Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We interrupt the scheduled blog today for something I’ve been promising for a damn month…

Magnetic Island! YAYYYYY!
I FINALLY got around to sprucing up my pictures from the trip and was going to post this on January 1 as sort of a last nod to the shitty year that was 2010. Our two year anniversary trip to Magnetic Island was one of the few exceptions of great memories I have from last year. Looking at the pictures made me happy and sad…happy because we had such a great time, and sad because, well, J and I are apart. Let me tell you about our trip now so I don’t start to cry.
(FYI-if you want to just get to the damn pictures, scroll to the bottom for a nifty slideshow)
To get to Maggie you have to take a ferry from Townsville. The boat we got on had a top deck where you can sit, so I grabbed a seat where I could take the best pictures. J has terrible, AWFUL motion sickness so he vouched to stay inside the boat while it was moving. I was bummed that we wouldn’t be looking at the view together, but I turned on my IPod and snapped away. About halfway through our trip I see someone holding the rails to get to the front of the boat-J! He came up! I was so proud of him (this is someone who couldn’t get on Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland, folks)!

*Side story on why he has a Flock of Seagulls ‘do: Before we left the house I told him I would shave his shaggy hair off. Halfway through, the clippers run out of power because someone (okay me) forgot to charge them. So I was able to shave the sides and  had to cut the tops and sides with scissors-so he ended up with a mohawk of sorts…

The first thing we did was check into our room since it was within walking distance to the ferry terminal. I was so excited because this was where I had always wanted to stay, and we made an exception and spend $240 (!!!) on a room with an ocean view (it was a special occasion!). To say I was disappointed was an understatement. Every picture I saw before we got there was of your bedroom overlooking the ocean, and I thought it would be amazing to just sleep with the doors open and hear the waves all night.

One of the pictures from the website…mantra_one_bright_point_hotel_magnetic_island_33537302[2]

Um, no. We open the door and the first thing we see is a bed. The room is backwards! The kitchen is overlooking the…harbor? HARBOR? Where was our ocean view??? I was so upset, and pleaded with J to go back to the office and ask for a room with a bed overlooking the damn ocean! (I’m not a shit stirrer by the way…I usually smile really big and say please a lot) J knows me well, and knows that since I was a child I have always had the tendency to have amazingly high expectations-and if those expectations aren’t met I am devastated. This was one of those times. He stepped into his happy sunshiney mode and said it didn’t matter, that we were going to have an AMAZING day and as long as we were together we could be sleeping on the beach for all he cared. I love this man.

We grabbed a bus schedule (it was scheduled to rain so we decided against renting scooters and/or mokes) and set out for Horseshoe Bay, which is at the backside of the island, and my favorite spot to just sit and chill. I grabbed a spot on the bus that had an open window, wrapped the camera cord around my hand, and just snapped away. I figured some of them would turn out well! Magnetic Island is just gorgeous. The whole time I wished I was in shape because there are so many nature walks, bike trails, and photo ops that you can’t get to by bus.
We got to our destination, and it was DEAD. The combination of it being a Sunday and ugly weather made it feel like the island was all ours. I bought some souvenirs and the obligatory shot glass (I collect them), and I also bought a pair of thongs (flip-flops for us Americans).  I never wear thongs. I like flats. But walking around the beach with shoes sucked. So I bought a pair that fit me which turned out to be Havaianas (go read about them at Recycled Fashion). Best thongs I ever bought (they BETTER be at $30!). Plus they had an Australian flag on them, so I was sold hee hee…

After that we made friends with the bartender next door. J and I rarely drink, but what the hey right? We’re on vacation! I asked the guy to make up a shot with Midori in it, and he made us two B-52’s, which, if I remember correctly had Midori, Bailey’s and Kahlua…it was yum. After that we ordered two “tropical” drinks, then just sat and enjoyed the ocean.

We had made reservations to a restaurant that was raved about online, so after about an hour we took the bus to the other side of the island. We ended up getting there a half hour early, but the owners of the place were pretty awesome and let us be seated early. Okay-Man Friday is fantastic if you ever go to Magnetic Island. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere. We walked on this side road and ended up at what could have very well been a house instead of a restaurant. It was quirky and homey, with strung up lights everywhere and wine carafes with candles stuck in them. J chose a meat burrito and I went with a Tasmanian eye fillet with garlic shrimp on top on a bad of mashed potatoes. J died. He died over the burrito. I can also tell you that my fillet (baseball cut filet mignon) was heaven. It was simple and not too seasoned and bright pink and …I died too.

