Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hed’s Sunday Shortlist.

This whole week, along with the job search (which I’ll admit this week was paltry at best), I have been trying to watch what I eat. I’ve never actively “dieted” in my life. I mean I have counted calories or points for a few weeks at a time, or made myself protein shakes every morning for seven days, but there has never really been a lot of action on my part. Plus the minute my brain tends to hear the word “DIET” all I think about us food. All the time. It turns into a huge chore and my willpower is non-existent so I fail. This round I’m going to focus on portions and (try and) cut out my trigger foods. Let’s see how that goes…

10 Things That Will be a Bitch to Give Up.

10. French Fries. This isn’t one of my crave like crazy foods, but my family likes to go out to eat a lot-and what is ALWAYS on the side of a meal? French fries. To give up French fries for fruit (usually melons, too-YUCK), or to just ask for the main course with no side is foreign to me. French fries! They are an American institution!

9. Pasta. I blame my best friend for this. I used to HATE Italian food. Every part of it. One day he craved Italian so I went with him to a chain called Fazoli’s (do they even exist anymore?), and he gave me a bite of his Chicken Alfredo. Game over, man. Ever since Fettuccini has been my poison. And we all know what Alfredo sauce essentially is, right? CREAM, BUTTER, and CHEESE. Shit.

8. Temptation. Okay-this isn’t a food. But we all know that sometimes food is either handed to you or in the general vicinity for you to go wild on. This is a bad for me. Someone brought donuts? Okay, I’ll have one. It’s rude to say no to food, right? Right???

7. Sugar. This one is non-specific because anything with sugar in it is crack to me. Candy bars, cookies, cakes, desserts, pie…and fake sugar? No. Fake sugar is just a lie. It’s like getting ready to feel boobs for the first time and realizing they are silicone. It’s a jip! Plus, I can't just have a fun size candy bar. Or one cookie. If they are there I will eat them every time.

6. Fast Food. Like I said, we go out a lot. In Australia, my husband and I had one cheat day where we got to go to either Red Rooster or McDonalds. Now I’m home, and I can get Panda, or KFC, or Weinerschnitzel, or Chick-fil-A…the list goes on and on. When I’m hungry, the last thing I want to do is go home and plan a balanced freaking meal!

5. Mexican Food. The other day my mom and I were watching my niece all day, and we were set to meet my grandpa for lunch. She wanted Mexican food. I told her no, because there is absolutely nothing healthy at an authentic Mexican restaurant. “You can have a taco salad!” Just…no. Unfortunately we went to Bob’s Big Boy where I got chicken fingers and-French fries! Damn it!

4. Ice Cream-As stated in my guilty pleasures that I posted a few days ago, my definition of ice cream is a creamy, rich, melty cup of awesome. Over the last few years they have really made some advancements of the low-fat ice cream variety such as Weight Watchers, Skinny Cow, and many variations of  them are available everywhere. So hopefully this can be one that will be an easy transition.

3. Lethargy. Again, not a food. But Hed and activity just don’t mix. I think I can actually say that I value sleep over food. That being said, I know in order to lose weight I need to do something other than getting out of bed and walking to my computer chair. Ugh.

2. Cream Cheese-Veggie style on a bagel. Cheesecake. WONTONS. Cheese ball. The richest of all food, cream cheese has spread over my heart. Thank Jeebus for Hungry Girl, as she has actually come up with recipes that call for cream cheese but still tend to be low-calorie. And they’re GOOD!

1. Ranch Dressing. This one, my friends, is my fat girl deal breaker. I don’t care what you say, low-calorie or fat free ranch is shit. I have put ranch on everything since I was a toddler. Meat. French fries. Salad. Baked potatoes. Tomatoes. Celery. It’s kind of my thing to say “and a side of ranch please?” when I’m out for dinner. I want to hold my bottle of Hidden Valley like a child holding a toy, and throw a tantrum if anyone tries to take it away. I love ranch SO MUCH!!!

I would love (LOVE!) any suggestions you may have to help me in my “diet” woes…what worked for you? What have you found that is a good substitute for above?

PS-I hit 45! You know what that means? Contest details tomorrow. This one will be fun, I promise!

PPS-Last day to vote on the poll-break the tie between soda and coffee, will ya?

