Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In memory.

Twenty minutes ago there was a breaking news story that came across our news: The New Zealand mine that had exploded last week had a second blast today, leaving no survivors.

This is heartbreaking in any light, but my husband is devastated. He found out one of his mates that he grew up with, went through secondary (high) school with, was one of the miners. This was a 25-year-old man with a baby on the way.

Please hug your family and friends extra tight today, and give a moment of time for the 29 miners that perished today.

Taken from Miss Vicki’s page at Core Blimey


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  1. Hey, give your man a hug from me here in NZ...we are all devastated here.
    We have members of our family that are miners and this has struck us deep.

  2. Such a tragedy for so many people. Big hugs for you and hubby.

  3. I already left a note on Miss Vicki's site and I will say I am truly sorry to you and your husband as well for this tragedy. So sad that these things are happening.

  4. Hard to believe stuff like this still goes on in civilized countries, and that all our advances in safety and machinery still aren’t enough to avoid wasting human lives. My condolences to those miners and their families.

  5. Oh Hed...Please tell hubby how sorry I am. Why is it all the good people who go first? Damn. My heart goes out to the families. Especially this one who's having a baby. Sometimes life really does suck!

  6. I know the guy you're talking about, his cousin is friends with my dad. :(

    If it makes anybody feel any better (and in a way, it does make me feel better), there was no oxygen in the air when they finally got through, and with all the methane and other toxic gases down there those 29 would have died days ago, so they didn't suffer for all that time... they were probably dead before the end of the first day.

    It would have been scary as all hell, but at least we can take solace in the fact that they didn't have to live with that fear for five long days trapped in absolute darkness in what they knew to be an unstable/explosive mine.

  7. Vicki-I've been keeping a special eye on your blog this week because of your family ties to miners. I can only imagine what your neck of the woods is going through right now.

    Odie, Mynx and Barb-Thanks, I'll pass it on to hubs.

    Drake-I was asking J the same thing. You would think we would have advanced further than we have, but I mean we're digging into Mother Earth's nether regions-and she's unpredictable.

    Dani-Yeah, I think everyone around here knew the guy or at least the family. I tried to explain that to J as well, but when you're mourning someone, nothing seems to make you feel better, you know?


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