Friday, April 22, 2011

My inner child got to play today.

I have completely forgotten to tell you THE COOLEST NEWS! I entered Culture Brats' one-year-anniversary giveaway last week, and on Monday I got an e-mail saying that I WON!

Their blog is awesome. They talk about movies and music (new and old), everything 80’s, and so much more. Go check it out!

You may be hearing more stories about my meds journey since I have just started it, and I’d like to just say something about it real quick. I know you guys love me to pieces (I think?), and want what’s best for me so I can have happy rainbow flower posts all the time and be the best person I can be. That being said, I know people have a difference of opinion on taking medication. Taking meds may not be something you agree with, but at this point in my life, it’s something I need to try and work with. I’d appreciate (greatly) if you can keep that in mind when commenting-hearing about others’ experiences helps heaps and I honestly welcome all comments. I’m just sensitive right now!

A few weeks ago I randomly called up my sister and told her I wanted to take my niece G to Color Me Mine, a ceramic studio where you pick out what you want and paint it yourself. We set the date for this Friday (today). She texts me last night and asks, “r we still on for tmw?” Crap! That was today?  I know tomorrow (today) will be my first full day of meds, so I hope nothing affects my sleep or anxiety (sometimes when you start antidepressants, they zoom you up pretty bad).

We met for lunch at this new place in town called Five Guys Burgers and Fries (new to us, I know at least a handful of you may have heard of it). We got there at 11:02, two minutes after they opened, and there was a line out the door.

It was really good (the grilled onions on my cheeseburger were divine!), dare I say joining the ranks of In N’ Out or Fatburger?

Next my sister and I took G to the studio. I told her she could pick out whatever she wanted to paint, and, well, she’s a four-year-old girl,  so she chose a princess coin bank.

Ahh! A floating head!

Once you pick out what you want, you sit at a table. The lady comes over with a swatch and lets you pick out the colors you want to paint with. G got to pick all the colors.

G did most of the dress, and my sister and I helped with the rest. She wanted to paint her princess green, and I was all for a zombie Cinderella, but her mom decided against that. We compromised on her having purple arms (they kind of look like sleeves!). She gets to pick up her shiny new coin bank next week.

Seriously? I may have had more fun than G. She named her princess “Belle”. We wrote her name on the back, dated it, and I think it would be really cool if we made something every year or so (you know if the Australia thing doesn’t pan out). We went to Barnes & Noble afterward and had coffee, and it was really good to be out.

Whoa, what did I just say?

It was really good to be out.

No, silly goose! Not like THAT!

I realized while I was driving home I didn’t panic this morning when I was getting ready to leave, and I didn’t get anxious when we were running around today. I even asked the clerk about her IPod that she was playing in the background. I approached a complete stranger.

Of course this isn’t the meds (I think). It’s probably more psychosomatic than anything, and the fact that there haven’t been any crushing blows in a while. Things are okay. I may even participate in Easter over and my aunt and uncles’ house.

PS-Happy Easter everyone! Have a great weekend!

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  1. 5 guys = ORGASM! There's one in town, and that keeps me from killing myself from the lack of In and Outs for 3.5 hours...

  2. That is awesome that you won. I love that movie.

    And my kids have asked to do that pottery thing, I guess I need to get off of my arse and go do it.

  3. Fun day

    Five Guys is big here. They have great mushrooms. Congrats to you for!!!!!!!!

  4. I love five guys...we don't have one around here so when i visit my parents that's usually a requirement..
    I am so happy that things went so well for you today...that's awesome...great end to the week...have an awesome weekend!

  5. congrats on the win! looks like you had a wonderful time with your sister and niece. her princess is totally cute.

  6. Congrats on the win and I absolutely love those Paint your own Ceramics places. Holly and I used to do that every Saturday and I found it was very therapeutic as you are concentrating so hard that you are not thinking about anything!

  7. Congratulations on the great day out with positives instead of negatives. One day at a time Hed, thats the way I take them & I have my meds to help me along as well. Keep on keeping on my friend and have a wonderful weekend.
    Odie :)

  8. I'm totally doing the Carlton Dance for you right now!

  9. congrats on winning that is my childhood right there and great pics. have a wonderful Easter Weekend

  10. I'm so flippin' happy for you Hed. That smile says how much fun you were having. I'm not sure who commented what because I just read your blog and then leave a comment but nobody can tell you what's right or wrong for you. I remember awhile back you were so down and depressed and in my opinion meds are necessary when someone gets that down. You have to live in your shoes. Not me or anyone else. I'm hoping the combination is the key to your happiness.

