Sunday, December 5, 2010

I have endorsements!

I noticed last week’s poll only had five people vote on it (note to self: your readers don’t like rap!), so this week I bring you a rock vote. Now I know what you’re saying, “where’s Elvis? Or Jimi Hendrix? Or (insert your favorite deceased musician here)?” I come from the Grunge era, and Layne Staley/Alice in Chains is by far the top spot on my list, and I know a lot of people my age probably wished they could have seen Nirvana as well. If I am missing your pick, let me know in the comments (remember it’s a singer from a rock band)!

Anyway with the five measly votes taken in, Ludacris won with 60% of the vo-



I have four new followers in the course of 24 hours. Yay! I was wondering where the rush came from, then I caught up on my blogs. Barb (you know Barb don’t you? You don’t? Well, what are you waiting for! Go!!!) from This and That (as I Bounce Thru Life) threw me a full on shout-out in her blog. For those of you who haven’t read our comments back and forth, she’s pretty much my East Coast momma. So I feel I have the right to vent to my mom when I feel like it! Two days ago I randomly commented on her blog that I’ve been stuck at 22 followers for two weeks (hey Hed Down Under readers! Where are ya’ll? Come on over! Press the “follow” button pretty please!). What a surprise when I read her blog from yesterday!

“I saw one quick comment this morning from Hed at Hed Above Water that she's not getting any new followers now that she's combined her old blogs into a new one.  You are missing out if you don't start following her.  If she's anything at all, she's honest with herself and therefore to us.  She's lived all over the place and has an amazing perspective on life considering all the negativity she has been dealt in life.  Please check her out and let her know you heard about her from Bouncin' Barb!!  I have come to be her Surrogate East Coast Mom.  So go visit my daughter's blog!!!!”

I’m so humbled! Thanks a million, Barb!

Also I was given an award by Tress over at Jumble Mash! 

happy_10111 (1)

Tress wrote, “Hed is amazing. She writes from her soul. I love that about her.” Humbled again! She noticed that this award doesn’t come with any rules or stipulations, so I am going to pass it onto three writers whose blogs make me happy:

Danique at Obsessed. She’s quirky. Her writings make me think about the most random things, like ghosts and aliens. She’s good at History lessons, too. Now I know all about the Australian Memorial Day (Remembrance Day).

Erica at Recycled Fashion. She is “Fashion MacGyver”. She can make a ball gown out of a tablecloth, shower curtain rods and garbage twist ties. Just kidding. But she is absolutely amazing, and is a huge supporter of sustainable (green) fashion.

Dad at Unsound Reasoning. You can totally call this nepotism, as Dad is actually Tress’ dad, but no. He writes a damn good blog. And he’s extroverted, which I love. He’s always asking YOU, the reader, questions.

So please go check them out! Also, tomorrow will be my last blog for about a week, as Friday is moving day and I have yet to pack or do anything! I’ll come back with pictures of the Magnetic Island trip, I PROMISE!!!

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    Oh my god! I have an award! My very first one. This so unexpected, I don't even have a speech or anything prepar-

    I'd like to thank all my follows over at OBSSESED, and my mum for harping on me every time she thinks I've gone too long without a post. I'd like to thank Hed, who made this whole thing possible by actually reading my blog. I's like to tha- *giant cane*

  2. Congrats on the awards and the new followers. I cant believe it is moving day already. Be safe lovely girl and I cant wait to see your lovely pics.

  3. Anyone who doesn't vote Queen will suffer a horrible fate involving five rashers of bacon, a sexually active walrus, and a subscription to Cosmopolitan.

  4. Oh Hed you are so kind, thank you so much for your lovely positive words. To be called amazing is truely humbling, you're amazing too, thank you xox

  5. Thanks for the kind words, Hed!

    I voted for Freddy Mercury! LOVE QUEEN!

  6. Did somebody say BACON? That get's my mojo rising. I voted for Jim. If he was standing in front of me right now, I would hump his leg.

  7. i voted for freddy mercury but i have to say jim morrison is at the top to but i could only pick one so i closed my eyes and freddy won

  8. Hed...anytime I can help my "kids" I'm there!

  9. congrats on the award!

    i voted..but it is secret...until we find out who won...then i can claim i voted for the winner!!!

    its kinda like having a futurephone!!!


    stupid stuff i see and hear
    bruce johnson jadip

  10. Congrats on the award!

  11. Dani-you deserve it. I love your blog!

    Mynx and Morgan-Thanks! I'll be sure to check in with everyone!

    Drake-LOL! It looks like most people are heeding your warning...

    Erica and JM-you're both welcome-you rock!

    ib and becca-at least you can both fantasize about Jim ha ha!

    Barb-Thank you thank you thank you X1,000,000!

    Bruce-Okay, I'll make sure yours is the frontrunner then hee hee!


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