Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog love <3

You all guessed right on Tuesday’s singer challenge-it was Amy Winehouse! The person to guess right first was Barb from This and That (As I Bounce Thru Life), so she gets a big ole shout-out from me!

By the way, the shout-out was supposed to be a line and a link, but…not for Barb. Heck no! Do you know Barb? You don’t? Well, you SHOULD! She is our bloggy godmother, didn’t you know?

She’ll give you an offer you can’t refuse.

When I first started out, I didn’t follow any blogs. One day I was going through “Blogs of Note” (what a joke-the exceptions being few and far between), and one of the bloggers in one of the comments was doing a “30 Days of Truth” challenge, so I signed up. I figured it would be a nice way to do some critical thinking. Some of the other bloggers that signed up for it were Canadian Blogger Girl, Fully Fashioned, and Barb. I followed them because it was interesting to see how others were answering the same questions (PS you can read mine at my old blog Hed Down Under-my life as an Australian-check the September 2010 archive).

I loved Barb from the first blog I read of hers. She was funny, insightful, and could tell the shit out of a story. I would comment on her blog, and she would comment on mine-except her comments were different from the scarce ones I was receiving. She always had words of wisdom or encouragement for me, and I loved that. It made me feel like she actually read every word of my posts.

We mutually realized that we carried family similarities-my struggle with bipolar gave her some information on mental illness and how it may be affecting her estranged son. I read her wild and crazy stories and they mirrored my mom when she was young. Eventually she deemed herself my “East Coast mom” and I couldn’t be happier.

So, my line and link of a shout-out turned into an entire blog post. But Barb is seriously worth it. Maybe take the time one day to pay it forward? Make a post about a blogger that really affected you!

PS-CBG and FF are still two of my favorite bloggers as well, and if you go check out them you won’t be disappointed!

PPS-Here’s my custom t-shirt that I picked from being the winner of the Studio Thirty Plus 500 members giveaway! You jealous? :)

Oh crap and PPPS-I FINALLY got a haircut-after seven freaking months!

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  1. i love your haircut!!!

    you look gorgeous darlink :)

  2. Barb is awesome and so are you my lovely girl. Hang in there, I know things are pretty awful but there are lots of people who love you.
    Your hair looks gorgeous too.
    Big hugs

  3. Hed...All I did was answer "Amy Winehouse". OMG, I wasn't expecting this. Can I just tell you how stunned I am right now? Wow. Wow.Wow. It is true though. I feel like your East Coast Mom and I worry about you, care about you and just love you like a daughter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I love the picture. You are beautiful.

  4. Love this! Barb is wonderful! And I love your haircut. And that shirt. I am jealous.

  5. Some of the blogs of note are crap. I looked through there one day and saw 5 blogs which posted pictures other people took and the blogger posted. So you got Bon'd because you post other peoples pictures? Yea it is a tad crazy.

  6. Awwww! I love love love the hair! And so happy about your winning that awesome shirt! (sorry I haven't been around to comment much - stupid job)


  7. Thanks everyone!

    Barb, you totally deserve a post of loooooove! :)

    Drake-that's freaking awesome that you think that!

    OT-right?? I mean some of them only post once in a blue moon, too. What about the bloggers that really try and post meaningful shit 3-4x a week?

  8. Pretty haircut. And Barb does deserve some love that awesome woman.

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps


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