Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Test, Part Deux (sorry!)

Just seeing if I have some crap working-here, enjoy this picture of Angelina Jolie..

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  1. omg Drake I was thinking I should give you one of my WoW referrals that's for 14 days or a month or w/e...you'd have fun and you know it! :P

  2. ib's Morning Checklist

    Make coffee --X--
    Check blog --X--
    As requested by Hed, check picture of smoking hot chick standing seductivly in front of extremely bright doorway that accentuates said smoking hot chick's silhouette. --X--

    Good morning Hed

  3. HA! I forgot to say this was Angelina Jolie...anyone who has ANY working knowledge of advanced Blogger crap...PLEASE let me know, I'm going bonkers here!

  4. Edit-Yay! It did what I wanted, awwww yeah :)

  5. That would be Swell Hed, if it didn’t take 14 days to download and update it! :P And I’m retired anyway. No more raids, no more clans, and no more hiding in the subway section waiting for unsuspecting couples to engage in cyber sex so I can pop out and ruin everything.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I've been there, done that-wait...what I meant to say is I've been there to witness that, not do it myself. No, really!

  7. I think you are both fibbing.


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