Thursday, March 24, 2011

I hate anal!

Um…well…the title is a little misleading. I’m here to talk about my stupid obsessive compulsive behaviors. The other thing  is an entirely different blog…

If you walked into my room, you would see piles. Lots and lots of piles. On the surface it just looks like I’m a slob, which I totally admit I am. But there is a madness to my methods. The pile of clothes that is just lying around is because when I go to hang them up, they need to be facing a certain direction, and they need to be placed in a certain order in my closet-short sleeve, collared, long sleeved, etc. Same with the clothes in my drawers-they all have a place. Mail and notes also need to be put in a certain place, so before I do that they all go into a big heap until I have time (and energy) to sort them out and put them where they need to go.

My computer is off-limits to everyone but me unless it’s something quick. I need everything in its right place, named correctly in its right folder. Unused programs? Forget about it. I spent about three days tweaking my laptop to how I wanted it before I even actually used  it. If I add a new program that integrates with another, everything has to be right or I can’t use the program. For example, in Picasa your photos get sorted into chronological order and also by name (it has a “face matching” feature). Guess who spent HOURS tagging the pictures and making sure they were dated correctly when I started the program for the first time? Guess who hasn’t used the program yet? I took more time fidoodling it than I did using it!

Organizing work projects is a disaster. I will plan ahead what needs to be done, but I get sidetracked every damn time by mini-projects that can be added to the original one. For example, I needed to make labels for the freezer at my restaurant job. Once I got going I realized I should add shelf lives to the labels. So I had to go print out the shelf life guide. While I was there I printed out the recipe guides so I could rearrange the foods in order of how they are used. While rearranging, some of the shelves were dirty so I left to get the cleaner. When I got to the cleaning products they were all messy and half-used so I combined the half-bottles to make full bottles. Then I was called to the front for something. Needless to say someone else ended up labeling the freezer.

I’m like the husband in “Sleeping With the Enemy” without the crazy…okay, who am I kidding?

Homework is just as bad. I get all anxious that if I miss a certain sentence in my notes that will be the one fact I don’t have when doing a test, and I end up pretty much transcribing the entire chapter to my notes. Today I did three pages of homework. Three. It took me two hours.

But there is nothing more obsessive, nothing more time consuming and more detail-orienting than my IPod.

I will use any excuse to put Paul Frank on my blogs!

Anyone who has an IPod kind of knows how it works: you add music from your computer from ITunes, and BAM it goes on your IPod. No. Not mine. That would be far too easy!

You see, sometimes the “Artist” tab will say “30 Seconds To Mars” instead of “30 Seconds to Mars” and the IPod notices it and makes two different bands. One Nine Inch Nails song will have the genre of “Industrial” while another will have “Hard Rock” and it will split up all my NIN songs into different genres. Sometimes one song on an album will be “track 2 of 8” while another will say “track 4 of 9”. Sometimes the album covers will be different even though it’s the same album.

Because of this, I have only gotten up to the “F” artists on my IPod. I rarely even use the damn thing because only 1/4 of my songs are even on there! Yet to just copy and paste all my songs over and throw caution to the wind breaks me out in a cold sweat. There’s just no way!

Am I the only crazy one out there that does this? I mean, is there something that you HAVE to do in a certain way or you freak out? I don’t really bring up OCD stuff to my therapist since there is SO MANY MORE pressing issues. I mean, this I can somewhat manage even though it sucks up so much time!

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  1. Hehe, must be a Poly thing.

    Not that it's a bad thing, but wow.

    Be glad I'm not your hubby. Or roomie. I'd muss things up just to get under your skin.

    Maybe that's why I'm divorced???

  2. The only issue I have is if I don't have coffee as soon as I am awake. I can wait for the 10 minutes for it to brew but I have to have it. If not my day is shot to hell. Even if I have it 2 hours later. I just don't let things bother me too much anymore. Older age? Not sure but I'm pretty easy.

  3. OMG - you sound like me. I have tried to explain my piles, but everyone just ends up thinking I'm a sloppy hoarder, when in reality -if I can't do it EXACTLY the way I NEED it to be - it just doesn't get done. Thank you - you make me feel better <3

  4. Oh my shit! I, too, MUST have all of my clothes facing the same direction on their hangers!! And I think you know about my crazy number thing from my "Venti" post. I'm also insane about the way a dishwasher gets loaded....the handles of the coffee mugs HAVE to be facing the same direction!! And if someone puts the salad forks in the same compartment as the dinner forks...or spoons...or mixes the butter knives with steak knives???? I will cut a mother fucker!! I could go on about my crazy OCD shit, but I don't want you to fall more in love with me than you already must be!

    As far as anal, I'm on the side of....oh, wait. I should have figured out the play on words at this point....


