Tuesday, November 23, 2010

YouTube Tuesday.

Before I post me basic stuff I wanted to share a comment I got from my sister (not the one I wrote about yesterday-the oldest one that I share a brother with). It’s amazing how may times I have gotten e-mails or comments like these from my friends who I think have perfect lives, only for them to tell me I have no idea. This was her comment:

I enjoy reading your blogs. You think you know about your siblings, but in actuality we don't know that much about one another. We may be five years apart; therefore, didn't bond much growing up. Yes, I went to 3-4 schools compared to the dozen you went to. I had anxiety my whole life. I am more private, you guys (mom and you all) didn't know I went to counseling at 21 for eating disorders and again at 27-current for anxiety. SO, as much as I don't know or understand you, you think I have this great life and your say your siblings have never dealt with depression but that's just not true. Were losing our home, I have guilt over not spending enough time with my daughter yet I am proud to help provide for our family. I didn't stay in College because I always felt, frankly, I was never smart enough. I graduated high school by the skin on my teeth. My dad may have been there more than yours and set ground rules and paid child support, but we don't have the father/daughter relationship some do. SO, Hed, you are not alone in feeling depressed, anxious, hopeless, sad, alone. I know I have a loving family like you, a great husband, adorable daughter, caring friends. Does that make me jump out of bed every morning with a smile and want to conquer whatever comes my way. NOOO, I push snooze at least 5 times, have panic attacks to and from work at least 3 times a week, cry for no reason, nap on weekends when I should be doing housework and don't care that we may be homeless soon. I guess what I am saying is... IDK, life sucks I guess. What is the alternative? I have to pull myself out of this, read self help books, take medication, get out of the house into the daylight, and physically move my body. I love you and we’re not THAT different whether I like the Gap and you like Hot Topic. You are my sister, different sperm but we’re blood and we go through these downtimes together. See you soon.

I’m all ferklempt now. Thanks S for sharing! Maybe I can let her do a blog post on her anxieties. It helps me, that’s for sure. Okay, on to videos now.

I’d like to start off by saying the ONLY thing I know about Australian music is what I’ve heard, my husband’s ramblings, and the ARIA charts-so if I get this one all wrong don’t find me and punch me in the face or anything. When I first got here we were watching Max Music-sort of a VH-1 music station that plays a LOT of classic videos-and I was taken back by this one guy’s voice. Watching him, he was kind of a spaz, but dude could SANG. I asked J about him and he told me, “that’s Jimmy Barnes. He’s the equivalent of your Bruce Springsteen” (ha ha Bruce Springsteen is “ours”. USA! USA!). The song that he and his then-band Cold Chisel are most famous for is “Khe Sanh” (one of the YouTube comments says “Anyone who wants to be an Australian citizen has to sing every word of this song correctly to get their citizenship”), but I much prefer the track “Bow River”. FYI-the guitar player that mainly sings isn’t Jimmy Barnes-to get the epicness of his voice you have to forward the video to about 4:00. Seriously, dude can SANG.

When I think of notable Aussie bands, these ones come to mind: INXS, AC/DC, Bee Gees, Kylie Minogue-and many bands that have gotten a hit or two in the States but are still HUGE in this country-Silverchair, Jet, Wolfmother, Olivia Newton-John, Crowded House, Keith Urban, Midnight Oil, The Divynls-and the list goes on and on. One of the songs that you can’t get out of your damn head this year is from Australian artists-“We No Speak Americano” (if you’ve heard it, you’ll know-you’ll be singing it like a dork). Other bands that are kick-ass are Temper Trap, Dead Letter Circus, John Butler Trio, and this brother-sister group that swept the ARIAs this year: Angus & Julia Stone.

If anyone has any more Aussie music that I may have missed that are awesome, let me know, damn it!
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  1. Jimmy Barnes is amazing. I got a kiss from him once. :)

  2. Cough*Powderfingercough!* My absolute favourites, who are closely followed by Art Vs Science, Yves Klein Blue, Bag Raiders, The Waifs, Missy Higgins, Sarah Blasko, Little Red, Boy and Bear, Xavier Rudd.... Love Aussie music . It suits me down to the ground. :)

  3. Mynx-oh? He's got a set of lungs on him, that one!

    FF-ah yes, Powderfinger! I didn't include them because I haven't really heard a song yet!

  4. I know the Australians have been trying to brainwash you, but just so you know, the Finn brothers are Kiwi's... so even though Crowded House was formed in Melbourne, it's still technically a New Zealand band. :P

    Australian music is amazing, as the host of a community radio show I try and find as much Australian alternative/indie as I can. Sometimes the mainstream stuff gets me as well.

    British India, Little Red, Boy and Bear, Art v Science, Washington, Sugar Army, Grand Philadelphia Jury, Grinspoon, Lisa Mitchell, Gyroscope, Ill Starred Captain, Miami Horror, Operator Please, The Stereoflowers, Bluejuice, The Cat Empire, Hunters and Collectors, Empire of the Sun, Eskimo Joe, Kisschasy, The Presets, Sia, Thirsty Merc

    New Zealand - Evermore, Brooke Fraser, The Feelers

    That's all I can really remember right now. :D

  5. Dani-Crowded House was entered last minute too-damn! And The Presets are Australian? I didn't know that! "Girl and the Sea" is one of my favorite songs ever!

    The hubs likes all these bands I can't remember now ugh...and I like Megan Washington's hair. A lot.

  6. Yep, Sydney band :)

    And, I KNOW! Those glasses are adorable as well!

  7. Don't forget about The Vines!!!!

  8. Hed...whoa...back up. Screech....lets go back up to the email from your sister. How did you feel when you read this? I guess you weren't the only one dealing with those inner demons. Did you write her back? Will you? Talk to me babe!!!

  9. Barb-I've known for the past couple of years my sister has been having car-related panic attacks and taking Xanax daily for them. Lately the meds have been puttering out so the panic attacks are back. We're not really a talkie family so I actually haven't talked to her about them-funny, huh?


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