Monday, February 28, 2011

I have legs!

This is the first time I have been on my laptop in two days. I officially have the flu. Mom, you suck. She has been sick since last Monday, and finally went to the doctor where she was diagnosed with a wicked sinus infection and flu and was given some antibiotics. I had been in bed since Wednesday (for emo reasons), and when I woke up Friday night I was miserable. Apparently my nose is bipolar…it won’t decide whether it wants to be a vacuum of evil stuffiness or run like hell (TMI). I have been creating makeshift tissue nose plugs so I can actually sleep at night (double TMI).

My mom just came in with a homemade smoothie just now. She no longer sucks.

Other than the obvious wanting to feel better because being sick is AWFUL, guess who got an e-mail yesterday about setting up a job interview? Just last week I was bitching that out of 1200 job postings on Monster and Craigslist, I applied for three. How surprised was I that one of the three actually contacted me? And just my luck, on my sickest day yet they wanted me to come in for an interview (it’s a bakery, just in case you were wondering). I extremely politely stated my case to them in a reply e-mail that I was very sick and couldn’t come in because I didn’t want to infect anyone, and if it was at all possible could I come in around the middle of the week because I was very interested in the position (come on, 3 out of 1200!)? I held my breath and got this e-mail a few hours later: “Not a problem! We are both just barely getting over it and it been 6 days already. Email me when you are feeling better.” OH THANK GOD. Seriously!

This week’s poll had your fear of snakes just barely beating out your fear of spiders with one vote. This week’s poll may sound harsh, but I am SO TIRED of these two! I mean one is barely an adult and has a parent who lets her accept absolutely no responsibility for her behavior, and the other is a full-grown man who is just a total douchebag (even more so since he hit the talk-show circuit this weekend), who thinks everyone else is in the wrong EXCEPT him. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these two, people.

I haven’t talked to you guys about my first appointment with my new psychologist from Wednesday yet. Her name is Nadia, and although I called her Dr. Nadia through the entire appointment she politely corrected me that she was a medical intern and not really a doctor. She reminded me so much of the sister from “Sixteen Candles” with the way that she talked and her mannerisms.

“Darling, is something bothering you?”

She listened to me mostly explain my problems (which in itself could have taken up the entire hour), and then she told me how she approached therapy and counseling-she believes in a mind/body connection, and that even if you are having the worst day, you need to always have a positive outlook. “So Hed, when you wake up, and are having a particularly awful day, think of something that you are grateful for-like, ‘I have legs!’” I started to laugh, and then I felt bad that I was laughing and told her she was right. I mean I have the flu, not spinal meningitis or anything. And electricity to power my laptop to write to you wonderful people. And fruit for a delicious smoothie.

I think the only problem I have with this way of thinking is that when my depression gets really bad, all rational thought goes right out the window. And I also know that one session isn’t going to do much, that sometimes it takes years to change your cognitive thoughts. I’m glad I liked her, and I’m doubly glad that I feel I can be honest with her without feeling stupid. At the end of our session I asked, “so you’ll take me on as a patient?” She gave me this warm smile and said, “firstly I don’t think of you as a ‘patient’. You are a ‘client’, and more than that, a ‘person’. And I would be honored to see you again”. Awww.


I’m alllllllll yours!

One last thing: last week I gave a shout-out to my new (and old) readers for hitting 75 readers over the previous weekend. I am now at 81! Holy cow! It occurred to me I have had this blog for three months as of the 19th of February, so 81 readers is a BIG DEAL to me. Thanks to each and every one of you for reading, and I hope I have many more things to write about as time goes by. Much love! <3

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  1. I feel the same way about my depression.

    And congrats on getting to 81.

  2. Yay for the possible job! I hope everything goes well! Im sorry you are sick! Feel better soon. Also, I voted for Lindsay. I don't really have a reason other than I don't think anyone looks to Charlie as a role model, but sadly I think some do look at Lindsay as one.

  3. First of all, I do hope that you will be feeling better very soon. Secondly, fingers crossed about the job. Would be good if you could get it, but that's something that you have got this far out of all those applicants. Hey, be grateful, you've got legs!!! LOL!

  4. Glad I am not the only one who believes in the power of positive thinking even when I feel like doody. She sounds pretty cool therapist.

    So happy you have a job interview - a bakery is an awesome place to work. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    And I don't know which one is going first but they both need intense therapy and to stay off the drugs. It's amazing that they are both still here, but Charlie seems a bit more hard core.

