Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank you.

You know how there are times where you are mortified/scared/ in pain/embarrassed and then you look back and laugh or say “it wasn’t that bad?” That’s how I now feel about Friday (and no I’m not talking about that waste of life song-it will ALWAYS be bad).

Mind you, I was in the throes of anxiety that night, and experiencing the after burn of it as I was writing my blog post-but reading all of your words and thinking about the night, I am much better today about the whole situation. Panic attacks throw logic out the window. As much as I would want  to tell myself that everything was just fine at the very moment I started to freak out, the fight or flight reflex kicked in and I just wanted the feeling to end as soon as possible.

Anonymous wrote: ‘Two weeks ago, I was invited to see “Sucker Punch” and have dinner. Dinner was kick-ass. Fun and laughs and great seafood. I have had four “good” days in a row.’ :) Cool!

Kage wrote: I think it's great that you got yourself out there, boo, and stuck with it for a whole evening. it's hard to even accept the invitation when you have social anxieties, but you did it. la you :)

Deus wrote: …Yes, yes. I know that feeling. No comforting words if you don't want them, but know that for us, what you accomplished was a victory.

And Mynx topped it all off with: Don't care if you don't want it. I am sending you hugs anyway and you will just have to have them. You are a strong beautiful young woman who had 4 great days and one bad one. That is 80% positive. That is a pass in my book. Hugs

You guys, all of these words, no matter if they were said just to cheer me up or said in passing, left a giant impact on me. Serious. I have to remember the “glass half-full” frame of mind when bad thoughts come or I am feeling uncomfortable. I know it won’t always work, but since my depression hit, it’s felt like one step forward and ten steps back. It’s a struggle every day just to tell myself to get out of bed. But you guys are right: I did it and I should pat myself on the back for it, not bring myself even further down. And for helping me with that you have my deepest respect and love, y’all.

PS-I think I looked cute that night (which is RARE!) :) I wore a polka dot shirt with my polka dot headband. Holla!

Pardon the emo bangs….

Since this blog is titled “Thank You”, I wanted to catch up on a couple of awards I was given-I’ve been slacking!

First of all, Pencil Girl awarded me with the “Blog With Substance” award two weeks ago! She is unbelievably sweet-she wrote: If I had to describe Hed in a word, it would be honest. Her blog is simple and sweet. Almost the exact opposite of my melodramatic, attention-seeking monologues. :P You have got to check out Hed's blog, you're sure to love it. :)  Thanks!

There are no rules to this award apparently, so I am going to throw it out to one other blogger-Mynx at Dribble... She always has something great to talk about, whether it be about her job at the castle mail post; her family foibles; the addiction she has to her IPad (I will beat you at Words With Friends one day, sucka!); or answering questions about anything and everything. She is definitely a blogger you should be following.

And last week my girl Heather over at Sugar Free Thoughts gave me a repeat of “The Versatile Blogger” award!

Here are the rules to this bad boy:
- Thank the person who gave it to you 
- Share 7 things about yourself
- Pass it along to whatever amount of bloggers you feel like passing it on to

First of all, Heather is the bomb diggity (yes, I just said that). She is the Cal Naughton Jr. to my Ricky Bobby.

Ricky: From now on, you're the Magic Man and I'm El Diablo.
Cal: What does Diablo mean?
Ricky: It's like... Spanish for like a fighting chicken.

Second, I hope you will forgive me for cutting and pasting my answers from when I won the award on my Australia blog:

1. I am phobic of cockroaches. Phobic! (a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.) I hyperventilate and start shaking if I see one-I can’t even watch them on TV.

2. I bite my nails like a crackhead. They are really bad! I knew J was my soulmate because his nails are as bad as mine, and he wouldn’t be like my mom-smacking my hand out of my mouth!

3. Not only did I get kissed by Fred Durst, he signed my boobs (mind you, this was in 1999 when Fred Durst was relevant). Other celebs I have met: Drew Barrymore at Magic Mountain, Pauly Shore, the bands Staind and Kid Rock’s crew, Wes Borland, Robin Finck and Danny Lohner from Nine Inch Nails, Josh Freese, and Chuck Fucking Norris. I once stood next to Tommy Lee and Mark Wahlberg and was too chicken to talk to them!

