Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My nerves are shot.

Of course I have this awesome news today, right? I mentioned a few weeks ago in an e-mail to Mynx at Dribble... that I wanted to do a silly post about translating Australian slang into “American”, and it’s posted today over there. I’m really happy how it turned out, and I want to thank Mynx for hosting it. Give it a looksee if you want a laugh today.

picture courtesy of Mynx’s blog

I, for one, do not want a laugh today. I am worried sick. A couple of days ago my husband mentioned that there is a cyclone (hurricane for all you Northern Hemispherers) headed towards the coast. Okay, I hope my Townsville friends are safe, I’m thinking-my husband is about two hours inland. Last night he tells me that Cyclone Yasi is meant to be pretty big and will stretch into his neck of the woods come 7am my time Wednesday. What does that mean? I ask him. He tells me it means people are stocking up on long-life milk and water at his grocery store just to be safe and it will probably be windy and rainy.

Um, no.

This afternoon J calls me and says, “I have some news I should probably tell you sooner rather than later. The cyclone is now a category 5 and is going to be the largest cyclone on record. We’ve battened down the house and I should be getting a call from work calling me off tonight-they’re thinking of closing at 6pm tonight”. At first I’m cool, I’m just asking about the storm (Townsville and Cairns, two major coastal cities, are supposed to be hit the hardest-and they have closed the airports and shut off the power to my knowledge), and I jokingly say something about the roof coming off like in “The Wizard of Oz”. He tells me, in all seriousness, “well if that does happen we’ll just have to bunker in the bathroom”.

Cue tears.

You know, it’s one thing to be away from the person you love the most for an extended period of time and the “what-if’s” that could happen: car crash, health woes, work injuries, etc…but this cyclone is headed towards him. And there’s nothing I can do.

Granted, I’m not Superman-it’s not like if I was there with him I could stop the cyclone somehow. But I would be with him. If shit went down I would be there going down with it. I’m so stupid, you would think I would be relieved that I’m NOT there anymore, but I’m not. I feel guilty and awful. If something happens I will never forgive myself for leaving him to be in America.

Cue more tears.

Right now I’m just planning on keeping in contact with him via webcam and MSN Messenger-but eventually the power will probably go out and that terrifies me. I have to sit and wait for him to contact me. I’m not good with patience.

To try and put this in perspective, I’ll give you some of the info I have read today:

*The cyclone is roughly the size of Hurricane Katrina, which battered the Gulf Coast of the United States and wreaked havoc in the city of New Orleans in 2005. Yasi is almost 300 miles wide and could affect an area larger than 400 miles across and up to 600 miles inland from the Queensland coast.

*Satellite images showed Yasi as a massive storm system covering an area bigger than Italy or New Zealand, with the cyclone predicted to be the strongest ever to hit Australia.

*The storm will be making landfall sometime by Wednesday, Feb. 2, and bring with it winds of 175 miles per hour and deadly flash flooding. The area that could be affected by the storm is roughly the size of England, Scotland and Wales combined. The storm was recently upgraded to a Category Four (5 on the Australian scale) storm and is so large that the it could take more than an hour for the eye of the storm to pass overhead.

J lives in Charters Towers, so he won’t be bearing the full brunt of the cyclone’s power.

Queensland (the state the cyclone is landing in) just had those devastating floods in the Southern region, and now this. This area is also in the tropics, which is a boon for banana and sugar cane crops-and they’re expected to be wiped out at least a little bit.

And I’m angry. I’m angry that as Americans we are so bubbled in that “world news” is only limited to what affects us as a nation. I have been watching the major news networks for three hours now only to have seen a five-minute feature on CNN’s World News Tonight. Heck, this may be the first time some of my readers have even heard about this cyclone, and why shouldn’t it be? It doesn’t affect you, or our families. But it affect me. So I’m freaking out. I’m scared. I am thinking of all of my North Queensland family and friends right now.

Here are some links if you guys are interested:

Australian Gov't Bureau of Meteorology



Wiki-Tropical Cyclone Yasi

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  1. I'm so sorry... I did see a headline on MSN earlier tonight and got quite worried about all the Aussies, the area, the animals, etc. I didn't realize your husband was still over there - thought he was in the states with you.

