Monday, January 31, 2011

And the winner is…

You guys must have not watched much “Beverly Hills, 90210” growing up like I did, because only 5 of you voted in the poll! The winner with 80% of the votes was Dylan (the only other vote was for Brandon-from my mom, who said Dylan was a “whiny bitch”). Hopefully more of you will vote this week!

Today ends the contest I have been holding for the last few weeks. If you’ll recall I was doing the contest originally as a push to 50, and the entry was to send me a healthy recipe. Well I hit 50 SO FAST that I only got one recipe entry, and that one was from Odie at The Simple Life. As a result I offered to send him a magnet (part of the giveaway) as thanks. Well, I’ve been a bum, and I haven’t sent him the magnet yet. I’M SO LAZY!!!

Yesterday I shot him this e-mail:


Please don’t think I have forgotten you!

I have been poor these last few weeks-so your magnet is being mailed this week along with the winner’s things for the contest when it ends Monday.

Sorry for being a bum!


Odie’s awesome (and hopefully patient) because he hasn’t chewed me out for not sending him his magnet. Anyway, today the contest ended. Woo hoo! I grabbed the random number generator and put in 1-64 (thanks for the entries, y’all!):

So I grabbed my spreadsheet that I have been keeping track of daily, and look who is number 43!

HAHAHAHA! Congrats to Odie (again!) for winning ALL of the Australian loot! I have your address already so it will be send out this week.


As for the loot, it’s a small assortment of knick knacks I picked up before I left Australia…I hope you enjoy them Odie!

This weekend was uneventful, except we got to have my niece stay over this weekend. She is the first girl in out family for 21 years, so she’s…a bit spoiled, to say the least (but honestly, all the grandkids are). But she is the best kid EVER! Yes, I’m biased, but she’s so mellow. All the nephews are so FULL of energy I just can’t keep up, but she just plays with her baby in her playhouse.

Because she was over everyone else in my family came over and my mom barbequed. I decided to try and bake some cinnamon apples using a new recipe, and damn they were good.

I weighed myself today, and I have gained 1.6 lbs. Ugh. Last week I told my mom “I’m going to fall over and die if I have lost weight”, and I ended up breaking even. I think my weight and cravings are cyclical woman-wise. There’s a week I’m not hungry at all, a week where I can control my cravings, a week where I splurge but try and balance it out, and a week where I don’t give a damn what goes in my body. Last week was week four!

So yeah, not much to report except I’m fatter…I’m trying to psych myself up to join the local gym but with my social anxiety starting to rear its ugly head whenever I think about walking into a gym and seeing people LOOK at me I start to panic. I haven’t been called in for any jobs yet, but even then the thought of talking to a stranger and puff myself up so I look like the perfect candidate is scary. It sucks because if you knew how I was, you would be really surprised that I am the way I am now.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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  1. OH snap! Let me know when you have another giveaway because I'm addicted to nick-nacks!

    oh, and I'm on the whole weight loss kick too! So far I've lose 4 pounds (in a week) I'm doing something a little weird though.

    I measure out my MEALS to fit in a 1cup sized scooper. I make sure that I eat that sized meal five times a day and drink a gallon of water a day. Im trying to get used to smaller portions, but hey---It's working I guess lol

  2. congrats to odie!

    and keep your head up hed!

    I know you you can do it! it always seems harder than it is...

    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  3. YAY! Odie is such a deserving winner - and too funny he won twice. Awesome.

    Your cinnamon apples look delicious - care to share the recipe....please!

  4. That is too funny! Congrats to Odie, but I did send you a recipe on January 6 - you might want to check your inbox for it. Just in case, I re-sent it just now.

  5. I loved watching 90210 but I was the mom's age so I never wanted to be like any of these kids. Sorry! Congrats Odie! He's a sweetheart. So are you Hed!

  6. Falen-Will do! You put your food in a measuring cup? Hmmm....I'm trying to work on portions at the moment-maybe I should do something like that...

    Bruce-Yay Odie! And thanks!

    Skippy- we added a teaspoon of cornstarch and water at the end so the cinnamon would be more glaze-y :)

    Teresa-I cut out a chunk of my list to make it fit! You were actually 5,6,7 and 8 :)

    Barb-Really? I always pictured you as Cindy Walsh :P

    Dad-They were so yum! I wished I had streusel though *drool*

  7. Sorry Hed. I didn't vote last week. I never watched a single episode on purpose and I didn't wan't to be them,let alone bone them.

    X-Men all the way. Wolverine or Colossus. I'm not picky.

  8. Ib-it must be a girl thing-me and my friends were CRAZY about 90210!

    And yeah, I voted X-men (Phoenix/Jean Grey). But the unicorn was very tempting!

    OT-I hope Odie likes his stuff!

  9. i feel the same about going to the gym. i wanted to transfer to the gym that was only a five minute drive from my house two weeks ago, and it has taken me that long to get up the courage just to walk into the place.

  10. Hed you can do it! We believe in you and even though there will be people there they won't be looking at you because they'll be engulfed in their own thing.

    And besides if they do look you can jokingly tell them that your hot stuff isn't for grabs! At least that's what I would do (if I had the courage).

  11. Well done to Odie :) Those apples look yummy

  12. Congrats Odie
    Hed, I am sil going to send you some WW recipes once I find them. And your guest post is happening tomorrow.

  13. My mom wouldn't let me watch 90210. Too "scandalous." :( Or the Simpsons, or Married Without Children, or Night Court... sorry. I'm not bitter.

    I hope you get a job call soon!

  14. That was so funny, about Odie coming up again. Congratulations to Odie, and thank you for organizing this giveaway Hed.

  15. Hahah that's funny that Odie won it anyways! Congrats Odie!!

    Also, I voted for Dylan. Had a poster of him on my wall for YEARS.

  16. You know girl I called myself leaving you a comment but I don't see it here. I was saying that as I get older I have lots more patience and was giving you plenty of time. Don't give up on the weight loss, go slow and determined and you will make it.


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