  11. Sweet!

    Years ago my doc prescribed anti-deps. Although I enjoyed the nice smooth sailing of my mood control and the added bonus of less headaches (apparently the kind I took had a double duty) it also worked as a sleeping aid (ok, triple duty) but I felt groggy during the day so she reduced to half dosage. Then I was fine. And happy. And sleeping well.

    I hope you have those extra sweet duty roles with your specific anti-dep! And keep on having those sweet days, eventually they'll do the trick and you wont need extra help!

    p.s. I LOVE 5 Guys!!! Best burgers anywhere, I wont even go to In & Out anymore...

  12. Congrats on the win! It's good to see you and enjoying yourself. I like how your niece thinks. A zombie cinderella would be way cool.

  13. Originally they were called 'six guys" but one of them kept running his damn mouth. So the other five killed him. True story

  14. Grats on the win, Hed! I'm jealous...I've never won a damn thing! LOL

    I've always been told that you have to stick with the meds for awhile and let your system adjust to them before you really start to see the positive effects. I hope they work out for you this time.

    The pics with your sis and niece are sweeeeeettt! I love your sisters hat!

    Glad you got out and enjoyed yourself.
    Rock On! :D

  15. Yay! A fun day for all. I bet your niece thinks you are the best aunt EVER!

  16. did you mean to phrase it like that?

  17. -E- I thought that too!!!

    Miss Hed - so good to see you out & about & enjoying things.
    Whether it's the actual meds, the thought of the meds, or just you on your own!!
    I also see another beautiful picture of yourself that you have shared (and I know this one is fresh not just selecting a nice one from the archives) you look gorgeous & so happy!!
    Oh, and yay for winning stuff & painting (possibly zombie) princesses!

  18. Congrats on winning the giveaway! I would have been all for a zombie princess too:) Have a wonderful week!

  19. 5 guys is good, but I found it overpriced.
    And even if the confidence is psychosomatic, at least it is present. Enjoy it, and rock it. :)

  20. So happy to hear you could be finding some much-needed, weel deserved relief from the overwhelming symptoms you`ve been having.

    I, for one, applaud you for trying. Sometimes, when we are so so low, meds are only of the only things to help get us up and out of the worst.

    It takes guts to do it and take them. I needed them.. still need them.

    Congrats on all those accomplishments - going out socially, enjoying yourself, having good food, spending time with your niece, approaching a stranger, and winning that contest! Huge feats, well done!

  21. Idaho-Oh really? All 5, eh?

    OT-It wasn't really expensive, plus it could be something where they could be like "remember when we made that dad?" when they see what they made. Aww.

    Lance-I LOVE mushrooms, but I'm not a mushrooms on my burger type of gal...

    Colenic-Thanks! I hope you had a great weekend too :)

    Teresa-We had a great time!

    Lyndylou-Right? It's like I was so focused on helping that nothing was bothering me.

    Odie-You're absolutely right, one day at a time :)


    Becca-Aren't the prizes awesome?

    Barb-I'm glad you understand :) It was more of a disclaimer than that others said anything bad. I know I will be complaining soon and people may say "well just go off them then!"

  22. Nikki-The last few years I have been without a doctor's care, so when the meds wouldn't work like they were supposed to I would just go right off of them. I'm glad I found somewhere that I can afford to make sure that, if the side effects get too bad, they can work with me like yours did!

    Maasiyat-I would have never thought of a zombie Cinderella, but it would have been kick-ass, right?


    MM-My sister can rock the shit out of hats. I am not a hat head person (even though I'd like to be!)

    Soapbox-Hopefully she thinks I am the best aunt ever...but when my sister said "G, thank Aunt Hed for your princess", she hugged my sister and said "thank you" to HER! Go figure!

    -E-...I never thought of that until you mentioned it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Kinoo-It's true, it was fresh! I thought I didn't look all double chin-ey in it lol!

    Jax-Thanks and you too!

    Danger-I just didn't like the fries, but I would get a burger again. I'll try to walk the walk!

  23. Good that you're starting to improve with/without the medications! Keep it up Hed cause you are AWESOME! -hugs-


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