Monday, January 17, 2011


Shout out to Skippymom at I Make Soap – she likes Jif, FYI

So the poll was pretty close this week! Eric Dane won out by one vote as the one we call our McDreamy-funny, the real McDreamy got only one vote. And Justin Chambers got three votes! At first I was like, really? Then I checked out some of his earlier modeling. Not bad…

I randomly thought of this week’s poll question (those are the best, right? Random!) to give back to the men since they were left out of last week’s poll (unless you voted, then more power to ya, boys). So go vote! Oh, and as always, comment if you have something to say about it-or if Valerie was your favorite or something.

Just a friendly reminder that the contest is going on for two more weeks. Contest you say? Um, yeah! I have a goodie bag filled with Australian knick-knacks to give away to my readers for hitting the big 5-0. You’re automatically entered if you do the following:

*”Like” me on my new Facebook fan page! (You can also click the “like” button on the right of your page ------>)

*Give me a blog shout-out!

*Add my new button to your blog! It’s also to your right. Holla!

*Become a new follower the old fashioned way! Click on the “follow” button!

*Send me a healthy recipe at! (Even if you don’t want to be entered I’ll welcome the recipes, k?)

*I’ll give you and your blog sponsor an extra entry if you send me a comment like “I came here from so and so’s blog”

There are a LOT of ways to win, but you will have a maximum of 5 entries. Okay? That way if you follow, pimp, button, recipe and like you’ll be acknowledged for all of them! I have been keeping track daily of my Facebook fans, new followers, recipes I’ve received and buttons and blog love, but please note-if you don’t mention you added the button or gave me a blog shout-out I may miss it. Please let me know so you don’t get left out!

I stepped on the scale this morning and…I have actually lost 2.2 lbs since last week. I was actually surprised! Not because I haven’t been trying, but some of my choices were…not the best. I cracked open a quart of Panera Bread’s lobster bisque soup for lunch this weekend (I ate a bowl, not the quart…honest!), and the calorie/fat content is so bad-what did I expect though, right? It’s pure cream and buttery awesomeness. I balanced any “bad” foods I ate by making sure I either kept the calories down that day or countered with good foods. Portion control is my first step. After that I can start trying to eliminate bad foods and what not.

I haven’t had a huge sweet tooth, and I’ve made sure that there aren’t a lot of sweets in the house. I’ve snacked on frogurt, these really good Special K strawberry crisp bars, and trail mix. I’m on a nut kick this week (that sounds dirty). It’s funny though, because while I’m not really wanting sweets my body is CRAVING pasta and bread. I found a Lean Cuisine chicken fettuccini that was pretty damn good, and I got those Thomas bagel thins to try and sate my bread fix. Yesterday was my cheat day, and I ordered Applebee’s nachos and a cup of their chicken tortilla soup. Heaven. Guilty heaven, but damn it was good.

This weekend I cracked open my pharmacy books and started studying. Don’t laugh, but before I started I needed to go back to school shopping for new pens and binders. I had to get Paul Frank. It’s a problem.

I own this one, but I had to get MORE!!!

That’s pretty much that. Now I’m sitting here with an ice cream cone, typing with one hand…look what my mom got:


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  1. It's everywhere Hed. We can't get away from it can we? I'm an ice cream junkie. Hugs.

  2. you are the best!

    now i want icecream!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  3. Actually hed an ice cream cone with a scoop or two is better than spooning it into a bowl [everyone always takes too much] or eating straight out of the carton- you are practicing portion control - so GOOD for you!

    The JIF picture cracked me up so much - you are the best. I am still laughing. YAY Jif! [The All Natural is so low in sodium I can pretty much just eat it right off the spoon. With ice cream. tyvm]

  4. yeah, lean cuisines actually have some really good pasta dinners out.

    though now all i want is ice cream ;)

  5. Can you keep me posted on the pharmacy tech thing? I wanna know how hard it is because i want to do that in between my AS and my BS. Thanks!

    Have fun with Paul!

  6. great post and i just now saw the poll "face palm"

  7. Keep up the good efforts Hed, we are rooting for you and know you can do it. Just keep making good choices.

  8. When I started my pharmacy class, I totally went out and bought new folders, pens, pencils and highlighters. It rocked.

  9. So you have all new stationery and you're ready to go! Brilliant! We shall expect updates of course. Well done on losing those couple of pounds.

  10. Guys-I made three ice cream cones yesterday. THREE!!! That's why I keep sweets out of the damn house!

    Thanks for the motivation, guys :)


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