Saturday, December 4, 2010


My blog reader is broken because Feedburner sucks. I have had nothing but trouble since I started using it. Anyway, you may not see my previous blog on your blog reader today-this post is basically a test/check to see if the stupid issue has fixed itself.

Also! To my RSS subscribers! I’m trying to fix the problem with my feeds at the moment, I implore you to either subscribe to my posts via e-mail or by following me until I can get it all straightened out. Thanks oodles!

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  1. wondered what was going on. Hugs darln. keep smiling

  2. Good to see your post here this morning girl, I have had times when I would open up mine and it would say I am not following anyone and I would freak out. Fortunately they come back. Good luck on fixing your problems. We will be here for you.

  3. Wonder what the mess was! Opened up reader this morning to 105 posts! Most of which were yours. I thought the cheese had done slid off your cracker (or you were REALLY bored). Hope you get it all sorted out. ;)

  4. All I can see from you is comments. They are coming up as new postings.

  5. Wondered what was going on...I saw all the comments on my blog roll this was before I was through half a cup of coffee....made me chuckle when I realized what was going on...

  6. Holy crap guys I am SO SORRY! In my reader my blogs were coming up all wonky...I'm glad it looks like it's back to normal now. Sorry again!


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