Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This. Is. Unacceptable.

I usually don’t put my angry hat on. I’m more the sad or happy hat person, and when I am angry I usually vent internally or say a blurb about it on my Facebook or to my friends and move on. But I am really, really angry.

I think for every country there is a stereotype about what people are like. For example, a bunch of people would always ask J if he rode a kangaroo to work or ate shrimp on the barbie because he is Australian. Before J lived in America he thought we all owned guns and freely carried them at all times. Last weekend J told me he read in the paper about how some Americans were posting on social media sites that the Japan earthquake/tsunami was “payback” for Pearl Harbor. I vented to him that I was angry that a reporter would latch on to one or two people that were obviously so stupid and ignorant and give the rest of us “level-headed” Americans a bad rap. After that, I was fine.

Yep. Pretty much fits the stereotype to a T, don’t you think?

Yesterday an American friend posted a link of a compilation of Facebook posts that were so, so ugly it physically made me sick. You can click on the link to read them yourself, but some gems include:

“It’s been almost a full day of tsunami coverage. Time to move on. At first I  really did kinda feel bad for Japan, but then I Googled “Pearl Harbor death toll”. There. All better.”

“Funny how when we have an earthquake we are fine, but the Japanizes (sic) have an earthquake they have a tag alone (sic) with Mister tsunami! Karma is all I gotta say, I don’t care if Pearl Harbor was 70 years ago! Suckers”

“Does anyone else feel like Japan had it coming??? They did bomb the shit out of us at Pearl Harbor. I mean they really did have that coming they say what comes around goes around. But I still be praying for them cause its better to forgive and forget than never to forgive at all…”

And the ones that piss me off the most-the ones that actually throw God into the mix:

“Apparently God hasn’t forgot about Pearl Harbor either…”

“Hell yeah that’s right Japan 3-1 you may have had Pearl Harbor but we got Hiroshima, Nagasaki and, since God is on our side, we have this”

Give me a moment.



First of all, who raised these people to spew so much hate? Who raised these ignorant sons of bitches (and bitches) to feel happiness in other people’s tragedies? Who taught these people? I’m assuming they didn’t read the entire chapter on World War II in their history books because yeah, they bombed Pearl Harbor-war is hell-but we got them back. With a vengeance. We literally DECIMATED their cities. They killed 2,400 of our citizens on that day, and we dropped two bombs on them and killed over 200,000. We became xenophobic (look it up) in our society and rounded up over 10,000 Japanese people just for being Japanese and transferred them to internment camps (the same kind of camps the Nazis used on Jews during WWII [EDIT: I mean the camps themselves, not that we treated them the same way-thanks Chief for clarifying my words!]). Even after all the carnage and war, that became water under the bridge because we made peace and Japan is one of our strongest allies.

And about God. I don’t know the…guy?…but I do know FOR A FACT (okay, not really, but pretty damn sure) that God does NOT have a freaking nationality. Really? God is American, idiots? Really? It makes me angry to think that someone actually thinks that “God is on our side” and doesn’t care about anyone or anywhere else in the world. What about 9-11? Hurricane Katrina? The Oklahoma City bombings? Whose side was he on that day? I’m not here to argue religion by any means, but it chaps my ass more than you can imagine when people are brought up to think that America is the “holy nation” and every other country are heathens.

Lastly, I strongly support free speech. I may not like what you have to say but I do believe in your right to say it. Sigh. That’s not really why I’m the angriest. I’m the angriest because of people’s ignorance. I’m angriest at people’s hate. I’m angriest at people’s lack of compassion. I’m angry at people’s sectarianism. How mad do we get when we see another country burning an American flag and cheering? Or when we hear from foreigners that Americans are “stupid” and “lazy”. I know I get perturbed, only because of the lack of respect and knowledge…some Americans get outraged and complain that we shouldn’t associate with certain countries-THEN we (not you and I–I mean we as the stupid handful of Americans) go and say things like this. We should rise above and help out our fellow man, no matter if they are yellow, brown, black, or green.

