Tuesday, December 21, 2010

YouTube Tuesday.


I’m happy to report that 69% of you agreed with me and thought that the Snuggie was the biggest lame-ass invention of all time. And dog Snuggies? *Shudders* New poll up today, don’t forget to vote!

So I’m late on the YouTube bandwagon for this video, but about a month ago I heard about it from word of mouth and the minute I listened to it, it instantly got stuck in my head. It’s also the most watched YouTube video of 2010, so run and tell THAT!

What you are watching is from the makers of “Auto-Tune the News”. What they do is pretty much make catchy songs to news segments, and it’s really addicting and funny to watch. This particular song was a story about a girl in Alabama who was attacked by an intruder in her house, and her brother stopped him to see what the fuss was about. The rest is…magical.

Oh, and for anyone who wants to watch the original news clip, here it is. I dare you not to sing along!

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  1. Dog snuggies? They have fur! That’s like giving a bearsuit to a bear!

    Seen the video a million times, but it’s still funny. It’s like he’s a racially insensitive character who escaped from a Transformers movie, I didn’t think anyone like that actually existed.

  2. I crack up every time I see that guy.

  3. Hi Hed...how ya doing today? Loved the video :-)

  4. God that autotone is hilarious. It's even funnier of the Justin Beiber hit in the head with a water bottle song!


  5. i had an awesome comment...but then my 'puter crashed and all i have is this lame one....

    liked the vid's!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    The guy book
    the guy book

  6. I can't vote in your poll because my driving style isn't on there. I mostly do my left hand at 9 o'clock - I only 9/3 when the road conditions are bad - well when I DID drive. lol

    I missed the poll about the snuggies but I would've had to vote lame too because it is basically a backass bathrobe, but....my MIL gave me one and it is a gift because it is so dang long. For a dog tho'? That just cracks me up! Scooby would need mine. ;D

  7. I missed the poll about the snuggies too, but I have voted on this one! Loved the videos - thank you for sharing them with us.


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