be able to (30). For a minute it was 60/40…then thinking about all the stuff I will miss it became 20/80, and I had to stop writing and have a big tear-laden conversation with the hubs. All is well though.

I miss my family, and I’ve been here less than two weeks. I know my hubs promises me that if I move here I can come back to the States once a year, but will that be enough? My grandpa is getting older and as it is now, I see him at least twice a week. My mom is still going through surgeries and we have gotten closer the more time we have spent together this year being bums (I got her hooked on “Grey’s Anatomy”). I see my niece and nephews more now than I ever have, and the more I spend with them the more I want to be in their lives.

When I am in Australia, I have to sleep with the light on. I have stupid superhuman hearing, and every bump in the night freaks me out SO MUCH. I look under the pillows, toilet seats, tables, in my shoes, etc. to make sure bugs aren’t lurking. The first night I was here, there was a roach in the bathroom, and now I have to scan the whole room in order to even pee. Today I was walking into the main bathroom to wash my hands and I ALMOST STEPPED ON A GIANT DEAD COCKROACH. Now I can’t walk around without shoes on, damn it. These are the mounting fears that make me want to go home to the comfort of my house and my country.

All in all, I’m pretty much coping. I love spending time with J, even if that means watching The Simpsons in bed or making a nice meal for us. Even though the birds wake me up at 5am, they are so beautiful to look at (and photograph with my new camera!). The cat sleeps in bed with us (and throws up in bed-gross), something I have missed since we had our two babies Sam and Portal. Everything is so laid-back and relaxed here-I can’t help but feel calm (except when I see giant cockroaches). This weekend (for my birthday!!!), we are going back to one of my favorite places on Earth, Magnetic Island, so I hope to have a lot of beautiful pictures to share with you. Here are a few I took a couple of days ago. Enjoy!

These birds are called “Peewees”.


This is called a “Butcher bird”.


Hanging out the wash-old school!


The uptown view of main street.


The opposite view of main street.


J got skinny and more handsome, if that’s even possible!


See you soon! Hed <3

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  1. OMG you're upside down!!!

    I'm glad you're coping, and getting more used to Australia. Distance is tough, both ways, and it's going to be rough no matter where you settle.

    For recipes, hit up food.com and master herbs-n-shit. Bland sucks. Lack of Miguels sucks. But husband lovin makes up for that.

  2. Soon you will be ninja cockroach killa like me!! I can kill them faster than Jesse! :) you will be fine girl!!

  3. Good to see you bag blogging my dear. You're looking pretty hot yourself lady, in that last photo. Hope you come to terms with the insect thing! Pretty sure you'll be able to buy some of your food produce in Townsville. Have fun on your bday in Magnetic Island! (I remember from last year, same day as my lil' boy) xx

  4. You look gorgeous my dear. And welcome back, both to my reading list and my(our?) country.
    So glad you are finding more positives. It would be even more difficult being in a small country town. So much more is available in the cities. Hopefully Townsville will have some things you can take back with you to make your eating easier.
    Hugs for you

  5. At least it was a giant "Dead" cockroach and not scampering around. I better not give you my thoughts on Australia and the fact that 95% of the Fauna and 50% of the flora are out to kill you..the other 5% and 50% respectively are too damn busy trying to survive to bother with us...

  6. Lovely photos, and the ones of the two of you. It's hard being away from family and I guess there is no easy answer to that. Once a year is not very often, is it. Nice to see you back here today.

  7. Hed, you are just so darn cute! Love that picture. You're in a tough place. Deciding where you want to live. Only you can make that decision. Whatever choice you make, make yourself the #1 priority since you are doing so very well with your new meds and doctors etc. It's working!!!!!! Enjoy your birthday weekend. And much love you to my West Coast daughter!

  8. That picture of you if fab-u-lous! I'm so happy you are dealing with this a little better AND getting some husband love. The bug thing blows goats nuts. Have fun buddy and OHMYFUCKINGGODHAPPYBIRTHDAY!!!!!


  9. Idaho-I don't know...I'm pretty sure there will be a time where Miguels > hubs, you know?

    Stacia-Not so sure about that! I still scream and cry like a girl when I see one!

    Erica-Happy birthday to your little guy! Is he 5 now?

    Mynx-We're in the same country! Woo hoo! Wish I had an easier way to get a hold of you-I miss you on Twitter! (PS my phone holds all of my WWF games and I didn't bring it! Cry!!)

    Black-Yes. YES. This is what I think about all the time. That when I walk outside to take out the trash I am going to get bit by something scary!

    Thisisme-Hi there! I know, I've been so lax in my blogging, ugh! Glad to be back too :)

    Barb-Thanks for the birthday wishes! Most of the time here I'm okay, it's only when my thoughts (or taste buds) get the better of me do I break down. ACK!

    Danger Boy- :D

    SF-Thanks! I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA! I enjoy my birthday as much as you do yours, for real ha ha!


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