*End venting*

So to all my fellow readers today, I apologize for the angry hat. I’m sorry if you disagree or happen to be one of the people I just called an idiot because you truly believe this is “payback” (Jeebs, I hope not-you are all smart, wise people. And did I tell you how nice your hair looks today?). I just couldn’t keep it in. It was just too much.

My American heart goes out to Japan.

And so does Julius’ <3

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  1. I'm so with you. Let's just all behave man, I don't think it's all that difficult...

  2. Get off The Facebook

    there, you've gotten my lecture.

    Now, to your post subject. Humanity is nature's punk. Always has been. What is happening in Japan is every bit the tragedy Katrina was to the USA. A natural catastrophe. Not payback for a wrong. I'm so sorry that people have hate in their hearts. It's a wasted emotion.

  3. Darling you are fabulous. Rant away because that sort of stuff is ignorant bullshit. Cant help wondering if they post that sort of vileness with thier Japanese made electronics. Glad you mentioned Oklahoma too. Remind a few people that terrorism was around before 911. What has happened in Japan, Christchurch, Queensland, and other places recently are just terrible acts of nature, not signs of a vengeful god. Hugs

  4. very good of you to put on the angry hat, hed...

    the problem with many people is they are stupid...

    good on ya for saying what you said...

    i had a bunch of things to rant on about this but then i thought..what is the point...first of all you said it so eloquently :)

    and secondly...

    i am too tired...

    tired of stupidity...

  5. That is so stupid that people associate this with "payback" for Pearl Harbor. What we did to them afterwards was way worse and since WWII they have been wonderful allies. And you know what about God? I don't know why he had this happen but he has a reason for it. I think this is one more way for us as a world to COME TOGETHER and HELP each other. And comparing what happened in Japan, Hawaii didn't get it too bad because they had warning. Japan didn't have too much warning. All in all people need to stop being jerks and show some freaking compassion.

  6. This is usually where I put a witty and insightful comment, but I have nothing to add. You hit it right on the head, like you're living in my brain or something.

    Well done, hed. A+ post. You left me without anything snarky to say.

  7. Hed...
    I agree...people are ignorant and comments like those posted clearly show this to be true.

    And disagree...while the US did indeed place people of Japanese descent into internment camps during WWII...your comparison (the same kind of camps the Nazis used on Jews during WWII) is grossly inaccurate...Americans did not practice medical experimentation, starvation or extermination as the Nazis did with the Jews.

    And although it doesn't excuse the action, we did eventually recognize the injustice and the U.S. government eventually disbursed more than $1.6 billion in reparations to Japanese Americans who had been interned and their heirs.

  8. gewuerzgurke-Right? I mean...it shouldn't be so hard!

    Lance-But Facebook is like crack, man. So addicted to that and Failblog.

    Mynx-It's funny how many evil people come out of the woodwork in times like these instead of helping your fellow man.

    Bruce-Well...said.... :)

    Morgan-Right on with your thoughts!

    Idaho-Glad you liked it!

    Dad-You are 100% correct, I meant the actual camp name and not what was done to them-I shall edit that as we speak so I don't look like the ignorant one!

  9. I'd be just a bit pissed too. Good post! I agree with you!!

  10. REDNECKS. There ya have it. Florida is filled with 'em.

    But most americans don't feel this way. I agree with you.

  11. People can be ignorant. Of course this no payback for anything, and I do not believe God had anything to do with this. Japan has the largest earthquakes in the world. The tsunami occurred due to the epicenter of the earthquake. Every country has a stereotype of another country. If you think about it, I'm sure we all come up with some. Live and learn.