4. My favorite TV show of all time is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (followed closely by Grey’s Anatomy and The Simpsons).

5. My son’s name was supposed to be Bowie, but everyone hated it. My grandma kept pronouncing it “Boy”, because she’s from Oklahoma. If I ever have another kid, his name will be Bowie (or maybe his middle name ha ha).

6. Random hairs drive me crazy (like eyebrow, chin, arm, greys, etc.). I have been known to monkey out and literally rip the hairs out with my fingers-my poor best friend is always getting his hairs pulled out by me!

7. I have 23 tattoos. Okay to be fair 17 of them are stars on my back (for my birthday), two of them are matching bows near my collarbone, one is my nickname on my wrist, one is a dragon at the top of my back, one is a Virgo girl in the middle of my back, and my first tattoo is a rainbow dotted pinwheel at the base of my back (tramp stamp).

So there you go. As for passing this along, please check out all the lovely bloggers over on my blogroll -----> OH! And while you’re there, vote on this week’s poll!

Thanks errrybody!

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  1. Congrats! And cute hed-band! Haha, I'm so punny.

  2. Congrats on all of the awards. I like you also bite my nails like a crack head. My son refuses to vacuum out the front floor board of my car anymore because of it.

  3. you rock! totally rock!

    first you looked hotter than a prom queen! are funnier than gilda radner (funniest chick on
    third you are a rockstar of the blog world
    and fourth cuz i fucking said so...and i am old enough to be your father, (just barely) so i can say that..

    and fifth cuz mynx is the cats meow/bees knees

    and sugar free is the bionic woman, with attitude!

    and kage is all the rage, and a slice of fucking buttered rye (which is something i rilly love) and they all love you...

    so if that trifecta of great women say you are awesome...fucking better believe it!

    now give yourself a high five and a fist bump!

  4. SHAKE N BAKE BITCH!!!! I wanna make out with your "emo bangs" mostly because I LOVED mine when they were like that. I love love love ya so much! (I think we established that when I said I wanted to flash you)

    So, one step forward and ten steps back?? You're gonna end up in Mexico soon!!! Turn around!!! If you do you'll be in Seattle way fast!!! And then we can hang out and watch Fresh Prince and do the "Carlton" dance, right????


  5. That's it!!! I'm cutting myself some damn bangs tonight! Your picture sold me on it! I have a huge tyra banks head! Wish me luck!

  6. Yay for happy days after the bad days! It's like eating ice cream after gagging on turnip greens, right?

  7. Thank you so much gorgeous girl for the shout out and the award.
    I am so happy I was able to help in some way.
    You look so pretty in that picture. I wish i could wear headbands, on me they look silly.
    As for Words with Friends, them are fighting words Missy....
    Hugs sweetheart :)

  8. Bruce beat me to the scene so ditto everything he said because you are worth it sweet thang.

  9. i am happy you are the happy.

    It's time to do a tattoo post. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    I kissed Trisha Yearwood once. I can't blog about it cuz the Bobina might get mad, lol.

    welcome back to happy Hed

  10. Congrats on the awards and I'm glad you are feeling better about things!

  11. you look gorgeous in that pic! and i can't help but notice that we only need four more followers before we get to see your sexy pic...

    i'm so glad you're feeling better, boo, and congrats on the awards! you deserve 'em :)

  12. I think you're such a lovely truthful person!..i cld only hope to be so open and genuine in my posts :)
    glad u feel better nw!

  13. Idaho-BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was cute!

    OT-At least it's fingernail pieces down there and not toenail-or IS IT???


    SF-Whenever I don't have bangs I want bangs. And whenever I get bangs I'm annoyed that I have to maintain them!
    "Now you see me, now you don't!"

    Falen-They also have clip-on bangs! I want to see the finished product!

    Deus-I don't think I have ever had a turnip in my life! But yes, I know what you are saying :)

    Mynx-You beat me! GRR!


    Becca and Odie-Thanks guys <3

    Lance-Yep, I need to get on the ball with that post. I'm in!

    FF-Thanks! Looking forward to hearing about your vacation!

    Kage-Aww thanks boo...3 now! Boobs!

    Kitkat-Thanks-it took a while before I really started opening up-yours will come in time if you want it to be!


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