Tuesday, January 18, 2011

YouTube Tuesday.

I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that I have a new and improved blog button if you want to go snatch that up.

So I love Saturday Night Live-my favorite years are around 1990-1994, when all the greats were on there: Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, Chris Rock, Dana Carvey…those were my guys. I also love Will Ferrell and Andy Samberg, and all the original SNL greats that made it be the monument to American comedy: Dan Ackroyd, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner,  Eddie Murphy and John Belushi. Who’s your favorite SNL alumni?

I don’t stay up anymore and watch it, mostly because it’s kind of crappy now. But every once in a while I’ll see a sketch that cracks me up, like this one (PS the blonde is Megan Fox). Enjoy.


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  1. I'm not sure who to choose for my favorite SNL alum, but it would probably be Mike Myers. Haven't watched the show for years, though. Can't stay awake that long. Oh, Betty White's guest stint (you can find it on YouTube) was really funny!

  2. hahahaha! that was horrible!

    i'll take two copies.

  3. Bill Murray was always the one that stood out to me. They were all good though. And Jane Curtin and Gilda were my favorite females.

  4. I am totally groovin' on the black knee high socks!

  5. I wondered why your Button has disappeared from the sidebar of my Blog!! There was a notice saying that it had been withdrawn. I will put your new one on right away. (I love the new Button by the way - it's really cool!).

  6. Bruce, Kage, and Becca-Glad you liked it :)

    Soapbox-LOVE Mike Myers! He can do no wrong in my eyes!

    Barb-I always forget Bill Murray was on there, because even though he was a part of that same crowd I don't remember a lot of sketches he did that stood out!

    SF-Black knee high socks are a turn-on, eh? :P

    Drake-it is!

    JM-The Chippendale skit with Patrick Swayze is golden.

    Thisisme-Doh! I'm sorry! I was hoping that WOULDN'T happen! I'm glad you like it-I felt it was a little more my style :)

  7. lmfao I pissed a little bit when I saw THE SKY DIVER! Omg I think I'm gonna do that on my man! lol

  8. Falen-Welcome!

    My favorite has to be the rollercoaster:


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