Thursday, March 31, 2011

I got 99 readers (and a bitch ain’t one)!

If you may remember from last week’s post, I promised I would post a naughty pic if I hit 100 readers. Not X-rated or anything (my mom reads this!), but something more like “hayyyy!”

It’s like this, but I’m laying in hamburger wrappers.

I wanted to talk about readers and following my blog today. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! But more than that, I need to let you guys know that, at the moment, I gave myself a moratorium for following new blogs. At one point not too long ago, it was taking me over three hours to read a day’s worth of blog posts from my blog roll-and that was just reading them. To be honest, I was skimming over them and not commenting because I had so many more blogs to read.

About a month ago I cut out over half of my blog list. It was a very tough decision, since a lot of the bloggers I stopped following were ones that I have a kinship with. It wasn’t personal! It’s hard for me to identify with mommy/daddy blogs. It’s hard for me to follow religious blogs. It’s hard for me to follow topic-specific blogs I have no idea about or have no interest in. Even now I am still weeding some out. My hopes are that I can rotate blogs once a month so I am not missing out on any content.

If you’re a blogger, you know un-following blogs (or being un-followed) is a touchy subject. There are a lot of people (myself included when I just started out) that will follow you and expect you to follow them in return. I get why we do it, but it’s not the best practice in my opinion. I like to read and absorb a story. If I feel like I can contribute somehow, I like to comment. I don’t think it benefits anyone if I press the “follow” button and never, ever read the blog. I would hope that you read my blog because you enjoy it, not because you feel obligated to! That would suck! The minute writing feels like a job I know I am doing something wrong, you know?

Now, if you happen to read me and say to yourself “holy crap we think alike!” or something like that, by all means send me a link to your blog in a comment or e-mail me. Like I said, I don’t want to miss out on something great!

One last thing: I usually bounce around with the crap I talk about. I would love to answer any and all of your questions if you have some to ask. You should know by now that I’m pretty damn honest, and no subject (I think) is off-limits. My e-mail is Give me some brain food, people!

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  1. Hed, I feel your blogs are very interesting and I can definitely identify. You may like some of mine. BA
    I don't know why my link isn't highlighting.

  2. glad to be following you. of course, like all bloggers, i like followers as much as the next person. but, i don't want someone to feel like they have to follow me just because i follow them. if you feel like dropping over and reading every now and then - go for it. if not, eh - life happens.

    i actually have 3 blogs:

  3. hed-
    following you is not because you follow me or don't follow me. it is because you are real.

    and i think you are hot.

    and i can relate to what you say.

    but mostly cuz you are REAL and HOT!


    love and hugs! keep being you!

  4. ha, i'm your 99th reader/follower/or whatever it's called. i don't expect a follow back, i just follow cuz i'm interested... honestly i don't even understand the whole blogger community stuff yet. i guess i'm more of a loner as i've never really been a joiner of anything. so no worries!

  5. I love my followers, but I don't think it's an obligation for someone to follow me just because I follow them. As a matter of fact, I hit follow A LOT! I hit follow whenever I find someone's blog interesting and think I'm going to want to come back and read some more some time. It's not an obligation to me to read it everyday. How many blogs I read, or which ones I chose to read on any given day depend on how much time I have, and my mood. Sometimes, I skip reading a blog for weeks, but then go back and read all the posts I missed in one shot. Some blogs I read everyday. Some I read in phases. But whatever it might be, I don't really expect the same from people who follow me. I love it when folks read my blog regularly, and leave a thoughtful comment, but it's okay if they don't. :)
    And as for your blog, I'll be honest, I don't exactly read it everyday. I do come back and read a lot of it though.. And that's because even though I don't think there are a lot of similarities between us, I absolutely love the way you write.. :) :)
    Stay awesome, Hed! Love ya! :) :)

  6. My rule is, if they haven't posted in a month, they get the ax. If I haven't commented them in a month, they get the ax. If they haven't made me laugh in a month... you get the idea.

    As long as you adore me and keep following me, I won't have to go down there and beat you senseless.


  7. come on, one more follower! ONE MORE FOLLOWER!

  8. Once you get to a certain point, following blogs can become a full time job. It’s really draining to wake up in the morning and see a new flood of posts come through, and after a while they kind of blur together. I make the effort to read most of them, though I don’t always have something to say in the comments.

