Tuesday, January 25, 2011

YouTube Tuesday.

OMG. This clip is totally rad. To the max!

I thought about it at random two weeks ago and found the clip on YouTube and have been literally singing it all week. If you’ve seen the movie “Teen Witch” from the 80’s before, you already know what a campy awesome gem of a movie this is. If not, this clip is just hilarious to watch the spaz white guy rap (and what’s up with his capri jeans look???) A comment from this clip said “this is the most eighties thing I have ever seen in my life”. Agreed.

Fun fact: Robin Lively (the star of this movie) is the big sister of Blake Lively (Serena on Gossip Girl!).

Top that!

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  1. lmfao I seen this movie like a million times...I would NEVER admit it to my friends...they already clown me for watching Boondocks...I can't take anymore clowning lol

  2. I remember this. Wow! Can you believe those jeans actually made a comeback?

  3. I'm watching the 70's Music Channel and I could list a few but you would probably say "who"? haha

  4. Top that, so effing funny. thanks for posting, gave me a good laugh although also an unwanted hair flashback.

  5. In our part of the world of the USA we never ever wore those capri type pants [guys didn't either - they would have been laughed out of high school/college] during the 80's and I spent most my teen years in the eighties [ouch]. Those pants are ridiculous. giggle.

    Like, to the max, rad and valley speak were the rage tho'. Rap didn't even exist.

    Was I sheltered or what. Wow.

  6. bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Those jeans - that hair - just too funny! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Is it just me, or does that guy sound like Gerardo???

  9. Falen-Tell the world! Let your freak flag fly! LOL

    Vinny-Any self-respecting dude who wears these...just no!

    Barb-I'm pretty up to date with my music trivia. Bring it on!

    Mt. Momma-Love this movie! Love laughing at the fads!

    Skippy-Neon, shoulder pads, aqua net, break dancing...um, those were the days? :)

    Kage-Like totally!

    Becca-I have to buy the DVD.

    Rest. Mgr.-You're welcome!

    Thisisme-Did England have the same whack fashion as America did in the 80's?

    TotalB-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Gerardo!!!

  10. I'm kinda thinkin' maybe a Gerardo video is in order? Hint Hint. Wink Wink.


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