Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lies, lies lies, yeah!

Okay. No “woe-is-me” post today, I promise. You can keep reading now.

I think I’m cursed when I write stuff like “I will post about that tomorrow” because then unseen forces always make me not write about something the day I promised. Always. Because I am a day late on the “Four Truths and a Lie” answer blog! Oh, and I guess when some people did this, it was the other way around with “Four Lies and a Truth”, which confused a couple of my commenters. Sorry about that!

Here’s what you thought was the lie:

#1-1 person
#2-2 people
#3-1 person
#4-3 people
#5-6 people

Here’s a reminder of what the choices were:

1. On a trip home from Las Vegas, I flashed a group of guys the goods-then ran into them at the restaurant I was eating at an hour later.
True! My best friend and I were next to an SUV full of about seven really cute guys our age that kept yelling “show us your boobs!”. Finally we just did. No big deal, we laughed about it and said, “I can’t believe we did that!” as we eventually lost them on the freeway. Fast forward an hour later…we are just sitting down to eat at a burger joint when seven really cute guys walked in…they ended up sitting with us and we got two of their numbers (we never called them!).

2. I have a tattoo in a place that only my hubs is allowed to see.
FALSE! I have four tattoos on my back, two near my collarbone and one on my wrist!

3. I once won over $5,000 on a keno machine-on $10.
True! I worked at an Indian casino when I was 18, and every night I would put $20 in one of the eight keno machines that I liked. I always used the same numbers-they formed an “H” and also added the number 68 (my favorite number). At the $10 mark, the bells started going off and someone congratulated me. I screamed so loud that security came over! Someone tried to rain on my parade by telling me the reason the jackpot was so low ($5084.62 to be exact) was because the night before someone had won $14k on the machine. Hell, I didn’t care, I JUST WON FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

4. I twisted my knee so bad attempting to snowboard for the first time that I had to be carried in a toboggan.
True! When I was 18 I flew for the first time ever up to Mammoth where my friend was a lift operator for the winter. On day 2 she let me borrow a snowboard and some gear and tried to explain (in words not actions!) how to ride. The bunny and advanced bunny slope were full, so she took me on the black diamond trail (not really, but it sure felt that way). I should have known I was fail when I stepped off the lift and face planted in the snow. The operator had to drag my ass from underneath the ski lifts so I wouldn’t get whacked by one! I got about 100 feet down (and thought to myself I’m doing it! I’m doing it!) before I freaked when I got a little too much speed and tried to turn and slow myself down. While doing it, one knee tangled under the other and all I felt was PAIN. My friend called in the first aid guys and I got to be dragged (safely) down the hill.

On the same note, snow and Hed just don’t mix. My first time skiing when I was 8 I sprained my ankle, and when I tried snowboarding again in 2008 I was so frustrated I walked down the hill with the board in my hand and sat in the snow for the rest of the day, pissed off and teary eyed.

It was all fun and games at this point…stupid snow!!!

5. I had all my teeth pulled when I was three, and have had braces twice in my lifetime.
True! I had a calcium deficiency when I was a baby, and all my baby teeth rotted (gross). All of my school pictures have me smiling with various types of metal in my mouth. At 11 I got braces, and throughout junior high I was a curly haired, flat-chested brace face. I got them out the summer before high school (yay!).

At a check-up with my dentist in 2007 she told me, “you need braces!”. I thought she was joking. I went to the same orthodontist I went to when I was 11 and sure enough I needed braces. It’s hard to look like a manager when you have a mouth full of metal. I got them out two weeks before my wedding (yay!)

The week I got my braces. They do look pretty damn crooked now that I look at em.

This is the after. Yay!Heather no braces Nov 08

Hope everyone is doing well!

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  1. I figured the tattoo one was the lie. OMG HED YOU'RE SOOOO PRETTY!

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  2. okay, so i looked at the braces picture first, and then i read "at 11 i got braces" and i was, da fuck? you had them tattoos at 11? fucking right!

    and then i continued reading and realized that i am an idiot.

    glad you're back :)

  3. Great blog Hed and some really cute pictures of you. My friday is made better already. Thanks

  4. ThaT last photo of you is beautiful. Well worth wearing the braces for! Hope you have a good weekend.

  5. You are just beautiful. Braces and all. I had to wear them too. Makes you stronger!!

  6. You are adorable. Rock that smile girl. And you have the prettiest, big, brown eyes. Beautiful.

  7. This was the first time I've read your blog and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't wait to continue reading. I agree with Bouncin' Barb, you are beautiful.

  8. You guys are all dorks! Really sweet dorks, but dorks nonetheless :)

    Thanks <3

  9. Loved the smile in the braces picture.

  10. Awe you are so pretty!!!! I like the tats, too :)

  11. OMG! You are breathtakingly gorgeous! Your profile picture doesn't do you any justice! I knew you were pretty...BUT I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE THAT PRETTY!!

  12. I like the one with the red glasses. You look slightly guilty. Like maybe you just farted.

  13. I hope the guys at least paid for your dinners.

    visions unto myself

  14. Look at that smile!!!!! You are gorgeous!!

  15. Braces, I never had them but I always thought they were pretty "metal" \m/

  16. I've had friends get braces from their 20's to their 60's! Braces are for everyone now. Plus, they look WAY better than when I was a teenager (a wide metal band on every tooth). :-)

  17. With or without braces, you look stunning. Keep it for 2 years or less, then you'd have perfect managerial teeth in no time.

  18. Remember to get yourself retainers though. I had a friend who had perfect teeth, only to ruin it after 3 years of not wearing retainers.

  19. Have regular maintenance for your teeth. It should look fine in no time when the retainers are removed.

  20. You look so much better without your braces. The before and after pictures seems like 2 different person. Glad you got rid of our braces.

    dentist fishers indiana


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