Monday, April 11, 2011

Bits and pieces…

Van Morrison squeaked by with 42% of the vote over 35% favoring Morrissey as “who’s your favorite ‘Morris’ singer?” I personally chose Morrissey…as for the lone vote for Morris Day and the Time, I would put money on it that it was from Sugar Free. Don’t forget to cast your vote for this week’s FACE OFF!

Speaking of Sugar Free, Heather made the blog world her BITCH this weekend! She created a sweet little award-and it just about exploded over the Interwebs. Speaking of the award, the lady with the perkiest non-bra wearin’ boobies, Bouncin' Barb, passed along to me a repeat of the “Nice Rack!” award that the aforementioned Heather made. Thanks Barb!

I’m still waiting for my test results from last week. I felt like a corpse this weekend. I could not get off the couch. I felt like all of my limbs had 50-lb. weights attached to them. I still had no appetite until Sunday night, when I managed to literally eat nonstop from 9pm until 4am. It’s like the entire week of not eating caught up with a vengeance. Even today it’s taking all I have to just write this and not go lay back down. I hope I find out something soon…

On Friday, I got the best news of THE WEEK THE YEAR!!! I have been complaining to my husband lately about all these concerts this summer that I’m not going to be able to go to: 30 Seconds to Mars, Rise Against, Death Cab for Cutie, Coachella, etc. It seems like all of my favorite bands are touring. Well a few weeks ago A Perfect Circle, my second favorite band in the world (behind Tool and Nine Inch Nails which will forever be tied for first), released a statement saying they were going to TOUR THIS YEAR!!!

Here is why this is a big damn deal: A Perfect Circle is a “supergroup” headed by Maynard from Tool, Billy Howerdel from Ashes Divide, James Iha from the Smashing Pumpkins, Jeordie White from Marilyn Manson, and drummer extraordinaire Josh Freese.


Another reason? They haven’t put out an album or toured since 2004. Right before I left California for Australia last year I found out they were doing a three-day set in Hollywood of their ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY, and I was dying that I couldn’t go. DYING!

I’ve seen them four times, and they are just amazing live. So when I heard they were going on tour I had to find a way to go. Thursday night I was going on and on to J about how, out of every band on the planet, this is who I wanted to see. Imagine my surprise when he said “okay babe” and offered to buy me and my best friend tickets to see the show! Imagine my bigger surprise when he said I could get the GOOD SEATS!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately at 10:01 (the tickets went on sale at 10), only the second row was available. BUT STILL! Great seats. I just checked Ticketmaster just now, and the only tickets available are the far back (row 30) in the corner.


So yeah, that news pretty much trumps any other news I have. This week (or next) I will have to tell you about when I met Josh Freese in Las Vegas-one of the stories I was going to share about Vegas for the Studio 30 writing prompt from last week. Speaking of Vegas, I kind of urge you to read my Saturday post, titled "DEBAUCHERY!!!" if you haven’t had the chance to do so. Good times.

Have a good week everyone!

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  1. First off, grats on the tickets and a big grats on the award. You know you're supposed to show off that award-winning rack, right?

    And, um. Your poll. Add Janeway on there. You have a fight between two pansies right now. =P

  2. AWWWW YEAH APC! I've seen them a few times, fucking LOVE them. Maynard is one of those few people that I actually would be impressed by meeting. He's like a walking breathing god.

    anyway. HAve fun at the show. Don't forget to flash ur boobs!

  3. YAY for good seats. I would love to go see them live.

  4. Hahahaha! ...."made the blog world her bitch." You're funny! But that award was a stroke of genius on my part, eh! It seems everyone is really having fun with it and that, my friend, is not a bad thing. I've even discovered some new blogs because of it. Everyone wins!

    So fucking excited for you getting to go see one of your favorite bands!! Don't forget what Kage says...."nice boobs will get you everything in life". Maybe even closer to the stage?? Hmmmm?? Yeah??? Yeah??

    Love ya, doll. Hope you get some answers and get to feeling better soon.

  5. Fuck! I almost forgot! How the shit did you know it was me that voted for Morris Day and the Time???? You know me too well. That frightens me a bit. }:o]

  6. awesome congrats coolio julio

  7. woah! i envy you! i have NEVER been to a concert in my entire life lol
    and congrats on the award :)

  8. Congrats on the seats! I haven't been to a concert since I was 14 yrs old so I am totally gonna live vicariously through you.

  9. Hed, I'm soooo happy you're getting to go see them. Hubs is the best! Can't wait till you get the results so you can continue to get to feeling better. And where's your rack pick? Thanks for the shout out about me and my non-bra wearing are too friggen funny, Hugs, EC Mom.

  10. congrats to your boobies. Perfect circle should be good live.

  11. Live music is the best. Have fun lovely lady

  12. wow congrats on your great seats

  13. i used to have a crush on james iha when i was in high school.

  14. Idaho-You sound like my best friend: "WHERE'S JANEWAY AND CISCO?!?!?" No! Nooooo!

    Rafa-Agree. Maynard is just...he's just great.

    OT-Go watch em! They're touring in Texas!

    Heather-I just had an inkling :) As for my boobs getting me closer to the stage? Not unless the security guard likes fried eggs on a rusty nail! HA!

    Bruce, Becca and Mynx-Thanks!

    Kitkat-Put it on your bucket list! You have to go to at least one concert in your life!

    Maasiyat-I will enjoy it x2 just for you :)

    Barb-Hope my Twitter pic sufficed!

    Lance-Thanks, and they really, really are!

    TILTE-Doesn't James Iha have the best hair?

  15. Awesome! You're going to have a blast :)

  16. Congrats on the award and the tickets! I love seeing music live, it's the greatest thing in the world as far as I'm concerned!

  17. Awesome that you'll be able to go. I'm still catching up on posts but I hope the test results came back negative for bad things. :(


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