  9. i'm like you my writing is all over the place and as for commenting i don't always do that but i do alway read

  10. I started following you because you remind me so much of my younger self. I follow ALOT of blogs because I like to read a variety of material and not everyone posts everyday. I never expect follow-backs just because I follow. I'm completely new to this and I wasn't aware that was a common expectation until just a few days ago - when someone got upset because I didn't follow back right away. My motto is "I've decided that the rules are stupid, so I make up my own as I go along" and that's what works for me. There really shouldn't be any "rules" in blogland anyways, since we usually start these things for ourselves (at least that's what I did.) I never expected others to want to hear what I had to say (or write.) It's really just a bonus that they do and that I've met so many cool people along the way. So, I'll try not to cry ALL.DAY.LONG. (sniffle) because you're not following me back. I'll be alright (sniffle)...REALLY!! ;)

  11. My blog turn s 11 months old tomorrow, and I just hit 50, actually 51. I'm proud of each and every one of them.

    You are one of my favorite follows. Reading someone that balances mental illness with good musical taste and excellent writing skills is a highlight of my dad. I relate to you a lot.

    Happy 99

  12. i'm number 100! all you pervy guys can thank me later, lol, i'm just following 'cause it's an interesting blog.
    and Hed, i absolutely forbid you to follow my blog, nothing personal ;)

  13. I was unaware that there was a rule book for blogging. I never recieved a copy. So do whatever the hells I want when it comes to writing, reading, commenting and following.

    Oh.....there's your 100th follower up there. Let me go make a cocktail and get comfy while I wait for the porn....I mean sexy to start.

  14. yaay! u got 100 followers whoop whoop!!.. and i'm definitely your follower strictly cos i think your blog rox! :)

  15. BA-Thanks for the link! I'll be sure to pop my head in!

    Teresa-Oh! Don't get me started looking at your scrapbook blog-you'll make me tear open my neatly packed boxes and start making pages! Must...fight the...urge....

    Bruce-Hot? I think you think you're on Kage's page :)


    PencilGirl-You're awesome! I used to follow every blog under the sun, but I'm all ADD about making sure I read EVERY DAMN POST so I don't miss anything. That's why I had to cut down!

    Idaho-GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Seriously, that is EXACTLY what I do too. I like regular bloggers, unless their stuff is out of this world (like Hyperbole), I stop reading if they are not updated. Or it becomes dribble (not talking about you, Mynx! Your dribble is kick-ass!).

    Kage-Ooh your good vibes brought #100 here!

    Drake-Agree. Now I can actually check my reader twice a week and it doesn't take up a chunk of my whole day (PS thanks for always seeming to comment on mine-they are always great to read).

    Becca-Yep, pretty much me in a nutshell too!

    Mama-Yeah, when I first started out I learned the "rules" too. Now I follow blogs I enjoy and that give me something to take with me, you know?

    Lance-You are one of MY favorite new blogs! Your writing is seriously out of this world. You should be a damn blog of note. And keep posting songs from The Police! :)

    OT-I JUST HIT 100! YAY!

    ResCogitans-YAY! WOO! LOVE! Thanks for being a perv, I mean reader! :)

    SF-Posted and sent your way girl...PS if you want any more... ;)

    Kitkat-YAY! Thanks!

  16. Only 2 months old and I'm still figuring that one out. There are some blogs that I read and comment on regularly cause they are my homies. YO.yo.yo.

    It's a blog, whatever works, some I read later, some I follow cause it made them so happy. Why not.

    Does that mean you don't want anymore followers? ;)

  17. Antares-There are some blogs I follow too because they are my friends, but they rarely post damn it! I hope I get more followers, but if no one else finds my blog interesting for the rest of my writing days, I'm cool with 102!

    PS I like your blog, you are one smart mo fo-I haven't commented yet because your smartness makes my brain hurt :)

  18. Oh.Shoddop. You're a geek and have you read your writing lately? It's intelligent and funny.

    My blog is meant to be fun and inclusive, no obligations. If you feel like commenting do, if not that's cool. Or you're quite the diplomat;)

  19. Congrats on 99! I absolutely love reading your blog! I don't really mind if people follow me or un-follow me, I write because I want to not because I want someone to read it. Keep up the amazing posts :D


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