Friday, March 4, 2011

The Great Deception of 1950?

First off, a huge THANK YOU!!!! to all of the readers who gave me well wishes and virtual high-fives on my post yesterday about getting a job. It means the world to me, people. Drake’s comment was pretty much the best comment ever:

“Working in a bakery is like taking a bouncer’s job in a strip club, you won't be able to keep your hands off the merchandise.”

Yesterday my mom and I hit the mall so I could get some work clothes (black on black everything). I knew while I was at the mall I had to get a watch battery because I need to cover my wrist tattoo while at work, so I grabbed my wedding ring as well to get sized. My ring has been in a box for so long, and I miss wearing it. I keep slacking on going to the jewelers because I hate the damn mall.

After we found some clothes, we went to the jewelry store. It was dead. The manager was just sitting around doing some paperwork, so he welcomed us in and took my ring himself. When I opened my wedding ring box, I had forgotten I had stuffed all of my other rings in there too, so I fumbled with the box to make sure I wouldn’t lose any. I only have two pieces of jewelry that mean anything to me, and that’s my wedding ring and my grandmother’s wedding ring.

After she passed, my grandpa gave all of my grandma’s jewelry to my mom. Both of them have a penchant for gold, which I hate. One day my mom and I were going through the jewelry boxes for fun, when I found what looked like a white gold diamond ring with two small diamonds on either side. “What’s this?” I asked my mom. “I’m not sure, but I think it may be Moe’s [my grandma] first wedding ring”. In white gold! I pleaded with my mom if I could have it, and she said yes. I was really pleased to have such an important piece of jewelry to commemorate my grandma.

Right before Christmas 2009 my mom came home to find all of her jewelry boxes open and empty on her bed. Someone had broken the bathroom window and robbed the house. I’m telling you with all sincerity that I hope whoever stole from us is dead in a ditch somewhere. That was my grandmother’s jewelry. That is priceless. I asked if my mom wanted the ring she gave me back but she said no, and I made sure I would find a way to one day fix up the dilapidated ring and turn it into an heirloom.

Anyways, the manager took my ring and I mentioned to him in passing that one day I would like to turn the four small main diamonds on my wedding ring into one solid diamond. Here is a picture of my actual ring to explain:

The manager said they did that, so I continued and said “well actually, I would really love to put my grandmother’s diamond in my ring, but I’m not sure if it would fit”. I handed him my grandma’s ring, and he got out his magnifying glass eye piece to examine it. “I’m sorry to say, but this isn’t a diamond”, he tells us. “Really? So it’s like cubic zirconia?” I ask. “Not even that, I’m afraid. This is more like costume jewelry”. My mom and I look at each other and start laughing.

Where the engagement took place.

When we get to the car, a whole bunch of questions pop up. Did Pop know it was fake, and was he trying to pull a fast one on Moe? Were they poor and just couldn’t afford a real diamond? Were we mistaken on this being the first ring? We will never know. I’m going to keep it anyway. It’s still a piece of my grandma, even if it is considered “junk”!

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  1. Well didn't you say you didn't know for sure if it was her wedding ring at first?

  2. Fat_owl-True! It's just so funny that it's a fake ring!

  3. I love where the engagement took place!!

    And your ring is gorrrrrrgeous!!!

  4. That Is so funny and sad at the same time. I don't blame you for keeping it. Great memories.

  5. Heather-Right? I wish mine was at a roller rink *sadface*

    Skippy-No problem :)


  6. Well it is kind of a good analogy because both are there to make sure no one takes anything they haven't paid for. Plus I am am sure plenty of people have called the girls cupcake so yet another paralell. You know there is also the whole it was a joke thing as well.

  7. Great story on the rings. Love it. So happy about you getting this job!!!!

  8. i have to say that i wasn't bothered by the strip club/bakery analogy, and i'm a stripper.

    i think it was just a facetious remark about women being as desirable and hard to resist to a man who loves women as, say, a pastry can be to someone who loves pastries.

    i think the context of the remark was about having to work every day with temptation right under your nose.

    i think it was a pretty fair comparison, actually.

    but then, we all know that i'm nuts.

  9. Congrats lovely girl on the job. I read the post but had a bit of a nightmare day so didnt get to reply. I wore a piece of my grandmothers jewellery the first time I got married, A sapphire necklace whice was costume. Didnt matter because it was old, blue and hers. I sure you cherish it regardless

  10. oh... meant to add i looovvveee your ring before I hit send. i was sending from my phone and it's not as "user-friendly" as my computer. hehehe!

  11. i am glad you can laugh at the ring thing...however, you are right about the part of your gramma...

    our memories are what make the dead still live on in us...

    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  12. As I am the keeper of our family's heirloom jewelry, I really enjoyed your story. One fancy filigree necklace we have has a fake stone! I love them all, fake or not, as they all have history.

    I'm still excited about your new job! That is such great news. When will you start?

  13. I hope the thief had his eyes gnawed out by rabid squirrels too. I’m not sure what’s worse, the loss of sentimental treasures or having your private sanctuary violated.

    I had my private sanctuary violated once. Bow chicka bow wow.

  14. That is a gorgious ring and I loved the story.

  15. Shaun-I love analogies!

    Barb-Thanks! I'm super glad I got it too.

    Kage-We all know you would taste like strawberries, unicorns and rainbows if you were a pastry :)

    Mynx-I do, and I love your story!


    OT-Right? I must not have an eye for bling.

    Bruce-Yep :) I'll probably keep it somewhere safe and tell the story to a cat someday.

    Soapbox-I start next week!

    Drake-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA it has been so, so long since I have had my private sanctuary violated...

    Odie-Thanks :)

  16. You're ring is gorgeous! Really funny story :D

  17. Hi, I came over here from S30P. That's one gorgeous ring, I must agree! My husband and I went for wedding ring tattoos, and though I love the unconventional symbols of our commitment, I sometimes feel jealous when I see wedding rings as beautiful as yours.

    Anyways. That's one funny story about your grandma's ring!

  18. How funny! Let's just hope the jewelry the thief stole was "costume" jewelry as well and got a big shock when he tried to hock it!

  19. Wonderful story. I loved it. But you'll be wondering forever :)

  20. Hahaha, with my mom being educated in the ways of jewelry I've learned ways to tell some gems apart, not too much though. I'm not that good yet.


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