Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not in the mood.

I don’t want to write today. I did. I had an idea last night, but then I cried myself to sleep. Long story. I’m meh today.

I’ve been reading all my fantastic blog buddies’ guest posts over the last couple of weeks, and I even branched out and did one for Mynx at Dribble... (you can see it on the tab “where I was when I wasn’t here as well).

My question is: how do you DO a guest post? I mean, I know the logistics, I just don’t know how you get someone to post on your own blog. With the lovely Mynx, I had a post in mind, so I stuck my neck out and e-mailed her my idea. She liked it, and BAM we’re in business.

What about all of the bloggers that are chicken to e-mail their favorite blogger and say “hey! I want to write for you! Is that okay?” Well, I’m giving you guys an invitation to guest on my blog.

Here are my two conditions: I want it to be an original post and I want it to have emotion, because I am sad today and damn it, this is my blog. It can be a happy story, a sad story, a hurtful story, a joyous story-I just want it to be something that maybe you haven’t wanted to post on your own blog due to perhaps the nature of your blog, or maybe reading about my own struggles with mental illness you have something you would like to share. Does that make sense? I’m giving you the OK to let it out here.

Hell, I’ll even put together a kick-ass badge you can add to your own blog if you like. It will be like a freaking badge of heroic awesome. Or something like that.

You can contact me at if you have a story or idea you’d like to throw my way. Looking forward to them, actually.

Oh, and to prove that I’m not always emo, here’s a picture of me from my dinner date with my two best friends last night. I left the house! Hooray!

I’ve got crazy eyes.

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  1. I have done a couple of guest posts, but I personally know the people I wrote for. So that made it easier for me.

  2. Hed...I kind of wait to be asked. Probably not a good way to get more followers is it? Can I just say that picture is adorable. You have amazing eyes. I like the longer hair (at least it looks longer from the way the pic is showing. Hugs daughter!!!

  3. love the picture. you have amazing eyes! i'd like a guest blogger to write something on my blog, too - maybe a way to get more followers as well.

  4. Hmmm that sounds like a good Idea! I don't usually post emotional stuff on my page...but I ALWAYS feel that damn way! Maybe I will do a heartfelt blog post for you one day when I grow some balls!

  5. I will start a story for you. :) And BTW ... I love the pic. I cried myself to sleep last night to. Just like you told me. Things sometimes look up. I am looking forward to that sometimes...

  6. i would love to be a guest will email you with something later

  7. I, too, have wondered about the guest post thing. And that pic is amazing! Love your eyes pretty lady!

  8. ha! i had a shitty night last night too. i wonder if there's something going on with the moon... or the stars... or the all-you-can eat buffet at the sizzler.

  9. You know what I hate most from crying myself to sleep? I never know what mood to wake up in. Is that weird?

    I think usually guest posters get invited to write, but opening the door is a good idea.

    Glad you went out last night! Hope you had a blast.

  10. I have usually stuck my hand up when people say they are looking for guests because I am cheeky like that. I have been invited a couple of times too.
    I would love to return the favor some time. Not sure what I would write but let me know if you have an idea for me.
    Hugs darling girl, and I love the pic

  11. Since I tend to post only when I get the urge to, I've never thought about guest posting. It goes back to when I was asked to write for a magazine that was published internationally. Instead of the words flowing out like they usually did, I had a hell of a time and ended up writing what was probably my crappiest article ever. The editor did some amazing things with it and made me look good, though. Anyway, I guess I've been a little afraid ever since....

  12. Oh yeah, and can you tell me how to get eyeliner to stay like that? Every time I try, it just comes off. I'm serious (for once)!

  13. I love that pic! I have only done one guest post and that was cos Mynx was asking for people and I got up the courage to put myself forward. Any other time I would wait for someone to ask. I would love to do a guest post for you :)

  14. I don’t ask people for guest posts mostly because it kinda defeats the purpose. Somebody asks me, I usually say yes, and buttslapping ensues. That being said, ‘letting it out’ isn’t my style. I’m one of those people who hold it in, that always seems to go well.

  15. I never gave any thought to doing or having a guest post although I like to read them when they happen.

  16. That's a lovely photo, and I agree with the others - you have lovely eyes! Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this. Have a good weekend.

  17. I have been asked by two of my fav. peeps in bloggy land to guest post, and I haven't yet gotten around to doing it. But when I have gotten them outta the way and have something special for you, I'll email it to you.

    Chin up pretty girl! You my friend are gorgeous!


  18. Thanks for all the advice on guest posts, everyone! It looks like most of you wait to be good. You all have the invite!

    And thanks for all the compliments on ME! *blushes* I was just doing a crazy "duck face" ha ha...

  19. Ive not dabbled in guest posting before, so its all new to me too. Hey I notice you have your own URL and dedicated email address - very fancy =)

  20. I have only done one guest post and that is because Mynx was moving. And it was hard. :) Not because Mynx isn't fabulous, but I didn't know how to make it up to what I consider her standard.

    I am sorry you had to cry yourself to sleep - it's so hard hed. I hope you woke up a happier or a little more relieved this morning.

  21. hey toots!

    just read your guest port over at dribble - it was fucking hilarious!

    i don't think i've ever seen a guest post before, so i don't really know anything about them. but it looks like you got lots of takers, which is great :)

  22. I could write something uber-major happy about this weekend, but sounds like you already have some takers.

    Let me know.

    Hope things are looking up for you today.

  23. Sorry you had a rough night, chica. But I'm glad you got some girl time out!

  24. I'll try and think of something for you, but I won't guaruntee anything haha. I hope you feel better because you are awesome! Just keep telling yourself that with everything you accomplish.

    Especially that Wii!

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps


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