Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The waiting game.

I was planning on posting an archive today, but something just punched me in the gut. I dyed my hair “Intense Dark Red”, by the way.

It’s brighter in person.

You may recall that last Monday was my triple doctor day. My first appointment was a follow-up on why I’m peeing like crazy and coughing up a lung whenever I eat. The doc put me on antibiotics just in case the urinalysis her ordered that day showed it was a bladder infection. I asked him, “will you call me when the test results come back?” and he told me “only if there is an abnormality. Otherwise we will send you a letter”.

I got a call from my doctor’s nurse today.

I wasn’t expecting it. I answered the phone and she said “hi, this is X calling from Dr. Hart’s office. He would like to schedule an appointment with you to follow-up on your test results”.


Now, when I had called to check on my blood sugar tests from the first doctor appointment, the nurse stated over the phone they were not allowed to give test results over the phone-that the doctor would either call you or send you a letter-that’s how I knew something was wrong when the nurse called me. I said to the nurse on the phone today, “well, um, I know you’re not allowed to give me test results over the phone, but I’m assuming that if you’re calling me and not sending me a letter, something isn’t right with the results?”

“That is correct”.


She schedules me for an appointment next Wednesday. I’m kind of in shock as we’re talking, so I don’t realize that I have to sit on this news for eight days, but my grab-life-by-the-balls mom does when I freak out and tell her about the phone call.

“What? NO. You call them back FIRST thing in the morning and you tell them you need to be fit in NOW.”

I’m pretty level-headed when it comes to professionals. I know that nurses are just doing their jobs, and I try and kill them with kindness when I really feel the push to get something done.

My mom-not so much (but damn, does she get results!)

“If you don’t call them tomorrow, I WILL!!!”

Here’s what my mom and J told me to try and assuage my fears: If it was something really bad, they would have fit me in right away. But what if the nurse was just doing her job and all the doctor told her was “I need to see Hed right away”, and she just looked for the next available appointment? That’s what I’m worried about.

I’m here racking my brain trying to figure out what results would warrant a follow-up that wasn’t ASAP. I mean, if I had a bladder infection, the doctor was already proactive and prescribed me antibiotics…why would he need to see me to say “hey you really did have a bladder infection-but it should have cleared up by now-have a nice day!”

I know there is nothing I can do but wait. That sucks ass. On a lighter note, I hate my mom. I said "wouldn't it be weird if I found out my stomach had some big tumor in it and I wasn't fat, it was just a tumor?" and she says, "well, what about your ass?"

OOH BURN. Thanks mom…

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  1. call the burn unit! you mom just burned you...

    as a guy that has been tested and poked and prodded by so many docs in the last few months, i feel like a whore in med school, if it were deadly it would be next day ish..

    when they suspected i had a tumor i was fit in the next day, and in for an ultrasound in two days and on the table and under the knife in seven days from the day i was first called...

    so i am trying to say it is prolly not life threatening...

    but then again, i am not a doctor, but i play one on my blog...hehhehe...

    none the less, in my prayers my dear!

  2. I like red hair on women that don't live me. It looks killer.

    Maybe they're giving you good news. Waiting does suck, but the way things have been turning up for you, I'm rocking the positive vibe.

  3. I think the color looks good to me.

  4. I love the colour of your hair. As for the doctor thing, like Bruce I have had a tumour and there is no messing around, you are seen a.s.a.p. I also have had an experience like yours too where I was called in to see a doctor after tests, mind you, I'd only to wait the weekend but I didn't sleep much. It turned out I had an underactive thyroid and I could have hit the guy cos I was thinking it was the big C again!

    So chill or try and get an earlier appointment, in my experience, worrying just makes you cranky! :)

  5. I inappropriately giggled.

    You: “Look at my awesome hair! Also, I may have cancer!”

    Oilfields: “Nice hair.”

    Seriously though, hope it all turns out for the best. Have to agree with your mother. Nobody should be told there’s a problem and then be left waiting in worry for eight days when it could be anything from gas to possession by Cthulhu. Demand an answer!

    Oh, and nice hair.

  6. ouch!! mom knows how to hit back as for hair color i like.

  7. You have already been given all the good advice. Love your hair.

  8. Love the hair. Mine was that color when I met my husband and he totally dug it. Redheads def have the most fun!!

    Good luck with the docs. I'd say try to stay calm but I know that's hard to do.

    Wow...mom has a sharp wit...Sharp like a bowie dagger! heehee

  9. The test results are in: You're slowly turning into a man.

    Within 3 months, your bewbs will fall off and you'll sprout a penis.

    The good news is, you're going to be fairly well-endowed....

    Sorry about the phone call. Fingers and toes are crossed. Hope it's something minimal.

  10. Yeah usually if you're gonna get bad news, they tell you ASAP.

    Your mom is funny

    I love ur new hair.

  11. i'm going to go with two separate issues: bladder infection and some kind of lung problem (maybe asthma?). unless it's a carb allergy, in which case i would recommend taking DI-AID.

    i'll send you a bill in the mail. ;)

    (ps: i'm a blogger, not a doctor)

  12. The horrors of living in a western society! It must be hard to cope choosing between medications and fastfood types!?1! Your life is very difficult I hope you find a way a way to cope with these difficult and crazy conditions.

  13. ^^^^^^^
    Wow Anon...you could at least have the balls or vajay-jay to post your name.
    It's not her fault that she was born in Awesome Canada and that things like health is one of the things she has to worry about.
    Oh and fastfood is serious business. So how does your laptop/PC work from your Mud Hut?

    Anyway Hed. Don't stress yourself out and love the hair. I went red too!

  14. Correction *Awesome US* Not Canada...which is also Awesome.

  15. Bruce-LOL @ "Call the burn unit"! Thanks for your good thoughts :)

    Lance-Thanks for the compliment!

    OT-I remember you're a huge fan of redheads, right? Awwww yeahhhh!

    Lyndylou-I called today to see if they had an earlier appt, and they said they could have me as a walk-in. So meh. I'm just going to wait. I'm lazy :P

    Drake-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA right?!?! :)

    Becca-My mom has a dark sense of humor hee hee. Thank you!


    MM-Hee hee that's where I probably get my humor from-we love depreciating family members :P

    Idaho-I'm okay with that. I don't know if my husband would be though...

    Rafa-I hope so...thanks :)

    Dr. TILTE-DI-AID? Now I need to go look that up!

    Anon-Um...thanks, I think? I don't think I mentioned fast food or medicine in this blog post though. I think anyone in any society can understand being scared waiting for test results!

    Ckrets-Thanks :) I don't know how to take Anon's comment, so you kick ass for having my back. Don't lie, you know America sucks compared to Canada! :)

  16. I hope that it's something not that serious hun.


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