Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random ramblings at 4am.

So ur poll votes are in, and there really close. 44% said that they were 2 gud 4 text spelling, and 40% said that misspellings drive them crazy. Thx 4 you’re votes! Glad to hear that only 1 person goes postal with the smileys, because I’m always doing that :). And 3 of you hate the LOL’s. WTF?

This weekend was a giant lump of repetition and lost thoughts. I seriously could not get my brain to shut off. Friday afternoon I posted that everyone had gone away for the weekend, so I was left to my own devices. Grabbed some groceries and chicken and vegged out. All weekend.

I’m 30, and have been living on my own for years and years now. So tell me why I’m SO PARANOID at being left alone? It’s so chicken of me. I blame sleeping next to my husband for the past two years for this bout of scaredy-cat. I have to shut all the doors in the house, and leave the hall light and living room light on all night. Even though I made a man-cave in the office-the lights in the house still had to be on. I couldn’t sleep all weekend. When I would lay down my brain whizzed with ideas and blogs and thoughts and I told myself I have to keep a journal by my bed so I don’t forget all these ideas! Is there a journal by my bed today? No. Do I remember like 95% of those blog ideas? No.

Also I’m now obsessed with solitaire. I have it on my phone, and I HAVE to play it as I’m laying in bed so hopefully concentrating on that will slow my brain down. The OCD part of it is I have to win a game or I won’t stop playing, even if it takes an hour. Plus the paranoid part of me lays down and hears NOISES. Not “I’m crazy” noises, but little noises here and there. I rationalize that it’s the house creaking or mice on the roof, but I’m telling you I have hearing like a bat so I instantly jolt out of bed and turn the light on. Once in my teens I kept hearing the smallest rapping in my room and I woke my parents up like three times to make them investigate, to which they found nothing. I sat in my bed and stared at a box in the corner for about an hour when finally I saw a cockroach pop his head out. My husband says my hearing is freaky.

I also went to bed at about 5am every day this weekend. The first reason is because I can’t shut off my brain and the second is when I see daylight it’s safe! No one breaks into a house at 5am! They do it the evil hour of 3am (hide yo kids, hide yo wife). So I would lay there until I saw light outside my window and only then would my body give my brain the damn thumbs up to conk out.

My weekend was pretty mundane. I caught up on Grey’s Anatomy reruns that were on the DVR (hence the new poll question this week), and got my rogue to 60 (again, don’t ask). Hubs was on webcam all weekend which helped with the paranoia a lot, but he works at night, which had him starting at 1am my time. Great. So at the time I needed someone the most I was alone.

The funniest thing that happened is I was watching TV after my hubs left for work Friday night and then went into the office and shut all the doors. Around 2am I walked around the house because I heard noises (I was so expecting a horror movie ending). I sat back down and…the house phone rang. At 2am. 2am house calls are always BAD, am I right (“Have you checked the children?”)? I cautiously answer the phone and it’s my…mum? She tells me hubs is worried because he has been trying my mobile and I haven’t answered it, so he called his mum to call my house phone. I laughed (turns out I left my cell on the couch). My poor boo. I’ve passed the paranoia torch to him.

My cheat food this week was Portillo’s on Saturday night. God, I love Italian beef (that sounds sexual). I also indulged in a strawberry shortcake that is made with mascarpone cheese, which I have never tried before. So good! It tastes like a mix of whipped cream and cream cheese. Just what I need to discover, a new tasty cheese…on the bright side I weighted myself this morning and I’ve lost 1.3 lbs (if you even mutter “water weight” I’ll hunt you down and cut you).

Yesterday morning (Monday) I woke up at 10am and felt miserable. I couldn’t even get off the couch. Finally at noon I laid back down and hit the pillow like a damn rock. I slept four hours straight. I think it was my body/brain catching up with the weekend sleep disruption, but it brought with it a cough and a stuffy head. So I was out again by 11pm-but awake at 3am. Which brings me to you right now. at 4:30am.

That’s all I got, people! I may *try* and go back to bed. Or play solitaire.

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  1. great post love the randomness of it

  2. You have the hearing of Daredevil. Unless of course the cockroach was the size of a small dog.

  3. I just downloaded solitare for my iPad and I'm completely hooked. Who would have guessed solitare would become an addiction for me? Anyways, I absolutely ADORE Grey's Anatomy and picked George. Not because he's all sexy or anything but I'm always a sucker for the underdog. But Marc Sloane is a close second!

  4. We have an ice maker that makes the god awfulest noises and sometimes it will make you jump. I don't like being alone either that's why we are so glad to have Rocky with us.

  5. Sounds like you need some serious R & R. The brain needs relaxing too sometimes. The good thing is you can always find someone who's on blogworld no matter what time you are awake. Hugs.

  6. Do hope you manage to finally get a good night's sleep. I know just what you mean about blogging though. I wake up and find myself thinking of everyone's blogs. I try to turn my laptop off now at least an hour before I go to bed, because I think that this is what keeps our brain buzzing when we really want to sleep!

  7. LOL @ Drake! he is right!

    sorry you have trouble sleeping... i have a bunch of tricks i use but the best is booze...prolly not what you need to hear, but three drinks and i am etither ready to bar hop, (bad idea) or crash into my pillow!

    as usual i am reallly no help, but i love solitaire as well...

  8. I couldn't help but giggle at the Italian beef. It does sound sexual, but who cares. I'm sorry that you can't sleep, I hate it when that happens.


  9. Becca-thanks. I half remember writing it this morning!

    Drake-So it's not normal ha ha?

    JM and OT-Solitaire is crack! IT'S CRACK! Oh and JM? You took the words right out of my mouth! O'Malley is my favorite, but if I had to choose someone to make sexy time with it would be Sloane hands down. Yum.

    Odie-Yes! We have an ice maker too and it vibrates the fridge. Freaked me out!

    Barb and Thisisme-That's what the solitaire is for, to zone out and slow my brain down, you know? Only it seems to make it go faster!

    Bruce-omg, booze makes me SO SLEEPY! Maybe I should take a shot before bed, eh?

    Morgan-and that's what the sandwich is called LOL! My husband's always like, "I got some Australian beef for ya". Gross lol :)

  10. haha! i like "italian beef" too ;)

    i have that video up for you on my blog. i really hope you haven't seen it yet, it's SO maynard...

  11. haha I hope you can sleep better this night, don't worry I'm with you on the paranoia about being alone at night, even though I'm single when my son goes away to spend the night at his cousins I have to keep the lights on and music on so that I can "sleep" than I read a boring book and that makes me sleepy, but there was a time when I thought I hear noises on the attic and that made me scared so that I could not close my eyes at all. Now it's the cat, the darn cutie comes at night and starts purrring his little heart out, makes me want to choke him cause I need my sleep!

  12. Kage-You dirty girl! :P

    Shey-I know! Aren't we supposed to be adults by now LOL?


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