Thursday, December 30, 2010

Damn! When it rains it pours…

Hey…is that idiom always considered to be negative? Because I actually meant it as a good thing. After yesterday’s post I went from 34 followers to 39. (Okay edit: AS I POST THIS I hit 40 readers!!!) Holla! I told myself I would have a contest when I hit 50 readers, but I’ve been stuck in the 30’s so long I contemplated just starting one at 40. Now I will definitely have one at 50-when I hit 45 readers, I will give you all the details. Hint: It’s more like a competition!

A week-ish ago ib at Habitual Hobbit bestowed (how regal sounding) upon me the “Irresistibly Sweet Blog” award (created by Mynx, FYI). Me? Sweet? Hell yes!

ib wrote: “I adore this young lady. She may be the most honest blogger that I have come across thus far. I am impressed with her ability to get back up when she gets knocked down.  So, Hed, here's to you and continued success in life, blogging and all around awesomeness.”

I’m humbled…my first blog was just just get everything I am feeling on the inside out in the open, and two blogs later I’m (hopefully?) able to continue to convey my feelings and also not make you want to slit your wrists every day. Because that would kind of suck, reading a sad emo blog every day. To be clear I’m not a sad emo every day lately-as a matter of fact starting completely over has given me a kind of motivation to succeed. Did you read that?


Now the rules to accept this award is to list my five guilty pleasures and also pass this on to three bloggers who are deserving of it. So lets see…

5. I’m a sucker for ice cream. Sadly while I am trying to get on board with losing weight this doesn’t mesh well. Low fat ice cream-SCREW YOU! I want Haagen-Dazs, milkshakes,  McFlurrys, Blizzards, anything that basically comes in a cup is my poison-which is the worst kind of ice cream usually, calorie wise.

4. Sleep. I think one of the biggest things going against me if I ever actually chose to have babies is that I like sleep wayyyyyyyy too much. That and all the other crap. My naptime never ceased after preschool. I would come home from school and sleep. I would come home from work and sleep. I napped after lunch today. When I’m tired, I’m miserable and it doesn’t seem to let up unless I …you guessed it…SLEEP!

3. Alone time. Sometimes I just want to hang out in a room and do what I want to do (that sounds kind of dirty). Sometimes I want to lay in bed and watch TV. All day. Or organize my pictures on my computer according to date or person. Or catch up on reading. There has been many a time where I have taken a sick day to just veg out and have ME time.

2. Dairy products. It’s a guilty pleasure because dairy to me is like the boyfriend you’re forbidden to see, but you still sneak to see him even if you know you’ll get grounded for it. Cheescake! Cream cheese on a bagel! Ice cream (see above)! Cheez-it’s! Cottage cheese! Yogurt! My heart says yes but my tummy says NO!

1. Paul Frank. Unless you get a China knockoff or get lucky, Paul Frank is pricey. Even at Target! My Snuggie was $40 (stepdad forgot to take off the tags). My niece’s 3T PJ’s? $25. Yet if there is a PF home ware I would shell out twice what I should just to have a Julius shower curtain, or a bed set (the comforter alone is $80+). It’s pretty bad. I buy things with his face on it even if I don’t need it, because I always panic and think I don’t have THAT!!!

Oh Julius, you’re like crack to me.

Now onto three “sweet” bloggers…

Bruce over at JADIP-Yeah, I know you got this award YESTERDAY, but you crack me up and you’re so sweet you come over to my blog all the time and post words of encouragement. Hell, you even let your dog blog for you. How sweet is that??

Skippy at I Make Soap-I love you. Seriously. You always give me a nice swift dose of reality when we talk (commenting or privately), and there are only a handful of bloggers as genuine as you.

Morgan at The Adorkable Ditz-Lady GaGa on flute. The end. You’re awesome!

Also yesterday I received a repeat of the “Honest Scrap” blog award by Colenic at A Smile a Day.

Colenic wrote, “her blog is as real as it gets”. Thanks!

So thanks to everyone, new and old, award giver or lazy bum (kidding), and everyone else who took the time to stop by. Respect!

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  1. Hed! congrats! and Thanks!!! i am an award whore so i have no trouble accepting another one, but i am gonna have to stretch to come up with five more GP...

    congrats on the Honest scrapper as well!

    what a difference a day makes, huh?

    oh and guess what? your on the sponsor list (but you already were cuz you rock and leave comments and that makes me smile :)

    have a great NYE...and eat as much of the good stuff as you want...i know i am planning on pigging out and all that drinking thing!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book

  2. congrats! skip is definitely very deserving of the sweet award. lol - i thought you were talking to me, though instead of her, so... here i am!!! hehehehe! great way to end the day.

  3. congrats, hed. i'm a new reader, but i can already see you're sweet ;)

  4. Couldnt have gone to a nicer person. Congrats gorgeous girl. I certainly planned to give you one myself once you got yourself settled in again.
    Happy new year :)


  6. Hed you are so sweet! You definitely deserve this award - your caring and loving heart certainly shows through on your blog.

    Thank you darling. Hugs and love Hed.

  7. Congratulations on the Awards, Hed. Great going girl! As I type this, I see you have jumped up to 42 Followers! Woop Woop!! I can see that competition you spoke of looming fast.
    Wishing you and your family a very happy and fulfilled New Year. Cheers!

  8. Congratulations Hed, I like your list.

  9. Yay for you Hed!! Oh...and Happy New Year!! Can't wait to see what your contest thinger will be.



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