Monday, February 7, 2011


The weekly poll is a TIE! You guys couldn’t choose between wanting to be vampires or unicorns, but depending on what kind of vampire we are talking about, I would rather be a unicorn!

Preach on, Count!

This week’s poll is pretty straightforward, as I was up the other night tossing and turning, thinking about what I would do if I had millions of dollars just lying around. I’d love to hear your comments on what frivolous crap you would buy if you had unlimited funds (yes, we all know we’d donate to charity and give to our families blah blah blah, but I want to hear about DECADENCE!).

Yesterday I woke up feeling terrible! My throat was swollen and my nose was stuffed up, and my butt, thighs and shoulders were aching from doing exercise for the first time in years. On Saturday my stepdad noticed the Wii, and gave me his signature look-the look that says, oh Lord, she spent money on stupid shit again. Back in the day I would get defensive and yell and scream IT’S MY MONEY!, but this time I decided to use reverse psychology.

“Yeah! J said I could get a gym membership, but we decided on the Wii instead because I can do it at home. It’s really fun, and I got it all used so it was half the price! Ooh! And it comes with Wii Sports! Let’s play! 'I’ll bring it out into the living room! We can BOWL!”

“Nah, maybe another time.”

“No, come on! It’s really fun! LET’S BOWL!!!”

I finally convinced him to let me move the Wii into the living room and play a game of bowling. By the third frame he tells my mom, “D, this is what I want for my birthday!” At the end of the game we’re pressuring my mom to join in, and after about six “no’s” she gives in…and plays eight games! They even played without me! I even made them their own Mii characters so they could keep track of their scores and stuff. And the Wii is still in the living room.

So yes, about yesterday. I felt crappy all day, and ended up with a migraine by day’s end. Probably a mixture of laziness and fried foods. I think Super Bowl Sunday kind of gives you an “out” when it comes to hard work, exercise, and eating sensibly (notice how I didn’t include “and all the days that end in ‘y’”, like I used to. It’s all about moderation, people!). I felt too blah anyway to whip up a good meal (kind of my Achilles heel), so I gave in to my mom’s feast of nachos, semi-homemade salsa, homemade artichoke dip, sweet and sour meatballs, and BBQ bratwurst as we watched the game. I was kind of a bottomless pit since when I’m not feeling good, willpower goes right out the window.

This was pretty much me yesterday.

Today I’m trying to get back on track. Half of a chicken breast Subway sandwich, some leftover artichoke dip (my bad, I know. But it was two spoonful's), and a protein smoothie as a mid-day snack. I did my homework today too…now tomorrow is job day. Ugh. I know…I KNOW I need to get a job, but my aggressiveness is completely lacking. I’m applying online and just expecting someone to stumble upon my resume and go, “this is it! This is our new employee!”. I’ve been a freaking manager for years. You get a job by making yourself known and being aggressive. I haven’t gotten a haircut in seven months. I have no interview clothes if someone called me tomorrow. I have to get on the ball. If I don’t, my husband won’t be able to afford to come out here this summer and that’s that.

How is everyone this week? Any news? New plans? Ideas? How do YOU get motivated when you’re slacking (with anything-dieting, exercising, doing something you should be doing)?

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  1. We have the same sickness - (see my post today) I ate junk food yesterday and skipped the workout this morning, so I feel sick AND guilty.... If I had lotto money, I would get a hair makeover (like you, havent spent money on my hair in YEARS) a personal trainer, and a personal shopper to go through my closet and buy clothes for my body type. I would get my teeth whitened too.
    I think I would hire a weekly house cleaner.
    Why did you get me started....
    Motivation?? Before I go to sleep I threaten myself in hopes that when I wake up I will do as I am told.... works with the kids.....

  2. good job on getting back on track...thats where i usually fail..i always say next monday ill start haha Im proud of you! <3 Korren

  3. I would buy myself a whole new wardrobe and my own car again. I would take a week long spa trip once a month!

    As for motivation....I'm out....don't really have much myself.


  4. i usually twist up a big fatty and smoke down..

    wait. what? no...

    i put a bunch of post-it's on my mirror on what i am working towards....

    oh and i give myself little rewards when i hit a goal.

    then i twist one up...

    not really...


  5. i love Wii bowling even if i can't get a strike but then who ami kidding i can't do that in real life either

  6. The neighbouring Miis in the other lanes freak me out because they have no legs. Or feet.

    How can you bowl without those?

    Congrats on using the Wii! It is super fun and is definitely a fun way to get back into being active. The baseball one will actually hurt your fecking abs so much.

    If I had a shit-ton of money - chocolate, a personal trainer, the best sex toys available, trips to the Polynesian islands, Italy, Africa again, designer clothes and nice purses (not the shitty, cheap-ass, bargain ones I ALWAYS end up buying).

    Post a picture of your Mii!!


    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?


  7. I am sick as fuck. Yet I am still eating leftover wings from yesterday. My diet starts after I get better.

  8. I chose Starbucks because it was best of the four, but if I my choice, I would buy a brothel.

  9. I've been trying to get motivated to exercise for ages, but just don't know how. :-(

    If I had unlimited funds, I would sell my house and buy a better one. I would also buy one car, maybe more. Oh, and an entirely new wardrobe, including underwear.

  10. Does anyone else realize that the Count from Sesame street is a pimp? Two, Two bitches ahhh ahh ahhhhhh!

  11. if i had a million bucks just laying around, i would buy the most beautiful, well-trained dreesgae horse available in north america, and I would go back to riding ever day :)

  12. The post is awesome hed - and then I read the comments and I laughing. heehee They're great too.

    As for lottery money I would get health insurance and all the meds we need. THAT is luxury to me - and then I would buy the biggest, baddest RV I could find, load up Pooldad, Wallene and the pups and tour the US, coming back this way to visit the older kids and to pick up Squirrel when semester is over - then off to Disneyland and a cruise.

    Then I would have a Tadpole convention - all my bloggy buddies [present company included hed!] together in one place. It would be great! We could take over a whole hotel. :)

  13. Oops I got so excited about the idea of a Tadpole convention that I forgot to tell you what I do for motivation.

    I look at the wants and needs of those around me - hubs and the kids, my beloved in laws - and that is enough to get me moving.

    Make sense or sound pathetic? I don't know how to explain it - but if it wasn't for them I would be a slug. giggle

  14. Remember the island in "Six Days Seven Nights" With Harrison Ford. Not when they were lost but drinking & having fun. that is where I would be right now if I had all the money necessary. Good luck with the rest of your week.

  15. Biggest motivation - music; pump up my fav tunes!

    Never ending supply of money - take off on a 6 month round the world trip, first class of course, then buy land, and build a house in Byron Bay :)

  16. With millions I’d buy Games. All the games. All the games in the whole world.

  17. I missed the poll last time! I would have voted Vampire. And I voted for diner cook this time. I would love to have someone cooking for me all the time.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  18. If I had a never ending supply of money, I would first of all make sure that my two daughters and their families were set up for life. Then I would buy an apartment overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice, buy a villa in Tuscany and a private jet, so that I could get to all these places without having to resort to delays in the airports!

  19. I'm a tech geek so the answer's easy. All the hi-tech gear I could get my hands on. I share your pain with just getting back into working out... Literally.

  20. Exercise is a really good way to motivate yourself. Remember Legally Blonde. "Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don't shoot their husbands."

    That and complimenting/congratulating yourself on little things. "Yay I woke up this morning, yay I at something healthy, yay I just did a push up!" (last one was me in middle school haha)

  21. Guys, I loved your answers to the money question-they were all so different!

    Thanks again for the words of encouragement regarding my fat ass :)


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