  13. Aaarrrgghhh!!!! This kind of bullshit makes me SO VERY ANGRY!!!
    I am glad that you've had a rant about it as I strongly believe part of the problem with this sort of idiocy is that not enough of us stand up and point out that these attitudes are TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.
    Thankyou, wise woman that you are :)

  14. Careful there Girl at Rock Show - you are kind of proving hed's point - you are pigeonholing an entire group of people based on an assumption. Not all "Rednecks" agree with the people that hed found on FB.

    hed you have been having such a hard time lately and I feel so much for your passionate post - but those nasty FB people don't represent the majority of Americans and you should focus on those of us who DO care about the Japanese and all our other brothers and sisters over the globe.

    Sometimes ignoring the ugly in our lives and in the world gets you farther then dwelling on it.

    It is a very poignant post, but I am sure if you looked closer you would see the good more often then not. I hope, at least.

  15. I am so proud of you for writing this. I've been dealing with my own personal crap so haven't said anything about the crisis in Japan and am so glad you spoke up and out about these idiots who feel this way. This could happen to any one of us any where in the world. You rock!

  16. Rest Mgr-Thanks!

    Rock Show-I'm glad you understand where I'm coming from.

    BA-I know, I shouldn't let stuff get under my skin, but it was just so enraging to read people be so hateful!


    Kinoo-Why thank you!

    Skippy-I don't want to start an argument, but I agree with Rock Show's term. According to Wiki, "In recent decades the term 'redneck' expanded its meaning to mean bigoted, loutish, and opposed to modern ways, and has often been used to attack Southern conservatives and racists. At the same time, some Southern whites have reclaimed the word, using it with pride and defiance as a self-identifier."

    I want to hope with all of my heart (like my husband thinks) that those people that spewed this hate are 0.0001% of Americans, and that the rest of us have some level of care and compassion inside ourselves.

  17. Right on, sister! I couldn't have said it better!

  18. I never thought of hate rants as free speech. Humanity at its worst. I've seen those comments too. I ignore them, because what happened to them can happen to any person, anywhere. Nature knows no boundaries.

    The majority extended their heartfelt support.

  19. Glad to see you channel me there for a bit and rain condemnation down on the filthy jingoistic swine that inhabits our, at times, loathe country. You mention the internment of the Japanese citizens during the Second World War. What makes it even more despicable than mere xenophobia is that was just the cover used to sell it to the public. The driving forces behind it were west coast business owners who saw an opportunity to put their competition out of business. They pressured lawmakers to intern them as a way to increase their own profits. Good bless America!

  20. Soapbox-Glad you enjoyed it!

    Antares-Hi there! A part of me wishes hate speech was outlawed, but how could that be policed, you know?

    PS really like your blog!

    Shaun-Oh you and your BIG WORDS! You know I love the knowledge you always bestow upon me-make your own web page, I'm telling you!

  21. wow. just...wow.

    i am not superstitious by any means, but even i would be looking over my shoulder if i ever uttered something so hateful.

    what a horrible thing to say.

  22. Wasn’t it mere days after the Twin Towers fell that the jokes started? With absolute anonymity comes the attention seeking kids who write offensive things just for the sake of being offensive. I’ve been on the Internet for about 16 years, and ignoring comments like “The nazi death camps were faked!” with an eye-roll and a pitiful smile has become second nature.

  23. Beautifully written Hed and so so right. My Scottish heart goes out to Japan too. I am speechless at the ignorance and stupidity of people at times but unfortunately you will always get them putting in their pennies worth cos they think their opinion matters. It doesn't!

  24. "Remember" Pearl Harbor???? Seriously? Has there been a surge of 80 year olds on facebook or something because NO I do not "remember" Pearl Harbor just like I don't "remember" Kennedy getting shot BECAUSE I WASN'T ALIVE and I suspect all of the hate spewing idiots weren't either.

  25. Wow.

    That comedian was right: You can't fix stupid.

    In your corner, 100%,


  26. Well said. I agree with you that the stuff that's being thrown about on social media sites is enough to make me a little sick...there are some people that used to be on my friends list on facebook who are "devout" catholics who spewed hate over this situation that made me so sick to my stomach I actually commented. I understand people have strong beliefs- but I can't believe that the God that overseas everything is venegeful to one group of people...

