Friday, January 7, 2011

Hed’s Friday Flick.

Archive time! My entire family has up and left me this weekend-my brother is off-roading in Glamis, my sister is doing a belated Christmas with her stepkids in Arizona, and the parents are at their time share in Palm Springs. Assholes! I’m all alone in a big house…


No, not really. The BFF is in Irvine this weekend, the other BFF has ignored my texts to go dancing, and the husband is in Australia. Assholes! So I’m here. I’ll probably play video games and watch TV all weekend, as I just went to Juan Pollo (best chicken and rice EVER!) and stocked up on diet soda and low fat ice cream. Joy. My brain is kind of running on stand-by, so I give you a movie I reviewed a few months ago:


The movie I want to write about is “One Hour Photo”. It stars Robin Williams…hey don’t close this blog yet! Robin isn’t some comedian-on-meth in this picture, I promise. And there is no flubber at all in the movie. Anyway, it stars Robin Williams as a nice quiet employee of a Costco-type store where he works in the photo department. We see him greet a mother and son a little over excitedly and he seems to know a lot about them, even reciting the address where they live to them. The mother asks for 2 copies of her photos, and the camera drops down to the order form and it shows him writing down “3”. He goes home and has this CRAZY INSANE collection of the woman’s family and all their intimate moments: birthdays, vacations, the birth of their son, etc. They look like one big happy family in the pictures. But pictures don’t show you the real side of life sometimes, do they?

I think the thing I liked best about the direction of this movie is the small pauses, the long stares Robin Williams takes, almost daydreaming his way through life. The way the movie is shot makes him unbelievably creepy, and you want to get inside his mind and know what he’s capable of. The ending (no I’m not going to spoil it for you!) is open, so you end up sitting there wondering what happened after the credits roll. (Oh, and a half-naked Michael Vartan helps too!)

I give this movie 6 hed stars. ««««««


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  1. I loved this unlike Robin Williams....Wasn't this out the same time that he made What Dreams May Come? Another one of my favorites of his...

  2. What Dreams May Come is a movie I've seen once in spurts and I've always always wanted to watch it again-thanks for reminding me!

  3. i couldn't watch this movie but i loved what dreams may come. excellent flick.

    hey - i get another contest entry. just became a follower. :)

  4. I have not seen that movie. Is it any good?

  5. Teresa-You're on a roll aren't you? :) I got 4 down for you!

    OT-Silly goose, that's why I'm reviewing it for you!

  6. I own this movie. I love it. Bruce thought it sucked. Robin Williams was a scary dude wasn't he? Very creepy.

  7. It’s nice to see Robin Williams cast in a roll that doesn’t have him acting like a cartoon character. It proves he can act. Jim Carrey’s got a couple of decent movies in the same vein too.

  8. Home alone?!? Well, you should have said something and we could have made our way to Europe THIS weekend. ;) It's on.

  9. I love anything with him in it so we will definately look for this one. Thanks

  10. I haven't heard of this film, but it does sound good. Very creepy by the sound of it. I'll have to see if I can get the DVD.

  11. @hed: I agree that this is a must-see Robin Williams performance - so different from his usual role. I think he does a great job of portraying the creepiness, but also the painfully lonely man. And the fact that he's a clerk at a photo shop makes you wonder how many of the people you encounter daily secretly harbor that kind of pain & longing.

    Another great, and out of character, Robin Williams performance is The Night Listener. Also about a lonely man, but in this case he reaches out to someone he hasn't met in person, who isn't what they seem. You might say it's One Hour Photo meets Catfish.

    @Drake Sigar: Are you referring to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind? Unbelievable performance by Jim Carrey, and completely out of character. He was better than Kate Winslet was in that film.

  12. Barb and Thisisme-SO creepy!

    Drake-comedians do a great job on drama, have you noticed that? I mean we have Steve Martin, Adam Sandler, Jamie Foxx-tears of a clown, you know?

    FF-RIGHT!?!?!?! Or we could just veg out and have a movie marathon :)

    Odie-It's definitely not your average Robin Williams movie...heed my warning!

    Stacy-you hit the nail on the head. This was my first movie review so it was pretty short...I'll have to look into the other movie (another one I need to put on my list!). Eternal Sunshine was freaking fantastic, but I blame Michael Gondry, the director, for that...

    And for everyone else who wants really solid reviews of movies please go to Stacy's Film Blog at It's amazing!


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