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  1. Oooo we had a Fazoli's in Charleston and we at there a lot. Haven't found one here though. French Fries cooked well done are my favorites. OMG. I've got to get off this crap too!

  2. Do you guys have Weight Watchers over in America? It is the most fabulous "dieting" regime ever. And their recipes are simply divine, you don't even feel like you're eating diet food. Mum dropped 20kg in just a few months without even exercising.

  3. I already voted and am in the minority with tea, but if I had to pick between coffee and soda - definitely SODA. Hands down. Sorry coffee people I live with you.

    I think you answered your own question Hed - stop eating out. You know [as we all do] it is cheaper and healthier to eat in and since you have time on your hands you can cook - and save money while doing it.

    Since I was diagnosed in April with CHF I have had to watch my sodium intake. It has been a ridiculous battle to gain weight. It took me 10 months to gain 10 pounds. I went from 118 in May to 128.2 lbs now. I can't say I recommend cutting down your sodium [1000 mg] to what I have to, but the average American eats double what they should [2500 mg x 2 = 5000 mg] but when you watch the sodium in your processed, fast food you would be surprised how many calories drop away.

    I don't know if it would work - but honestly you talk about going out all the time - so stop. Easier said then done, I know. I crave McDonald's but know I would be in [breathing] trouble if I did it. Also, Mexican food isn't the only bad food out there - it is really healthier than a lot of the American options if you order smart.

    I wish you luck. I never see you as having weight issues but if you feel that you need to lose weight or simply eat healthier [YAY!] then the internet is a great place to start.

    There are so many resources available. Hugs to you kiddo!

  4. I agree with you completely...on all of secrets...hmm...low fat hidden valley ranch....I can barely tell the difference any more...and we allow one "out" meal a week...that seems to be working for I tend to half my meal at a restaurant....and take half of it home...then I don't like leftovers so I never eat it!!

  5. I hear your pain... one thing that helps me when i try to diet is water with lemon juice & artificial sweetener in it- tastes kind of like lemonade... but is much healthier than diet soda. Also celery & peanut good for you and helps fill you up.

  6. Damn that is a hell of a list of stuff. 9 of those are things I could never give up. Really.

  7. I gave up drinking soda...specifcally, coke and dropped 25 lbs..but i also work(ed) in construction, so i burn(ed) a few calories.

    and fat free anything is crap! 'specially dressing.

    one trick is drink lots of water.

    Happy New Year!
    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book

  8. Those are all tempting foods indeed. I don't eat much fast food anyway, thats just bad for you on sooo many levels. But ice cream and cookies are two tremendous weaknesses of mine!


  9. oh boy, you're not gonna like this...i had to REALLY WANT to like the low fat, low cal substitutes. like, REALLY WANT TO. there's a low cal alternative for everything under the sun these days, you just have to trick yourself into wanting them. good luck! heh heh ;)

    pis.s. they really do work, though.

  10. Barb-Right? It's like we THINK of a food and then HAVE TO HAVE IT. Or maybe that's just me?

    Dani-yes, we have WW-I've even done the meetings once or twice! That is something that helped a lot in the past, because I am a Virgo and extremely anal I love counting calories and points and all that junk.

    Skippy-Trust me, I have weight issues. I want to get out of the feeling that my weight is all that I am-it's at the forefront of my brain. And I love me some salt. Ever seen those Happy Meals from 1986 that look EXACTLY as they did then? Gross!

    Colenic-American portion sizes are INSANE. But then I rationalize and tell myself I can't waste food I paid for! I will try low cal HV ranch, on your recommendation-you better be right! :P

    Mom-Flavored water (especially water w/lemon!) grosses me out! Water is something I have next to me at all times now-its a 1 liter bottle. I used to drink a 6 pack of diet soda a day, now I allow myself no more than 2 a day...HUGE.

    OT-Now you know how I'M FEELING! Kill me. Ugh.

    Bruce-yep, a few years ago I cut out soda and now I'm a diet junkie. But low-cal dressing is just gross. Gross!!!

    SD-If it's in my house, it's eaten, you know?

    Kage-100 cal packs seem to work for me more than low-cal substitutes. But the thing is making sure its ONE PACK!

