Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nerd love at its finest.

I hate writing about a certain topic.

A topic about a part of my life that has been in heavy rotation for the past six years.

And that topic is World of Warcraft *blushes*

I am going to write this as if you, the reader, is a total nerd too-so bear with me.

I’ve been playing WoW since open beta in late 2004. My best friend was obsessed with the game, and one day he said “do you want to make a character?” At this point I loved The Sims, so I thought it would be fun to make a toon. I think I made a warlock (no, not Charlie Sheen). I logged on and asked him, “what do I do?” He said, “just use your wand and shoot things”. And I was hooked.

When the game came out we drove to Fry’s in Fountain Valley where the game developers were signing the games, and we waited to get ours signed until 4am. In the middle of November. We installed it and finally fell asleep around 7am that morning. On my days off I would play. When I got home I would play. I would decline invites from my cosmetic counter girls (where I worked) to go drinking because I wanted to be at my best friend’s house talking to my virtual friends. One of these friends ended up being a great guy and I got to visit Melbourne, Australia in 2005-and fell in love with the city and all things Australian.

My best friend changed servers and I went with him. At first I hated it because it was PvP and I was used to PvE, but eventually I got used to it. I started a priest named “Sanctified” (note-all of my WoW characters are named after Nine Inch Nails, Tool, or A Perfect Circle songs). Around level 40 I grouped with a really nice guy who happened to be in an Australian guild. I asked if I could join and I got an invite June 23, 2005 (I only know the date because the guild forums notes when you joined).

Everyone in the guild was awesome and helpful. They joked with me on being the only “yank” in the guild. I was able to talk to Australian boys through my headphones, which was pretty much heaven back then. There were a couple of core members who I was always able shoot the shit with. One of those guildies was a night elf hunter named Karis.

He was always super friendly and making silly happy face emotes like ^_^. If I ever needed help in-game he always seemed to take the time out and help (it also didn’t hurt that I was a RL girl). I found this screenshot of us from October 25, 2005. I’m in the ogre suit.


For a while I joined a “hard-core” guild and Karis left WoW completely. I gave him my msn info-which was rare, because I really dislike chatting online-so we could keep in touch. I found a private message between us from September 23, 2006 with a picture of him:

I admit, I giggled a little at this scrawny, goofy 21-year-old boy when I saw it, but his face totally matched his personality. He was always happy and upbeat, and I enjoyed talking to him when I had the chance.

The very next year I was jobless and home a lot, and when I would pop on the Internet Karis (I always called him “Karis”, he always called me “Sanc”-that’s how we knew each other) would sometimes be on msn and he and I would cordially chat for a bit. I mentioned I was having a rough few weeks, what with me losing my job and my grandpa at the time was having health woes. A month or two later I popped on msn again, and Karis said hi and asked how my grandpa was doing. I thought it was really decent of him to be concerned-and to have actually remembered such a short conversation we had months before. I was in a much better place by that point, and I found myself talking to him more and more.

One day I purchased a new cell phone, and I was venting to him about not being able to set it up properly. About fifteen minutes later he asked me to get on my headphones, and when I did he started walking me through the steps on how to get the phone to work right. He had researched the phone online while we had been talking! At that point I told him something like, “you know, if you were over here, I would so date you”, and he told me he felt the same way.

Time went by, and we finally met face to face in March 2008. It was like I had known him forever. There was no awkwardness, no nervousness. It was just us.

Nine months later Karis and Sanc married. We just passed three years together.

I’m actually tearing up looking at this.


This blog was brought to you in part by Studio Thirty+-the writing prompt this week was “serendipity”. I tend to take all things literal so I wanted to share with you the story of how J and I met. I can’t think of a better example then this.

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  1. Alliance Scum!

    Haha, my current gf I met on WoW. We were both married, and watch each other's marriages fall apart. We started as guildies, grew into friends, and the rest is history. :)

    I don't play anymore, but I'll always look back and smile when I think of Azeroth.

  2. I have never ever played WoW. I liked the commercials for it that had Mr T in them, they were funny. "I Make WoW Look GOOD!!"

  3. Sweet story Hed. You were a beautiful bride. No wonder he fell for you!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. What a great story! I love it. And you look absolutely stunning as a bride!!

  6. Well look at you Miss All Dressed In White! You look stunning!!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful love story :)
    I also notice that you've been sharing a few more photos lately which is nice to see, it's a brave girl who puts her image out there and I think it just goes to show yet again that you really are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

  7. wow @ your WoW story...nice seeing your wedding picture.

    thanks for writing this

  8. Aww what an amazing story to be able to tell. You two look so happy. Best of luck to the both of you.

    Visiting from Studio 30

  9. you guys met on WoW? That's funny if I was still friends with my ex I would so tell him that because he has lots for MMORPG friends and that kind of thing! That's cute I hope you guys are doing better considering the distance.

  10. and it all started with your friend

  11. beautiful story, beautiful bride. Thankyou for sharing

  12. argh, you guys look so cute!

    though about the wow, i have to say wow, boo... wow. i mean, wow? really? wow? wow. just wow.

    haha! i just wanted to see how many times i could say it.


  13. Omg..i was so not expecting that. this is the best love story ever!
    wish u guys all the best!!..xx

  14. Ok, that's just downright SWEET. *sniffles* My husband and kids have their own guild or some crazy shit. All I know is they always say words like horde and Nagrand and something to do with mounts and junk.... Yeah... oh, and when they have to download a patch or update, it clogs up the internet for hours...

  15. It shows up there I deleted my own comment-I don't remember doing that!!!

    Idaho-LOL! You have no idea how many people I hear say "I met my gf/bf on WoW". It makes me feel less like someone living in my mom's basement playing DnD...(I don't do either by the way!)

    OT-It's pretty fun and super addictive. They don't call it "World of Warcrack" for nothin'.

    Barb, Mynx and Heather-Thanks! Everything just turned out perfect that day :)

    Kinoo-Thanks! I'm trying my's hard because, as much as I'm showing more pictures, they are all from the "past". It's very rare that I take pictures nowadays.

    Lance-I'm glad you liked it. I am a nerd, I admit. And I like Facebook. Hopeless! I'm hopeless! :)

    Maasiyat-Hi! And feel free to stay awhile!

    Morgan-We actually have been over the last month or so, thanks for asking. It's baby steps.

    Alex-Yep. Read Thursday's blog about his ass if you want :D

    Kage-I know, right? Wow, I am in love with Wow. Just wow.

    Kitkat-Hi and welcome! Thanks, he is so proud that he met his wife in a video game, but I still get cringy lol!

    Aimee-HA! I've been there, done that. WoW is kind of like blogging in a sense that if others aren't a part of it, they just don't KNOW. You know?

    Antares-Heck yes!

  16. I loved this! It's every nerd's dream.


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