Sorry the pic is so dark…it was a stealthy pic!

As weird as this sounds, my favorite part of our trip was leaving the restaurant and heading to the bus stop. There was no one around, and other than a street light, it was pitch black and whisper quiet. It could have been a zombie apocalypse it was so quiet. I stood in the middle of the road and it started to rain. I felt peaceful, and happy. We took a seat under the bus stop (it was covered), and I leaned my head on J’s shoulder and just took it all in. I’m in my favorite place with my husband , and I couldn’t be happier.

Fast forward to the next morning (hee hee, no details of that night!). We check out and head to the only bakery on the island. I order an apple turnover and a sausage roll for J and I to share, and J orders…a Kangaroo meat pie. Seriously.

You will never have anything as decadent as real bakery food.
I give you all permission to squirm-the kangaroo imprint is pretty cool though!


It’s hard to explain what a sausage roll or a meat pie is if you’ve never had them, by the way. A sausage roll is ground sausage and spices baked into a pastry crust, and a meat pie is like a pot pie, except usually without all the veggies and with a thick brown gravy (did I describe them correctly Mynx? Hee hee). Australians love their rich foods, and the food here didn’t disappoint. After we ate we walked to the ferry terminal to wait for the boat to take us back home. This time I was the one who didn’t feel good so I stayed inside the boat. J, being the sweetheart that he is, stayed with me the whole time.

I made this really cool slideshow from Smilebox with all the pictures to fill in my Maggie Island story. I hope you’ll take the time to check them out!

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  1. Great pictures but where are you and J's pics? That's what I wanted to see too. Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Wonderful trip & beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. You sure did hun. You dont have pies and sausage rolls over there? What do your tradies eat with thier ice cofee? Or at the footy with a beer?

    The photos are gorgeous, havent been that far up north but I hope to one day.


  4. great pics, and i agree with BB and OFT...where are you and J?

    dammit now im hungry!

    looks like a great place. play that when ever you feel down. i am sure it will lift you up!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book

  5. I love your photos, it looks like you had an amazing time, thanks for the reference back to my Havaianas blog post... I hadnt realised how expensive new Havaianas were!
    Those cocktails look amazing :)

  6. Great pics, sounds like despite the room not being to your liking, you had a fab time :)

  7. When you got to the empty street I thought you were going to grab your umbrellas and do a ‘Singing in the Rain’ duet.

  8. J you are so awesome, <3 you my brother, stay diligent!

  9. looks like an amazing place, and the food as well! I can imagine how disappointed you were with the room though. Like the others, I would really have liked to see some photos of you and J!! I enjoyed reading this post though.

  10. Hello there, the food looks great :)

    I'm one of your newest followers!!
    I hope you'll follow back.


  11. Wow this sounds like a wonderful trip! I'm glad you enjoyed it Hed!


  12. Barb (and everyone else)-we only got a couple of pictures in of the two of us, and I *try*!! to stay anonymous! But honestly it's because I think I look like crap in all of them I suck.

    Mynx-I read your comment to the hubs and he laughed because it was such an Aussie comment. We don't have "tradies"! I mean we do, but they're not called as such. We have many places to grab food, but in the case of rolls and pies it would probably be hamburgers and hot dogs-our roadhouses are chock full of em'.

    Erica-$30! I went back to your post and realize I really need to start buying more things secondhand...I bought a secondhand book today, yay!

    Drake-We didn't have an umbrella, LOL

    Anonymous-I <3 your brother too :)

    Thisisme-All in all it wasn't a HUGE deal like I thought it was going to be, mainly because it was SO HUMID outside there was no way we would have left the doors open. That and the harbor=no waves!

    Painsux-Hi and welcome!

    Everyone else-Thanks for commenting and well wishes. It was an amazing time, and I'll have to learn how to cook a mean filet. For real!

  13. Horseshoe Bay is completely over-rated and way too touristy and expensive. It's also the dirtiest. My favourite is Picnic Bay... though Alma and Arcadia aren't too bad either.


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