Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My mother the killer.

So last night my mom and I are catching up on our “Grey’s Anatomy” reruns from Lifetime. I’m a Grey’s junkie and I got my mom hooked on it a month or so ago and now it’s kind of our thing to watch together.

I heart YOU, George O’ Malley.

Anyway, last night the episode was about O’ Malley’s dad going in for surgery to remove his cancer, and his dad says “I ran over the dog you had as a kid”. George says “stop talking as if you’re gonna die”, and they have a moment. My mom presses pause and looks at me with sad eyes. I thought maybe the moment made her all ferklempt. Then she drops a bombshell.

“Hed, I ran over your cat Dinky when you were a kid”.

What? Who the hell was Dinky? I never had a cat named Dinky! Are you drunk mom? She says, “well, we had so many after we moved…it was the runt of the litter with Bud and them that we brought with us…”

My brain starts going through my cat family tree. My first cat (on my mom’s side) was St-Bone, named after that kid Boner from “Growing Pains” (first off my mom must be a little loopy to let me name a cat after BONER) when I was nine. St-Bone was a stray that wouldn’t leave our porch, and one day she got into the house, hid under my bed, and had four kittens. From that moment on she was pretty much our cat. I named the four cats. There was Bud, the all black cat; Mojo, the wacky cat that my brother liked; Mickey the mellow tiger; and D.D., the fluffy beautiful cat that-

Mom? Do you mean D.D.? “Maybe that was it. You thought it had ran away…”

Oh…my…God. My beloved D.D. My first D.D. I had loved that cat so much I ended up having three more D.Ds in my life that would all run away. They were cursed, or just stupid I guess. I remember when I thought it had ran away I was devastated. As a matter of fact, D.D. was the reason, the literal reason I started to pray to God. I was in Awana at the time, and I knew from church that good people who prayed to God sometimes had their prayers answered. When D.D. ran away I thought if I prayed hard enough he would come back. So much for that, he was freaking dead the whole time.

My mom goes on to tell the story. “Well, it was the day of the family reunion, and me and your sister were making all those egg rolls to bring? Anyway, we got in the car, and the cat must have been behind the tire. We quickly put him in the trash can and I turned to S and said, ‘you can NEVER tell Hed about this!’ She agreed and said ‘no way, she would flip out!’ Remember when Bud died? You were so upset! And I didn’t want you to think I did it on purpose or anything…”


Tell me why, twenty years later, I was shocked. Mom?!?! Why the hell would you tell me this??? “Because I didn’t want to take it to my deathbed or anything, and the dad telling George reminded me of it…” Thanks for clearing your conscience, mom. And my fifteen-year-old sister, she was an accomplice? Mom, did S even cry when she saw the cat had died? “No, I don’t think so”. Great, my mom is a cat murderer and my sister is a sociopath.

I tossed and turned all night. My mind kept going back to that poor kitty. I honestly would have rather my mom kept that secret in until she was dead and gone. Do you have any secrets that you can’t tell a family member? You can tell me, I won’t narc. Has this ever happened to you? I may be scarred for LIFE!

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  1. I do have a secret I can't tell my family. But I won't tell anyone else either except Bruce. My two cats disappeared and I just know my hubby got rid of them but he never admitted it. This was after we got 3 dogs so he did them a favor.

  2. awww that's messed up! Ignorance is bliss! I wouldn't have wanted to know that either! :(

  3. I know I'm not supposed to laugh, but ha! She didn't even remember its name. She sounds like one of the fun moms.

  4. I haven't had that experience but I know you must have really felt strange hearing that from her.

  5. Really? Amazing. I too wouldn't want to know that. At least it was an accident. I guess?

  6. Yes, I do have a secret I can't tell a family member! I'm going to blog about it soon (maybe next week).

    P.S. Mothers can be really strange sometimes.

  7. Sorry that she kept it from you but hey, at least it wasn't anything worse.

    I don't know if my parents have done anything like that but there are loads of stories that I am supposed to be told now that I'm an adult but I don't remember any of the reminder things that my parents told me to ask when I was older. Dangit!

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  8. LOl I am sorry for laughing but that was just very funny. She should have kept that one to herself forever though cos now you are really traumatised!

  9. ugh, me mum did the same thing to me, telling me some really inappropriate shit about her life when i was like 16. SO gross.

    and i don't get the deathbed reasoning either, cuz that's what my dad said about it at the time, too. but i just wanted to say, "what, mum didn't want to leave any lingering doubts in her wake that she's an asshole? WHY NOT?!"

  10. i've never watched Grey’s Anatomy though it does look good

  11. Wow! LOL. George does tend to bring out the emotional side in me, but admitting to killing someone's animal? not so much.

  12. I had a cat when I was a kid named Garfield (it was a female cat, don't judge I was like 3yrs old). Anyways she got preggers, and had the kittens on my bed in a laundry baseket. Afterwards my parents told me that the last kitten was too big and that Garfield died with it, and in turn so did the other kittens. 20 yrs later, parents told me that my dad (wasn't a cat fan back then) disposed of the the whole cat family as he didn't want to deal with kittens etc. I was torn apart by it for a long time. So I feel your pain.



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