Tuesday, February 8, 2011

YouTube Tuesday.

I’m dying today! SO HUNGRY!!! I have literally already eaten 50% of what I am supposed to have eaten today calorie-wise, and it’s because of midnight snacking. I was SO HUNGRY last night around 10:30, but I wanted to wait until after midnight so I wouldn’t go over my calories for the day (stupid rationalization, I know). By midnight I was SO HUNGRY I ate three times what I was planning to eat.

I suck at dieting…portion control….choosing the “right” foods…all of it! NOW I find out that the total calories I am keeping track of is my “resting” calorie count, meaning it’s the amount I should eat to MAINTAIN my weight-to LOSE weight I have to cut 500 calories or more! That would mean roughly 1500 calories. I mean…wow. Just wow. I’m fat. 1500 calories is a SNACK! I HATE THIS!!!

Pardon my grumpiness, I’m just SO HUNGRY!.

How I feel right now is beautifully summed up by Sinbad. This is my favorite comedy special of all time. I can recite this whole thing because it’s hilarious and true! So watch it, best three minutes of your life if you’ve been where I am!

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  1. It sucks now, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end!


  2. Hed, we saw the whole comedy show of his and when it came to the dieting I laughed so hard I stopped breathing. Swear to god, I had to use my inhaler and I rarely ever have to. The chocolate spray had tears running down our faces. Drink water, lots and lots of water.

  3. Be strong mama! you can do this shit! Drink a shit load of water and know that I am right there with you going through the same shit! I wanna eat my fucking laptop lol

  4. i waited on sinbad when i worked at TGIFridays in the the early 90's. he was a REAL person.

    it was a good thing i was high at most of my fridays lunch shifts so i didn't like drool and get all goofy...

    i walked up and i was so totally like "heys dooods. whatcha gonna have..." and didn't really know for sure it was him until i got pulled aside by the MOD..

    "do you know that is Sinbad?"

    and i was like...

    "so...i have three other tables and his 10 top. lemme go do this..."

    it was really easy cuz EVERYONE wanted to stop by his table...he tipped over 20% and i hardly had to do anything...

    it was right after i saw him in necessary roughness!

    he is hilarious! thanks!
    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  5. oh and YOU can do it! give me a sinbad video and i start thinking about pot and forget to give you mad props!

    if i can quit smoking, you can do this!

    i have faith in you HED!

    luvs ya! bruce

  6. giggle. I love Sinbad.

    Girlie - you can do this. As bruce said - if you can quit smoking you can do this. You have the power.

    I have faith. In you.

    Hugs darling

  7. hello, ennis, it's jack twist,

    i wish i knew how to quit you ;)

    that was my only brokeback reference. anyway, you can do this, hed, and if you like i could maybe tell you some (healthy!) stuff that has worked and does work for me? i really don't want to be all pompous and shit, like "let me just cram some unsolicited advice down your throat cuz i'm so great", but maybe a few ideas to ease the pain, if you like? :)

    ooh ooh! i just got your friend request! and i'm gonna send you an email right now with some pics. wait till you see this shit!

    um...it's not that kinda shit, don't worry ;)

  8. girl don't i know not sure if you know but if to go to The Hungry Girl website there are great low calorie recipe that are easy and so good. she creates recipes high in volume low in calories. also video so funny. stay strong and know i'm right thre with you dieting. hugs

  9. You can do this hun. Drink water when you are hungry. it will help and get your hand busy. I would knit while watching tv and only get up when I had finished a row and it coincided with an add break. Amazing how that hardly ever happened so I snacked less.
    I used to say "little pickers wear big knickers" corney but it seemed to work, becuas it is those sneaky calories that kill a healthy eating plan
    Diet is a four letter word. Dont diet, eat healthy. More positive way to look at it

  10. One of the keys I have found is to drink plenty of water especially about 30 minutes before meal time. The end result will be worth it so please don't give up.

  11. I totally understand you, I'm also trying to lose weight at the moment, but the food thing just doesn't seem to work. I'm fine with sports and stuff, I just went to the gym the first time in my life yesterday, and it actually was loads of fun...but food? Ugh... I LOVE food. I love everything about it. Buying it, preparing it, eating it...
    Great, now I am hungry....


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