Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hed’s Sunday Shortlist.


Thanks to everyone on their comments from yesterday’s blog. When I texted my mom that I wrote a blog about her, she replied "did you write bad things? Cause I don't remember being a bad mom!" That cracked me up, so I texted her back “ROFL”, then she asked “What does ROFL mean?” Oh, mom. So today’s list is:

Top Ten Movies That Make me Cry my Ass Off.

10. The (stupid) Notebook. After every woman told me how much they sobbed over this movie, I swore to never watch it. I hate chick flicks! But one night I was staying over at my moms house and couldn’t sleep, and the last 30 minutes of this movie was on. And my grandma had died about two months prior. I walked into my moms bedroom at 4am sobbing “WHY DID YOU TELL ME TO WATCH THAT STUPID MOVIE?!?!?!?!?!!”

9. Forrest Gump. Come on. You cried to Forrest Gump. How could you not? That movie was solid from start to finish. And momma died. And Bubba. And Jenny (!!!!). And Lieutenant Dan gets new legs. And Forrest Jr.? Oh man.

8. Beaches. I watched this movie in the theaters when I was 10 with my mom and sister and it still makes me cry. It’s a story about two lifelong best friends and their loyalty, and also their competitiveness towards each other-which I can completely identify with, seeing that I both love and hate my best friend on any given day. Dudes, don’t watch this movie-it is 110% chick flick.

7. Philadelphia. Damn you, Tom Hanks! This is a story about a lawyer who was fired from his firm because he had AIDS, but the real message is that he is a human being, just like all of us, and should be treated as one. The end of the movie messes my life up (it’s the Neil Young song and the home movies, I think-not to mention the hospital scene just before this one). And Antonio Banderas was the best boyfriend ever!

6. and 5. The Green Mile and Braveheart. I put these two together because they are two movies I will never watch again! I hate movies that end unfairly. I know. It’s stupid. But they gave John Coffey the chair! And beheaded William Wallace! When Wallace sees his family before he dies, it’s so sad! And the damn bagpipes don’t help the tears, do they? And Tom Hanks, making me cry-AGAIN!!!

4. Boyz n the Hood. Yes. This movie is on here. And it always makes me cry. Another take on “the good guy dies”. I watched this one night with my dad, and while he was sitting there cracking jokes, I was riveted by the story. When it was over, I was shaken-I was 12 and didn’t know that gangs existed. When he started to make another joke, I burst into tears and told him, “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT’S IT LIKE GROWING UP IN THE HOOD, DAD!”, and ran out of the room. True story.

3. Vanilla Sky. My favorite movie of all time (cue the laughs from you). Love it. Love the music, love the story, love Cameron Crowe, love it. The end where the tech guy is telling David Aames (Tom Cruise-pre wacko) the story of how he came to be in the lucid dream is so sad, as is the rooftop scene where he has to choose between “living the dream” or reality (PS go listen to Sigur Rós). “I’ll see you in another life, when we are both cats”.

2. La Bamba. This movie made me never, ever, EVER! want to get on a plane. Ever! Lou Diamond Phillips is Ritchie Valens, and just as his career took off he died in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper-“The Day the Music Died”. Someone commented about this YouTube clip: “I started crying IN 2 SECONDS”. Yeah. Me too. I played this song at my grandma’s funeral, that’s how sad it is. I dare you to watch this clip and not tear up. RITCHIEEEEEEEEE!!!

1. Steel Magnolias. You know how I swore never to watch chick flicks? This one (and Beaches) is the exception. When it’s on TV I HAVE to watch it. Ultimate tearjerker movie. The hospital scene and the funeral scene…ugh! Tissues please! Any woman who has watched this all the way through and not cried is secretly a man. For real. And all the actresses are gold! Dolly Parton? Shirley MacClaine? Sally Field? I think I need to add “be in a ‘Steel Magnolias’ play” to my bucket list.

I know I’ve missed a lot that probably make you cry (Ghost, Requiem for a Dream and Higher Learning were my runner-ups), but these are mine! What are yours? Would love to hear your list!

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  1. Ok Marley and Me made me cry and I am not a cryer for movies. Believe or not, I have never seen The Notebook. I almost cried when Pierce Brosnan sings in Mamma Mia, now that is a tragedy, lol

  2. I personally love action films like the Bourne series and Steven Segal movies. To be honest though I also like chick flicks as well. I have shed some tears watching: A Walk to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle, My Girl, You've Got Mail and Pay it Forward. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  3. All the movies I have seen on this list, I've cried in.
    - The Notebook
    - Forrest Gump
    - Philadelphia
    - The Green Mile

    But I'm an absolute sucker for sad flicks and cry at everything. It's extremely embarrassing, especially when a movie is watched at the cinema...

  4. Great list of movies. The only one I didn't care for was Vanilla Sky. The rest were great. You've obviously got great taste in movies.

  5. I've seen most of those movies and agree with you. I also agree with Mynx- Marly & me.. OMG talk about sobbing... have you ever seen Terms of Endearment? Man oh man that one will do you in too- excellent flick btw.

  6. Mynx-I read what happens at the end of Marley & Me...there's NO WAY I can watch it! I would never be able to stop way!

    Odie-My Girl! I forgot My Girl! That movie breaks my heart! I love Vada Sultenfuss!!!

    Barb-Thanks! Go give Vanilla Sky another go hee hee :)

    Mom-Terms of Endearment is my mom and sister's movie when they are sick in bed. Although I don't know why lol, they would just get more sick and stuffy from crying!


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