Wednesday, January 12, 2011

“A new direction” or “I love you, Jumble Mash”.

Hi all! I wanted to quickly share with you something I thought was cute…I got my mom hooked on Grey’s reruns two weeks ago (season 6), and she literally knows nothing about the show, so I’m trying to fill her in piece by piece. One day she points out Sloane and asks “who is he again?” and I tell her his backstory. Then she goes “damn…it hurts to look at him. Damn!”, which is why the poll is what it is this week. Yesterday my husband says “hey, I voted on your poll, even though it stated ‘ladies’”. I ask who he voted for and he says “you know, the one that’s always angry…he used to be a Calvin Klein model” HAHAHAHAHA that’s why there’s one vote for Alex Karev!

Okay, okay…now the real post.

I have always tried to go back to school. Twice I have taken classes for business administration, and in 2009 I went back in, ready to start my general classes for Biology, only to get derailed by depression. Oh, and I’ve gone to beauty school. Twice. Thank Jeebus I have been able to work in management for so long, because I really don’t think at 30 I want to be saying “do you want fries with that?”, yet I just don’t feel right now I have it in me to manage anyone, let alone myself.

My dream job would be a physician’s assistant-but sadly, I know my limits. I don’t have the stability, intelligence or drive to take years and years of schooling-and the money is also a huge factor. When I was in Australia I talked to my husband about going back into beauty school so I could get my esthetician’s license and at least have a trade. Since I wasn’t a resident or a citizen it would cost me almost $10,000. I was bummed out. What was I going to do?

When I came home I was looking into becoming a pharmacy technician. When I had  logged into, the first three job listings in my area were for that, and I thought you know, retail and restaurants are in the drain right now…but everyone needs drugs! I started doing some research, and came across an online course that was based out of the local junior college. It cost $1895. We don’t have that much in savings, and what we do have we want to save for our life i.e emergencies, or a down payment for a car, etc. My husband and parents said “focus on getting a job, then later on down the road we can look into school”. I was bummed out. What was I going do do?

Out of sheer coincidence, the other day Jumble Mash, in one of her posts, mentioned she had gotten her pharmacy license at the same time she accepted the job she has now. I commented “HEY! Out of all the things I have been doing lately, looking into becoming a pharm tech is super high on my list, believe it or not. I'd love your sage advice on if it was worth it in regards to paying for cert school and what not. My husband says there's no way we can spend $1800 right now for something I may or may not like.”

JM took the time to write me a thoughtful e-mail about her experience with it and what she did to get started with it. She even gave me a link to the school she went to and I was floored at the cost. It was a third less than what the first school wanted! I got excited. And hopeful. This school offered payments and was accredited and offered everything I needed. So I called them for information. The first thing she tells me is, “I’m sorry, we don’t offer the course in California”. I WAS BUMMED OUT, to say the least.

During this time I was chatting to a friend on MSN, and she started Googling left and right while I was whining “why can’t I just catch a break?” I joined her and found a school, based in California. It didn’t specify the tuition so I held my breath and called the school. The admissions director I talked to was very nice and told me all about the program-including the cost.


So I got all the information and told him I would call him the next day (today), after I talked it over with the hubs. I was excited but cautious to talk to J about it, because I know that our funds are limited. I told him about the new school and the info, including the price of tuition. The first thing he says is “oh, we can totally afford that. Go for it, baby!”


After doing a butt-load of research on the school, the course, and the certificate, I called the admissions guy and enrolled today. I am officially a student. Go me!

Oh, and Jumble?

Thanks. I wouldn’t have been at this point without you. I would have given up and thought that there was just no way. You took a few minutes out of your life to e-mail me, a stranger, to pass upon me some knowledge, and for that I am eternally grateful.

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  1. I'm kind of at a career crossroads myself. Your post has inspired me to do some research. :-)

  2. awesome! i was a pharmacy tech years ago (back when Jesus was a child and before you needed a degree). i keep thinking i'd love to do it again (actually wanted to be a pharmacist for a long time). what school??? is it online?

  3. totally awesome!
    JM rocks. but so do you!

    go get em HED!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  4. Sounds awesome, may Tupac bless you and guide you in ur future endaevors

  5. Coolest post I have read in a long time hed! Awesome for you and thanks JM for helping you along.


  6. Good luck. Going back to school is ALWAYS a good thing. It may be very hard, but the reward is SO worth it.

  7. That's awesome Hed! You're going to do great! Can you give me that information? I need to find a cheap way of becoming a pharm tech haha.

  8. That is ace! What a nice lady JM is. I wish you lots of luck with this course :)

  9. That is so wonderful. I always say the universe has a way of connecting those that need each other. Both you and JM are totally awesome ladies.

    You are going to do great
    Big hugs

  10. See girl, we do love you and really, really want to help in whatever way we can. All you have to do is ask.

  11. That's absolutely brilliant news, Hed. I am really so thrilled for you!! Hopefully, this is the start of a whole new beginning for you. Yay!! Good luck with it - when do you start?

  12. AW thank you so much for all the kind words, Hed and commenters. I was really happy to help out and I am THRILLED that you enrolled. Puts a big smile on my face. When you are ready to take your certification test, let me know and I'll give you the details! I'm so excited for you!

  13. What goes around comes around. You helped me understand about bi-polar disorder and so it doesn't surprise me that this happened. It's all good! Hugs! SC Coastal Mom

  14. That is wonderful! Congrats & good luck!!!! :)

  15. That is so exciting!!!! YAY you!!! I can't wait to hear how your classes go. What a great career path. :)

  16. I'm very proud of you and Jumble Mash!!! You for taking action and her for reaching out (obviously, she gets that from me)....I wish you all the best...and make JM help...she's very smart!

  17. Thanks to everyone for the awesome words. It made my day!

    And for anyone who is honestly interested in the school and whatnot, e-mail me at and I'll give you the info that I have :)


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