  5. Always stay positive mama! You need to realize that YOU GOT THIS! Anything that comes at you, you got that shit in the bag honey! ;) Get well super soon boo!!

  6. Hi Leggy...hope you're feeling better and get the bakery job...cause I want day old goodies :-) I's all about me :-) Is Dr. Nadia hot...err, I mean nice ?

  7. Wow, you have been busy! Your new therapist sounds really good, and I like the way she thinks.

    Since it's hard to come up with positive things when you're in "that" frame of mind, maybe write down things to be thankful about when you're in a good frame of mind?

    Yay for the interview! I got one, too, but not for anything permanent or anything fun (like a bakery). :-)

    Charlie Sheen should be #1 on the Dead Pool followed by Lindsay Lohan. Until they take responsibility for their actions, they're on a downward spiral. Then again, if Robert Downey, Jr. can recover, anyone can!

  8. aw honey hope you feel better and how cool that trent won an oscar

  9. charlie sheen has completely lost his shit.

    trent reznor is soooooooooooo yummy.

    and you are fabulous, darling ;)

  10. So many of my blog friends are sick and it seems to be hanging on to them longer that usual. Hope you are feeling like new quickly so you can make that interview. I have a good feeling about that one girl. Take care and write when you can.

  11. I'm so happy you have legs! Having legs is so not overrated if you know what I mean! And every time you hear the ZZ Top song you can allow yourself the glory of believing they are singing just for YOU!

    p.s. in case you're wondering what song I'm talking about, it's the one that goes like this "She's got legs, and she knows what to do with them!" Soooooo, you can add THAT to your list of positives!
    p.s.#2 you're so very welcome!

    ツ my cyber house rules dot com

  12. good job! the first step is having legs...the second is usuing them!

    you will get that job!

    and like nadia hot? i mean it is a hot name...

    does she have a sexy accent?

    oh and feel better soon!

  13. Congratulations on 81! I hope you get the job and get better. I'm glad you like your new therapist. Keep writing I love your blog!

  14. congrats on the interview coming! sounds like it may be an awesome place to work if they're understanding of the bug before you even interview.

    3 months and 81 readers is quite the accomplishment. i'm still working on trying to get to 50! hehehe! 42, 43, 42, 43, 42, 42, 43, 42...

  15. I'm 82! Woo!

    I have a compulsive fear of spidersnakes. Glad I missed the vote, I would have just fucked things up...

  16. OT-Thanks! And I'm glad someone has an idea of how my brain works.

    JM-OMG I seriously hope no one thinks of Lindsay as a role model anymore!!!

    Thisisme-I hope I get the job too! Thanks :)

    Skippy-positive thinking is a new one for me, but I have to FINALLY get out of my cycle of thought. I have to try something new. Thanks!

    Falen-Thanks boo boo <3

    Chief-Haha, you guys. Dr. Nadia is probably in her late twenties-early thirties, and yes, is blonde :P She's smart-sexy!

    Soapbox-I keep thinking about Robert Downey Jr. too! But Charlie Sheen has gone WAYYYYYYYY beyond that now, don't you think?

    Becca-I know! Trent won an Oscar! It still sounds weird!

    Kage-love yoooooo :) We can share bites of Trent, yeah?

    Odie-Thanks! I am feeling about 60% better as of today (Wednesday).

    Nikki-Now I have had that damn song stuck in my head! :)

    Bruce-See above for my description of Dr. Nadia hee hee...she sounds American, so no hot Russian accent or anything :)

    Jax-Hi and welcome!

    Teresa-I had the 40's lull too, but then it just seemed to EXPLODE. Hang in there!

    LostinIdaho-Welcome! I have a severe phobia of cockroaches, so mine was the bug vote. I feel ya :)

  17. I'm glad you like your counselor person thing haha. Yeah think of positive things. When I hit my emotional lows on my cycles (which get really low and I did slip a little in pulling, but only two hairs so not SO bad) I have to think positive, but if I can't do it alone Cammy helps me think of positive things!

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  18. Hi Sweetie...I've been gone a few days and sorry to hear you have the flu. Hope by now it's better. Fingers crossed on the bakery job! Fingers crossed on Nadia too. You have to keep trying everything new until you find the right one thing that works for you. Lots of hugs your way. EC Mom


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