  11. Dammit!!! I just wrote a really thoughtful and appropriate in length post with what I think, were some great suggestions, and goddamn blogger stole it!!

    I'll try again later when I'm not so pissed off.

    Hugs, Hed!


  12. We could be soul-mates...except for the ranch...I can't stand the smell :-) Fettuccinni Alfredo is absolutely one of my all time favorites...I had it yesterday :-)

  13. Why is it that its always the bad food tastes the best. Cheese and chocolate are two things I could never live without. I'm also with you on the pasta, yum yum. Sorry that wasnt very helpful was it!

  14. Someone stole my comments as well, Hed! Bum! I do wish you well in your quest, but I guess I have to agree with SkippyMom in a way - I think it's all the eating out that's part of the problem, and you have no control then. I think portion size is probably the best idea. Eat all those things, but not such a big portion. It might be worth a try, just to see if anything happens. Positive vibes coming your way, as always.

  15. "Game over, man."

    Did you just use an Aliens reference? Marry me.

    You might want to give up Starbucks too! I hear some of their products have more calories than a full pizza. I had a friend who went to America and he noted how the food is much fattier than european food.

  16. wow talk about big goals good luck with the new eating plan not sure i would be strong enough to give up pasta i have switched to whole wheat but could not give it up

  17. I will never, NEVER, give up french fries and ice cream.

    Now I want to go out and eat. Damn.

  18. The biggest help for me was giving up soft drinks & stuff made from wheat flour. Sure I will give in but not very often & I really blew it during the holiday celebrations & I will try harder to do better in 2011.


    Dad and Erica-You're not helping!!! :) Yeah, the smell of ranch is pretty funky, isn't it?

    Thisisme-Right now with where I'm at (living wise), I kind of have no control over what is in the house, so portion control will have to do!

    Drake-HAHAHAHAHA...well if it doesn't work out with the hubs I will gladly trade him in for an Englishman who loves video games!

    Becca-I heard there's not much difference taste-wise with whole wheat, I may have to try that...

    Fickle-You read my blog! I'm honored! But you're no help either! HAHAHAHA!

    Odie-I drink diet (I was able to give that up a few years ago), but giving up white flour foods will be HARD!!!

  20. The only suggestion(s) I can make is (are):
    - eat raw veggies, the intake burns more calories to chew and swallow (hee hee) than what you're actually swallowing (hee hee) but without the Ranch...
    - 2% skim cottage cheese! it's one of the highest protein with low calorie intake food out there, in the morning toast some whole wheat bread, no butter and cover with cottage cheese, it's awesome!
    - if you work out, do it first thing in the morning (best time for weight loss) then wait at least 1 hour before eating anything. You're body will feed off it's reserves (body fat) so the work out actually works out for you afterwards...

    And, keep your head above water (had to)!


  21. I put ranch on everything. Seriously. Its ridiculous. And this girl and activity do not mix either. I feel ya on those ones. I can't even remember the last time I had fast food though.

  22. I find putting extra veges in EVERYTHING I eat helps a lot, all my pasta sauces have veges in them even the creamy ones. If you use a mandolin to julienne things like carrots & zuchini it's heaps quicker than chopping everything super fine by hand & they don't go all mushy like if you had used a grater and I found I could cut back on the actual pasta by over half. I also love snow peas & spinach in my pastas :)
    If you have one of the Curves franchised gyms near you I also highly reccommend them. I used to go to one here in Australia until I moved house. They are for women only so there is not as much pressure and the ladies that work there are really motivational without being pushy, the circuit is on resistance type machines so it is really low impact and you just push yourself as hard (or not) as you want to on the day (great if you have injuries like me) and it is only a half hour session, with about 15 minutes of warm down stretches at the end at whatever time suits you during their opening hours - which I found was great as I couldn't make the excuse to myself that I had missed the start of a class and then not go.
    Best of luck, I have a New Years wish-list for myself & the boy to eat a lot healthier this year and to exercise waaaaaay more (we are both pretty big) and top of our list is portion sizes and getting out on our bicycles more often.

  23. I love skinny cows! Just don't eat them all in one day...Not healthy (and I've done it before haha).

    But authentic Mexican isn't all bad. If you put lots of salsa and guacamole and other veggie stuff. It's when you don't add the natural stuff when it gets bad.


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