Monday, January 24, 2011

Got to love shameless self-promotion.

Happy Monday all! I’m thinking new week, new day, new start. Not that I’m technically starting anything new, I just want to shake off all the ugly/bad/angry feelings from last week. Thanks for all the words of advice and concern, just a quick note that Thursday’s post is exactly the reason why I try to NOT post while sad.

The only reasons I do is because it takes things off my chest and also the clarity I have when I’m super emo may give you all insight on to how my stupid evil brain works. It’s all a giant circle with me, something I would like to try and break once and for all with therapy (coming soon).

As for our 90210 poll, 45% chose Kelly as the one you would want to be/bang. For a while there it was Andrea and I was like wtf? Andrea…the one that didn’t hook up with any of the guys, and when she did gets knocked up? The smart one? Come on now. I chose Brenda. Other than secretly wanting to be a mega bitch, she got everything handed to her-a trip to Paris, didn’t have to work..and Dylan! Hello! This week is the same question, only flipped. Who was your guy? Come on, everyone must have a 90210 love, am I right?

I know last week I posted about some awards I had received from the generous blog community, but the week itself blessed me with FOUR MORE! Plus I’m up to 65 followers, which is freaking awesome. Just a few weeks ago I came up with a contest to push to 50 and now I’m past that…woo!

Oh! For all you newbies who want contest info (ends next Monday) check out this post.

First I got bestowed the stylish blogger award by Colenic over at A Smile a Day (I’m guessing it’s for my kick-ass Paul Frank blog overhaul)

She wrote, “She is an amazing writer who is very real in her writing.” I love this, thanks!

The rules for passing this on is for every blogger you pass it on to, you have to give a random fact about yourself. My mind is on the fritz, so I did a random question generator…

Where in the world would you like to visit? I’m not big on travel due to my fear of planes, but my big three would be Seattle, England and New York.

Have you ever been in a school play? In third grade I was chosen to do the opening monologue for Tom Sawyer because I was good at memorization, and I was all by myself up there. In fifth I tried out for the lead in Father Time but got chosen as the understudy. I was all butt hurt so when they offered me one of the other leads I turned it down like I was beneath the role and sang in the choir instead.

Can exes be friends? Absolutely. All of my exes are my friends, and the only ones that aren’t are the ones who had insecure bitches for girlfriends/wives and weren’t “allowed” to talk to their exes-and my last boyfriend. After six years of trying to be nice and support his stupid destructive lifestyle, last summer he crossed the line and I cut off all ties with him. First time I’ve ever done that with anyone.

I don’t follow a lot of “fashionable” blogs, so I am giving it to the three I deem most worthy!

Falen at Colorful Rants of a Fed-Up Sista

Erica at Recycled Fashion (who gets all the fashion awards!)

And Fully Fashioned (she’s MIA on holiday, but so stylish nonetheless)

Jeff over at Content Unrelated, who is incredibly awesome and funny, passed on the “Life is Good” award-a repeat! Holla!

If you’d like to see who I passed this onto and my questions, please check out this post :)

And lastly over the weekend Jumble Mash AND Dani-Q from Obsessed gave me the “LOL Award”!

God I hope I’m funny…because I really don’t want to come off as an emo douchebag on this damn blog! Dani wrote, “a truly amazing woman, who's absurd obsession with Paul Frank makes me giggle every time”. Absurd? Well…yeah…I’m kind of a nerd about it.

I have to list seven things no one knows about me and pass this on to seven bloggers. Here goes:

I bite my nails like they are crack cocaine. They are poor bloody stumps!

I have a hatred of random hairs. If I see one on me, I pluck. If I see one on you, I pull it out any way I can.

I have to knock on wood three times when I think of a bad thought.

I don’t like my food to touch, and soggy bread grosses me out! Although I love my nachos soggy. I’m weird.

I’m double jointed in my thumbs…like really double jointed. I can pop them out of place.

I still own and listen to Limp Bizkit’s “3 Dollar Bill Ya’ll” and “Significant Other”. Woo ha! Where you at?

As for seven blogs that crack me up?

Awkward Sex and the City

From the Head of the Danaconda

Hyperbole and a Half (Funniest.Blog.Ever.)

Jive Turkey

Bruce at Stupid Stuff I See and Hear

Barb at This and That (as I Bounce Thru Life)

Drake's Doomsday Corner…P.S. Look what I found at the market!


Thanks everyone!

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  1. hed=goddess...for your grunge post! you were spot on and brilliant!

    thanks for the lol award. i will post on it tomorrow!

    luv ya little one!
    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  2. Your awards are very well deserved. :-) Congratulations!

  3. Congrats on the awards Hed! <3

  4. hey hed,

    been away for a few days; very bad wknd. sounds like you like had a rough day a few days ago too, sorry i wasn't around :(

    wait, that sounded really arrogant, like 'sorry i wasn't around to fix everything, cuz i'm so bloody important'. i just meant...ah, you know what i meant.

    congrats on your awards! you're so cute :)

    and kurt cobain rules. sigh.

  5. HP sauce ain't bad. Didja buy some?

  6. congrats on the award and loved learning more about you

  7. Glad you're in a better mind set! I worry about you!

    Congrats on the awards and the followers, doesn't it make you just feel so loved?


  8. congratulations on the awards, you certainly deserve them.

  9. This was a great post. Sounds like you're doing better? I hope so. You are funny. Your comments alone crack me up. And you go girl on the followers. Told you so!!!! Hugs and thank you for the crack-up love! Your East Coast Mom

  10. Well done on the Awards Hed, AND for all your new followers! Congratulations.

  11. Bruce-Sweet! You rock too! (Lol@ "little one")

    Soapbox, Morgan, Becca, Odie and Thisisme-Thanks!

    Kage-Bad weekend? You and me both! I hope you're feeling better...and you and dead rock stars I swear! HAHAHAHA

    Drake and Mollie-I'm a worchestershire sauce fan! But when I saw this I thought of Drake's post where he said he would marry HP sauce if he could lol!

    CBG-No need to worry about me, you've got those crazy neighbors to worry about! But thanks :)

    Barb-Yeah, feet back on solid ground. Thanks!

  12. HP SAUCE LOVE IT!!! Thank you for the mention :) I saw a Paul Frank sock monkey in Vinnies op-shop this week, and was very tempted to buy it for you. Do you already have one? If not, I will check if it is still there when I go back :)


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