Friday, December 31, 2010

Hed’s Friday Flick.

Hey all…SO READY FOR 2010 TO BE OVER WITH. Counting the hours! One of my resolutions is to watch more movies this year, that way I will always have a Friday Flick ready. While I was on the plane from Australia coming home, there were a lot of movies to choose from. I attempted to sleep, but I did get 2 1/2 movies in: “Dinner for Schmucks” (meh), half of “Inception”, and “Salt”. I’m gonna review the latter for ya today.

Now there was a time not so long ago where Angelina Jolie could stand in front of a white wall with a potato sack on and read Latin and I would buy a ticket to watch it. Now? …not so much. I was excited to watch “Salt” though. I got sucked into the hype. I wanted to see her play “Jason Bourne with boobs!” I was also intrigued because the role was offered to Tom Cruise to play “Edwin Salt” but rewritten for AJ to play “Evelyn Salt”, and I think we all know Angelina can play a good badass.

The movie starts with Salt and her co-worker (Live Schreiber-I LOVE his voice!) about ready to leave for the day from their jobs at the CIA when a Russian defector walks in to give them information about the impending assassination of the Russian president while he is in the U.S. Salt walks in to the briefing room to speak to the guy when he drops a bombshell: the sleeper spy is named Evelyn Salt. She goes to call her husband, knowing he may be in danger, and all hell breaks loose. She escapes from the building, leaving everyone to wonder: is she really a spy? Or is she worried about her life and her husband?

The first third of the movie is you wondering if she is good or bad, and the action scenes can proudly fill you with girl power because AJ did all of her own stunts in this movie. The thing is, the answer is given to you so early in the movie you’re left going “ah, okay. Now what?” The next third of the movie is watching Salt’s backstory (I’m not going to give away if she is good or bad! As if!). The last third is you wondering if she is really good or bad…

Honestly, I was kind of bummed. At least “The Bourne Trilogy” lets you linger and be on the edge of your seat for three movies wondering who Jason Bourne really is. I wanted Evelyn Salt’s real identity to pop up and go “HA!”, instead of just kind of going “hey”. Maybe I expected more than I should of…but come on! The tag line of the movie was “Who is Salt?” for cripe’s sake!

I give this movie 6 Hed stars. ««««««

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  1. I'm not a big fan of Angelina Jolie. I read all of the Bourne books and loved them but just couldn't get into the movies with Matt Damon playing the part. He's a great actor but I had someone else totally in mind when reading the books and he didn't look like Matt.

    Let's both hope for better 2011's because I think we deserve it. What do you say? Hugs.

  2. I haven't seen any of those, I guess I am a hermit.

  3. i can't stand AJ...i have hated her since that forgettable movie girl interupted, i think...

    she is a big lipped pig fame grubbing famewhore...

    but that is just me...

    Happy New Year!
    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book

  4. Yeah I'm in no rush to see that movie. I'll see it when it makes it to HBO and see it with the folks. Angelina Jolie is way over hyped, but she does play a good badass.

  5. Check out Angie in Black Swan, apparently it's superb.

  6. I like the line about wanting it to go "HA" instead it only went "hey" - great way to put that!

    I am not a fan of AJ's - but I did like the movie she did with Brad Pitt [can't remember the title - see, so memorable! lol] That was pretty funny.

  7. i want to see SALT it looks good and have a great 2011

  8. I like Angelina, I'm one of the few, I know. I tried watching Salt, it made me fall asleep and I like this type of film. The bourne films also bored me but I dislike Matt Damon. Like your blog and will keep reading since I watch A LOT of movies!!

  9. I'm with Bouncin'Barb on this one Hed, I'm not a fan of Angelina (nothing to do with the fact that she stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer - honest!!), although I do want to see her in her latest movie with Johnny Depp, purely because it features one of my favourite places - i.e. Venice!!! Sending you lots of positive vibes for 2011.

  10. Good morning & happy new year to you & your family. I am a "Bourne" fanatic & also like AJ & Salt was great & had me going all the way to the end. My wife got the DVD yesterday so we will watch it today. Hopefully 2011 will be great for us & I hope you are successful in your job hunt and all you desire in this new year.

  11. I didn't catch Salt, so thanks for the review! Stop by my film journal if you ever need an idea for a movie to watch. Looking forward to more Friday Flick reviews...


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