  5. Wow, you want to come and organize my house?

  6. Anal is good in the bedroom, not any where else. Well maybe the bath room...

    My ex was anal like that and it drove me nuts.

  7. The iPod thing drives me crazy too! if an album has collaborating artists it splits the fucking songs up like they're not even on the same album! I just wanna kick old ladies in the face when that happens!

  8. i used to be like that...

    then i had a family of slobs move in with me...

    i am still that way with my tools..

    i feel your pain, i have been there..


  9. I am very OCD. I am the same way with my clothes and my iPod. Everything has a place and every place has a thing. My CDs and DVDs are in alphabetical order and are all facing the same way on my shelves. If I go out and buy another one it will be moved around my room until I have time to rearrange my 100+ CDs or DVDs. OCD isn't always a bad thing :D

  10. I do stuff like that too...The one that I always do, no matter what, has to do with food. I can't mix my food. And I have a fixed order of what I eat when too. Sometimes the boyfriend puts something on my plate that had to be eaten first, just to tease me, but it really makes me go insane. Even thinking about it right now makes my eye twitch a little...

  11. My only real obcession is that I have to be anywhere I am going early and sometimes I get there really early and it even bugs me at times but to be late would totally ruin my day.

  12. that blog title was TOTALLY misleading! i was lured here under false pretenses, god damn it!

    and my ocd is just like that, too. if i can't do something absolutely obsessively perfectly, i won't even touch it.


  13. wow and people think i'm bad you go girl nothing wrong with being organized

  14. I've always kinda wished I had a little bit of OCD so I could stay more organized, but I'm totally lazy when it comes to chores. I just throw stuff wherever it will go. Boyfriend on the other hand is like you. His closet is color coded. And his games, dvds, and blu rays are all in some sort of order. He can actually tell if I've moved anything.

  15. haha u'r like the non-hollywood version of "Mr Monk". I'm so disorganized with stuff.. i never really take pains to make sure everything is super perfect. the only thing i'm obsessed with is making sure all doors are shut and the lights are off when no one is using them,lol

  16. Idaho-You'd get your ass kicked! :D

    Barb-"With age comes wisdom"? Maybe for now on I need to think WWBD? I would always make sure you had coffee in the AM :)

    Amy-Right? I hate when people touch the piles or start to just casually put things away. No, no no!!!

    Heather-can you imagine if you were a millionaire and someone did it all for you? They would quit after the first day! (kidding!)

    BA-It would take me forever! I always get sidetracked. Always.

    OT-I think cleanliness and anal-ness (is that a word) need to be around the same level in a relationship, or some shit's gonna go down!

    Rafa-My IPod is the devil. It's all manual. I hear ya.

    Bruce-So you just gave up? That sucks! (Read my comment to OT!)

    Jax-I did that too with my CDs! All in chronological order, too!

    Drake-Only the hubs knows for sure ;)

    gewuerzgurke-ME TOO! I'm really OCD with food, especially when it's made by me for others (which is rare). If I don't think something tastes good that I made, I freak out!

    Odie-And I'm trying so hard to break my habitually late habit!

    Kage-I thought you would only stop by if it said "I love anal", to be honest...

    Becca-I wish it was just organized. It's insanity!!!

    JM-J is so laid back like you!

    Kitkat-Monk is crazy! At least I don't have a handwashing thing or checking the locks 32 times!

  17. not exactly gave up just started to pick my battles...

    so much esaier with just me and a dog, too keep it ocd...

  18. Uh...when I saw the cans in the pantry I totally thought Sleeping with the Enemy Haha. Awesome. I thought I was bad...

  19. Bruce-Don't sweat the small stuff...I need to learn that one!

    Jess-Yep I draw the line at lining up my damn towels!

  20. I'm like that with my Zune sometimes so I hear ya!

  21. You just so described me EXACTLY. When Jigger even looks at my computer, I start to hyperventilate. We have two for this reason. The other day I had an EMPTY plate that I had planned to do something with but I couldn't remember so I left it there and he PICKED it up and took it to the kitchen to wash. I almost had a panic attack because OMG what if I NEEDED that later and I wouldn't HAVE it then what was I going to do. I still don't know why I had that plate sitting there but damn it if I ever did remember at least it would be there. I freak out when people touch my stuff or move it even just an inch.

  22. Your projects sound just like mine. Even going to clean the bathroom ends turns into me organizing the medicine cabinet -- and then my bathroom is still a mess.

    I never totally synch my iPod to iTunes because I have a ton of kids music on my computer that I don't want on my iPod. But I've gotten so much new (and random) music and none of it is on my iPod. I don't even remember what needs to be put on it, so I am missing a TON of good stuff when I run. Problem is I just don't have hours to spend fiddling with it.


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