  27. Wow. Just wow. I've never seen stupidity look so ugly. I guess I've had my head in the sand lately because this is the first time I've heard that people are saying shit like this. It's so far beyond sick. And ignorant. But mostly just sick. Because ignorance doesn't give anyone the excuse to be cruel. They claim god is on their side, yet they're showing not a shred of grace or even civility in their words and thoughts. If these people are representatives of their god, I want no part of it.

  28. That's what happens when you let the red states have internet access. I unfortunately live in the WORST one (Arizona) and I have to constantly fight the urge to just beat people with a bat when I hear all these retarded, racist statements. Unfortunately the Interenet, becasue of it's anonymity, gives a forum for the most vile people to spew their ideas. They're just excited because they learned how to read and write last week. They haven't had any other education except what their racist daddies and Glenn Beck tells them.

  29. Kage-I hope karma exists...

    Drake-You're aging yourself! You use use Compuserve or Prodigy, or were you old school BBS?

    I know what you are saying, and I turn a blind eye to "anonymous" too, but these people were on their personal page saying this shit out loud for the public to see. That's why I know it's not trolls or someone trying to get a rise out of others, its pure stupidity!

    Lyndy-Well said!

    Qandlequeen-LOL! So if bad things happen to Mexico (more then they already are) we should scream out "REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!"


    Colenic-Well said too, I don't like when someone plays the "God" card in their corner like he/she/it doesn't apply to anyone else!

    Deus-I agree completely. "Those that throw stones..." (I don't remember the rest.)

    Rafa-Arizona is still worse than Utah? (No offense Utah readers, but it is pretty backwards in areas for sure)


  30. Sorry I'm late to the party but my thoughts on “Payback for Pearl Harbour” – So what was the hell was Hiroshima and Nagasaki…..???

    As a Brit, am I to be judged by all the atrocities of my ancestors, including :-

    Benny Hill;
    Any British cars, other than the Mini and the Jaguar;
    Take That;
    Vivian Westwood;
    Palestine, Northern Ireland, India & Pakistan;
    Leaving the gold standard – although after Gordon Brown sold our gold reserve at the lowest possible price it was probably a blessing….

    I hope not ….

    No one should be judged for the sins of their relations (including Australians for their criminal ancestors) sorry could not help sticking that old stereotype in ….

  31. I totally agree with you. A lot of my anger also goes to the media for promoting that kind of crap. We'll see what those people say when the earthquake effects prices of their most cherished techno devices and other imported products.

    Nice post. Thanks for putting a voice to what most of us are thinking.

  32. This has made me angry too. I'm often shocked at the amount of ignorance walking around on this earth, but come on! How someone could make jokes or take lightly such a catastrophic event is beyond me. Men, women, children and babies are all suffering, have lost loved ones and their livelihood. For someone to say it's payback is cruel and wrong. God does not cause natural disasters. Seriously people, get a grip. I would hate for something awful to happen to them and have strangers around the world say they had it coming to them.

  33. Thanks. On some of the science sites I go to, there is the occasional ignorant/moron comment. Gotta tell you, reading a bunch of geeks "destroy" him/her with eloquent words; F. Yeah.

  34. Blacklog-Hi! I love, when arguing with my husband, to throw that in his face. "Well at least I'm not a CRIMINAL LIKE YOU!!11!!" I completely agree with you, only because whenever the name Benny Hill pops in my head that damn song does too..dododdickadickadickadickaddododododododo!

    The Schweitzers-I'm glad you liked it. What you said is so true-plants like Toyota and Samsung are already closing down. Doing that makes the cost of goods skyrocket-supply and demand!

    Jess-Exactly! Then what? Who comes to our rescue if we alienate everybody?

    Antares-omg, I do too. I'm addicted to Memebase at the moment, and my favorite one (other than Hood Dad) is the Bill O'Reilly one that's always like "You can't explain that". I kind of went off topic, but still!


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