Friday, December 17, 2010

Hed’s Friday Flick.


My husband picked out the movie “Kick-Ass” a while ago, and I am so glad he did. I was expecting a kids (or teens) movie about a comic book character or something, and I was sorely mistaken. The trailer really got it wrong-they portrayed the movie as a fun, uplifting action movie! NO. This movie is kind of dark. And sad! But I actually really enjoyed it, and at the end I was jumping on the bed and cheering like a big gay.

The movie is about an ordinary teenager that wants to do something more. So he buys a scuba suit and becomes “Kick-Ass”. Unfortunately, he has no superpowers, so when he tries to fight bad guys as any superhero would, he gets his ass handed to him. In the hospital, Dave (Kick-Ass) finds out some of his nerves are permanently damaged, which gives him a higher threshold of pain. One night, he tries to break up a fight and gets beat down, but Kick-Ass just keeps going because he feels little pain. During the fight, a kid takes a video and uploads it to YouTube (how modern), and Kick-Ass becomes a sensation. He even makes a “Kick-Ass” Myspace page. (LOL, Myspace!) Along the way he meets a couple of superhero vigilantes, which really kick starts the movie into high gear.

Once Big Daddy and Hit Girl come on screen, it’s over. It’s their movie now. You want to see more of them, especially the little girl, because she is a freaking BAD ASS! She should have been called Bad Ass, actually. Anyway, the film kind of starts over a bit by showing that the duo have it out for a crime boss and has big plans to shut them down for good. Lots of fighting and killing and potty mouth by the little girl, which is hilarious. It’s definitely an action movie, and I think anyone who isn’t going in expecting a comedy like they teased it on the trailer to be may like it.

I grabbed the trailer that shows Hit Girl in action-but be warned! It’s graphic and is filled with language! (My favorite kind of language!)

I give this movie 7 hed stars. «««««««

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  1. One of my favourite movies. The trailer really didn’t do Kick-Ass justice, portraying it as some obnoxious Hollywood comedy. The child actor took frigging knife and kung fu training to prepare for the role, she’s already more badass than any female action star out there. Yes even Michelle Rodriguez. Nicolas Cage gives the best performance in ten years.

  2. i will have to check it out.

    and my comment yesterday, Trump declared (or came really close) bankruptcy...not burger bad...

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    The guy book
    the guy book

  3. Loved Kick-Ass so much! Great friday flick choice

  4. Best. Movie. Ever.

    My favourite scene would have to be when Hit Girl and Kick Ass break into the house, and then she decimates all of the guards in the hallway. That is probably the best action scene of all time.

  5. The trailer was SO misleading. This was one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen. It was really sad to see the 11 year old daughter portrayed as some vigilante that could kill 8 grown men in a hallway at one jump. Or show little emotion while her father suffered [& died] from heinous burns.

    And Nicholas Cage was just freaking creepy. No parent would ever do that - even if you stretch the imagination.

    Sorry - that is just my opinion - and we just rented it last week, so it is fresh in my mind. They definitely need to remake the trailer to show just how nasty that movie is.


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