  2. Sending good thought & prayers your way *hugs*

  3. all i can do is pray for you and your friends and family...


  4. Terrifying! I totally understand wanting to be there with him. I'll be praying for you both!!!

  5. Awww! Keep your head up and pray! I know how scary those things are...I'm from Texas! We get it and get it good! I don't pray too often, but I'm gonna do it right now!

  6. I too saw this on the news earlier and the first thing I thought was "Mynx and Hubby hed" - then when I saw where it was I thought - what more can they take.

    Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. I hope the folks closer to shore are okay and I am confident that being two hours inland your family will weather this just fine.

    I will keep an eye out and keep you in our prayers.

  7. Honey, please try not to worry. I have been through many hurricanes, including Katrina, Rita, Andrew and several others. I grew up on the gulf coast. It's scary, definitely. Please don't think I'm trying to minimize your fears or the threat of a cyclone.
    I just want you to keep in mind that the majority of the damage will NOT be to people. I'll say a prayer for them. I have friends in QLD too.

  8. I'm not going to lie Hed, I am freaking the fuck out. It's only 4pm here and the wind is already pretty strong... and Yasi isn't even supposed to cross the coast for another six hours!

    I don't want to loose my house. Or die. :(

  9. I've been hearing about this cyclone and I'm scared for everyone that I know is there as well as everyone else there. I really hope that not one gets hurt.


  10. Hed, Dani, i'll keep you in my prayers tonight also. Stay strong ladies.

  11. Also keep in mind New Orleans was as bad as it was due to the fact that it is below sea level and had levees that were known to be in need of repair. My guess is Townsville isn't below sea level and if they are their infrastructure is better than ours, since you know they aren't us and probably actually care about that stuff. I am sure every thing will be fine. And on the bright side maybe the storm will drown that gecko that tormented you while you were there.

  12. I have been wtching the sattelite pictures all day and thinking of you and your family. I knew they were in Townsville and guessed you would be freaking out. There is plans in place from whzat i have heard on the news and safe places to be.
    Sending prayers and keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well.
    Big hugs darling.

  13. Prayer & hugs headed your way and to your family down under. We do care.

  14. It's on the news here in Scotland so I knew about it. I can only begin to imagine the helplessness you feel but forewarned means forearmed and that can only be a good thing. I hope your family keeps safe. Sending hugs from Scotland XX

  15. Gotta admit it’s the first I’ve heard of it!

  16. The first thing I did when I got up at 2:30am CST this morning was to begin reading various articles about Yasi. The second thing I did was to say a prayer for everyone who will be effected by it. Now I'm saying another prayer for you and your family members in Queensland.

  17. Well Hed, we've certainly been hearing about it on the news over here in England. They were saying that the Cyclone was the size of Italy. Eeek! Of course, my prayers are with all those in Australia that might be affected by this latest devastation. As if the poor people haven't had enough already with all these terrible floods. Hoping that you will be able to stay in touch with your hubby, and I do realize how very worrying it is going to be for you. Take care.

  18. Hed...I pray for all the people there. I would hope they could evacuate further away if it's that bad. A house is just a building but lives are everything. Rich once went to Maine during Hurrican Bob back in 90 I think and it followed him all the way up the coast. Trees were down, winds were pushing a jeep around like a tonka toy and they arrived at their destination and he called me and then the phone went dead. I was so friggen' scared and didn't hear back from him for about 8 hrs because the phones and powerlines were down. I certainly can relate to your worry but everything is going to be just fine. Tell them to go crash at Mynx's house!!! Love you.

  19. I love Australia and Australian people. I thik they should be OK though. I don't know much about their government, but I know that no government can be as incompetent as what we had here with Katrina. I'm sure that the people down under will be allright. Australians are tough.

  20. I will keep all Aussie's affected and their families in my thoughts and prayers for you! So much weather traumas lately. Scary for my daughter's future!


  21. I know the waiting to hear is the worst part. I've lived through hurricanes here, and it's not fun. From what I can tell of the image you gave us though, it looks like those you care about aren't on the "whip" side of the thing which is a good thing! Anyway, I'll keep your family in my thoughts. I'm a new follower so does that at least get a smirk from ya.. even for a second? :)


  22. Thoughts and positive vibes sent to all of you....hugs


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